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I have been struggling so much lately. My circumstances and my thoughts. So much of it is just the enemy, but it still wears me out. Like big waves in the ocean. I keep coming up for air and then … Continue reading

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How To Share the Gospel With a Homosexual or a Woman About to Get an Abortion

Ray Comfort posted this on his Facebook today and I wanted to share it. It was so good. And while I do not think that his method is the ONLY good method of sharing the gospel, we can see how … Continue reading

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Will Everyone Really Believe We Came From Aliens–Instead of God?

How many times are we going to hear the theory of panspermia thrown around, without seriously considering that this could actually be the next big “fact” of science. Of course I do not believe it, but I do not believe … Continue reading

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Life Is Hectic–So We NEED This Message More Than Ever

~~I realize that this is not the best idea for a blog post. Embedding a fifty minute video of a preacher–when readers would much prefer to just read a 500 word snippet and be encouraged and move on to the many other … Continue reading

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Reaching the Lost, Being Relevant, Being Real

It seems lately that there are young evangelists rising up in Christianity that promote “raw, gritty, in your face” testimonies or salvation. Young men are being invited into churches, with their gothic clothes to take the pulpits. I am not … Continue reading

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