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Brian Head Welch and Todd Bentley–Calvary Chapel says, “He’s Not Backing Those Dudes”–Really?

This blog is just an update on something I wrote back in November called, “Calvary Chapel–Is The Church Tolerating the Sin of Balaam and Jezebel.” It was about the ungodliness within the Whosoever movement, and how no one at Calvary … Continue reading

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We Need To Get Our Ears Checked

You are the Good Shepherd You speak . . . Your sheep hear You . . . They will not follow the voice of another “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the … Continue reading

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Are Christians Powerless In Our Godless Culture? No. A Spirit Filled Christian is an Unstoppable Force in the World.

But we must have courage. More courage. The only thing that can get in the way is our own fear, or apathy or faithlessness.

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Life Is Hectic–So We NEED This Message More Than Ever

~~I realize that this is not the best idea for a blog post. Embedding a fifty minute video of a preacher–when readers would much prefer to just read a 500 word snippet and be encouraged and move on to the many other … Continue reading

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“WAKE UP!” — me screaming, then apologizing for some strange reason.

Okay, I am not a very confrontational person. I have to be honest. I am a chicken. A coward. I like it when people like me. When we all just get along. I prefer to go with the flow. I … Continue reading

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