Are You Going to Heaven?

How do you know you are a Christian?

It isn’t that you prayed a prayer one time long ago . . .

Do you ABIDE in Christ?


9 Responses to Are You Going to Heaven?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I need to hear this message again and again and again even though I’ve been saved for years.

  2. Nancy says:

    This is what is missing in churches across America today. So refreshing to hear.
    It’s about life change. No change, no Christ. It is unfortunate that so many have bought into the idea of water baptism or saying a written prayer for salvation. Is it any wonder why we see people claiming to belong to Christ but looking no different than the world. Preach it brother.

    • get1nvolved says:

      Amen to that, Nancy! Unfortunately, the same is missing in quite a few churches in the Philippines as well. I actually heard a preacher/prophet say that he should be given/ supported with, millions of pesos, a paid-vacation, a mansion, one of those expensive cars and even mentioned a private plane. I couldn’t believe my ears. Tragic. Ministry has become big business…a means for personal

  3. Michelle Roberts says:

    I think it was God’s will for me to stumble upon your blog.I have never read one before but of course it all started because of what you wrote about that new movie……The Bible….I couldn’t believe that what I was reading was things that I were already thinking and some things i didn’t know at all…..I had some weary feelings about the Series and kinda felt like something might be wrong with me because I didn’t “love it” like everyone else was saying they did,but after reading your blog on it,I KNOW that the Spirit bears record with the Spirit and what you wrote was bearing record with what is in my heart!

  4. Michelle Roberts says:

    I’m sorry….the MOVIE…THE SON OF GOD……I had a weird feeling watching the Series too!

  5. Josi says:

    {name of teacher} is well versed in matters of Repentance and Salvation…Very worthwhile to invest some of your time in reading and listening to his solid teachings…To God be the Glory..Josi

    • Hi Josi, I am sorry but I edited your comment. I don’t want to promote the teachings of that teacher on my blog. I don’t know too much about that teacher, but in my comment policy I state that I will not allow comments that provide links to teachers that I am not familiar or confident about, in case they are in error.

      I checked out those links and I am not comfortable with that teaching. Now, I am not a theologian so I will continue to study these issues, but I actually found a lot on that website that I flat out don’t agree with. Things that contradict the Scriptures. Now I know he says that it is because we don’t know the “true” meaning of the word repentance. But he literally says that people can receive Christ, by throwing up their hand at church even if they never plan on repenting at all. That is easy believism. I disagree with that. I believe that Jesus preached a hard message that turned the multitudes away. Pick up your cross, let the dead bury their dead, etc. We are not SAVED by works. But read James. Sanctification is a sign of faith, and Jesus said that if we LOVE Him we will obey Him. Now, nobody is perfect. And we all still sin, but to say that we can just say a prayer and never walk with God or long for righteousness and holiness is a lie. The Holy Spirit works that desire in out hearts and enables us to grow in that. That website sounds VERY Antinomian. Anyways, thank you for commenting. God bless.

  6. Barbara says:

    Would you tell us who you are? What Religion are your beliefs founded in? The Bible of course, but is there a specific Religion? Thank you.

  7. bemalige says:

    Wonderful preaching! We use to listen to preachings from Paul Washer, because it is not many who preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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