The Comment Policy

Usually most of my comments are wonderful. In fact, sometimes they so brilliant that I hit myself on the forehead and say, “Woah! I wish I had written that!!!”

I love reading all the comments. I love the fellowship that I have here with so many sweet brothers and sisters in the Lord.

But I am going to establish some boundaries for the comment section, for a minority of the other comments that come in, that I always wonder if I should publish or not . . .

It came down to realizing that this is not an open forum for arguing; it is a blog. This is a place that I want to keep civil and supportive. This does not mean that you have to agree with me. I have no problem posting posts where people disagree, as long as they are respectful. So please feel free to be honest.

But from now on, I am not going to publish any comments that:

1.) Contain foul language, insults, or blatant disrespect (for me or others).

2.) Promote any false teaching. I also get nervous sometimes when people want to add a phone number for people to call them, or links to material that I don’t know too much about that might be a little off. It might be right on, but if I don’t know, I don’t want to take that chance here, of someone latching onto false teaching that I gave a platform to, here in the comments section.

3.) Seek to continue or begin a heated argument. If I give you your space to speak, and I respond to it, please don’t try to lure me into an aggressive argument. If you can keep it chill, then I will keep talking to you. But I am not going to go around in circles arguing with you here.

Anyways, those guidelines are common sense for about 90% of you. And I don’t think it is too much to ask. But if you are someone wondering why a comment of yours might not have gotten published, maybe this will give you something to consider.

God bless.



30 Responses to The Comment Policy

  1. Ballerina says:

    What happened to your post on the demoniacs at McDonalds?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will no longer be following your blog since you pick and choose what comments you allow. If they go against what you believe, you don’t allow. Sad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    why leave comments when they never get posted?

    • How ironic. I am posting your comment : ) LOL

      I searched your IP Address to see if you have left a comment that I haven’t published . . . I can’t find any other comments of yours in my pending comments folder, that I haven’t published.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I totally and 100% agree with your policy and it’s your blog and you do whatever you want with it. If anybody doesn’t like it they don’t have to stick around. Period. God bless you Last Hicker

  5. I totally agree too. I just came across this blog and I love it!!!
    That first guy didn’t read what you wrote, or it didn’t sink in. You didn’t say that you won’t post comments that disagree (healthy dissent), but just those that have obvious heresy (judged by what the bible teaches), or comments that are rude (which there is no place for in Christian dialogue).

    I must admit, I am soooo tired of how the comment sections are run on most ‘Christian’ blogs! It has nothing to do with disagreement either. Here is some of what I have encountered:
    1. insults, name calling, labeling, and rude speech
    2. false accusations with no evidence that you are somehow working against ‘them’ bordering on outright paranoia
    3. bullying, meanness, and harshness
    4. attacking you for not agreeing with them on issues like pretrib, etc.
    5. gossip and badmouthing just because you share something that they don’t appreciate (personal stories) when the others (including the blog admin) do the same thing (then, it’s ‘okay’)
    6. attacking things you say as being unbiblical, when they are straight out of the bible (when I furnished the verses it silenced them, I was shocked at their biblical ignorance).
    7. suspicious of any other discernment blogs except the ones ‘they’ approve of
    8. acting as though they, and not the bible, have the final say on a matter
    9. people that are allowed to leave comments that are not even believers, or so blatantly against Christian beliefs, or obvious troublemakers just there to stir up arguments and get people angry
    10. Debates with unbelievers or apostates that are allowed to go on in endless circles and the admin allows it and doesn’t set the unbeliever straight, just lets everyone else battle them and stands aside, when the bible says to give a few warnings and then call it quits if they don’t adhere.

    So I am thankful that you are taking on the responsibility of managing your blog in the comment section and not allowing unChristianlike speech and behavior. Many don’t realize they are responsible for this before the Lord.

    Bless you brother!!!

  6. suez62 says:

    Does anyone know which of the hikers blogs the false teachings of Pastor Mike Hoggard was discussed? I know a lady that used to go to his church had posted quite lengthy. I wish to chat with her about something related to that. I need information please. Thanks and God bless you all!!!!

  7. SBL says:

    You are seriously off base and have delusional thinking. I just read your piece on mandalas and I’m very disturbed by your thinking.
    It’s not normal. Sorry, it’s just not. It’s a kind of scary Christian paranoia that is terribly problematic. Don’t you see this?
    Mandalas are simple harmonious graphic shapes that lend well to coloring. Simple.
    And Hinduism is far more interesting than evagenical thinking anyway. Just sayin

    • This blog is for like-minded Christians. I am not writing this to ask pagans to stop coloring. If you want to pursue Hinduism, that is totally your choice. But, I don’t know why you are here on my Christian blog? I mean you are welcome here! I can be hospitable. But I am sure you will see a lot more beliefs you don’t agree with! LOL. Have a good day 🙂

    • w says:

      I saw the post about mandalas from a friend on fb and come on over to read more. I have always been a strong Christian and yet over time, I have either drank the kool-aide, or maybe matured a bit. Either way, I now see how much Christians are afraid of in our culture and in other religions and it seems perplexing. Fear is as much a child of the devil as anything else. I totally respect your site and your opinions. And you are right; people with other views might belong elsewhere. But somehow we/they find our way here and feel like contributing to the conversation. Thank you for allowing for differing views and for helping to foster conversations where everyone can learn and grow. This great big universe belongs to the One and Only God and I think there might be more room for more ideas than Christians tend to allow. But everyone has to come to their own conclusions about that.

  8. Brian K says:

    Another story similar to Adult Coloring Books is Alex and Ani bracelets. There are even secular business magazines that have articles that speak to the new age beliefs of this company and how each bracelet is blessed by a shaman before it leaves their factory. Not to mention some of their icons on their jewelry. Google it – super easy to find things that should be warning signs for Christians.

  9. Cynthia Pickering says:

    I saw this article on the Adult Coloring Books, read it and came to your Blog for more info. So far I agree with what you are teaching in every article I have read. I too have been dismayed at all of the worldly beliefs that have come into the Lord’s Church….some so seemingly innocent but to me have never seemed like they belong in a Christians life. Thank you. I will be following.

  10. Bree says:

    I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the election. It’s seems quite an overwhelming time for America.

    • LOL! That is a hard question! I actually am very scared for the direction that our nation is heading. I imagine that some hard times are coming upon our country. I am wondering if this is just the Lord giving us the leaders that we deserve? I don’t know, but I don’t see the hand of the Lord on these leaders, although He is in complete control.

      I believe that as we get closer to the end, we will have leaders that show that. “But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in the things you have learned and firmly believed, since you know from whom you learned them.…” 2 Timothy 3:13-14

      In Daniel 4:17 we have a wicked king, Nebuchadnezzar. And yet, God was directly involved in so many aspects of his life and kingdom. God gave him dreams. God gave him a true prophet. God gave him warnings. And God judged him. And all of it was so that God could show one important thing—“…so that everyone may know
      that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world.
      He gives them to anyone he chooses.” Daniel 4:17

      The Lord is in control.

      We may not have any control over the government right now. We may lose our freedoms or our economic stability. We may end up persecuted. But we are not alone. God is with us. He sees. And He will judge.

      As far as how to vote . . . . good luck!!!! LOL

  11. Kevin Kleint says:

    I understand your policy and I also understand that my latest exchange with AR got heated (for that, I apologize), but to leave off thread with them calling me a wolf doesn’t seem right.

    • I apologize. I was actually waiting to respond and trying to think of how I wanted to respond. I also have another comment on that thread I haven’t posted from someone else–because I just haven’t had time to sit at my computer and respond. I am not at home right now, and just writing to you through my phone. I will post your other comment and a response when I get home this evening. It wasn’t intentional, I just hadn’t done it yet.

      • Kevin Kleint says:

        No worries… and I’ll probably not respond much more because (like AR said) I don’t want to completely derail the article discussion. It went from Hed to “Is Kevin HR or not?” … so, I’ll just leave it be. Thank you very much for your response.

  12. jiahwei says:

    Hello, like many others, I read your article about Mandalas, and have felt strongly about writing to you.

    But, you closed off the comments section there (I know it’s overflowing!), so I thought to write here instead.

    Just wanted to say that, as someone who had once dabbled in New Age practices such as Tarot, etc. (too many to name, and I want no part of them anymore) and was subsequently saved by Jesus, I am very sensitive to these things. I’ve been there and know exactly what you mean. Discernment is not an easy spiritual gift to have, but I’m glad to have some of it.

    Thank goodness for like minds in a lonely world. May His Shalom be with you always.

  13. betty says:

    I am actually surprised…should I not be…at all the negative comments from Christians who seem to think that your ‘blowing the whistle’ on demonic things that infiltrate our Churches which are seemingly good for us…….keep getting the truth out..Jesus said…you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…I for one would like to be free…

  14. No mandalas are not like Swastikas. Good grief.


  15. Lori V. says:

    I consider myself a strong Christian woman who abides by the moral teachings of the church. I started to buy Doterra essential oils one by one and using them in a diffuser for calming effect.
    I was using their tooth paste and several other oils for various ailments for a couple of months. I began to have panic attacks out of nowhere that were debilitating! I had oral surgery on my mouth and it was not healing properly. Vertigo came out of nowhere and I was physically, emotionally and spiritually falling a part! Two different woman from my church who have spiritual gifts began questioning me if I had anything in my house that could be causing spiritual warfare. Being totally ignorant to the oils I kept on insisting there was nothing. Finally we pin pointed it and removed all the oils and items that were purchased through Doterra and prayed a deliverance prayer. The panice attacks let up and i quit using the doterra blend toothpaste and my mouth healed within days. I am convinced these oils were causing me harm. First off, I was very vulnerable in my spiritual life. The closer I was becoming to the Lord, Satan was attacking me like no other. I whole heartedly believe it opened a window into the occult. I actually went to a conference and listened to a woman speak on this topic. I have to say i’m getting stronger everyday. Please pray for discernment before falling for these products that come from New Agers!

  16. Lee says:

    Hey I just read your article about aromatherapy and wondering if it is possible to be a true Christian aroma therapist? I primarily deal with animals, being a dog groomer. Thank you, Lee

  17. Michelle says:

    Hello, would you please consider commenting on The Shack especially now that the movie is out and thousands of Christians are viewing it and raving about how godly it is. Personally, I believe it is full of heresy. Also, his next book EVE is so blatantly anti-biblical I shudder to think how many Christians will blindly follow it as well. He has an agenda to destroy and has already reached thousands of gullible Christians who are sharing this ‘Godly’ experience with people they are trying to reach for the Lord. Thank you.

    • I will pray about it. Right now I have something really important that I need to focus on for God (outside of this blog). And there are sooooo many websites that have already done excellent work writing to expose the “demon in the shack”! But I would be open to praying about writing about it though, but I can’t put that before something else that I have already committed to doing… that will be taking up a lot of my time this month. ❤

  18. Anonymous says:

    Who are you?

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