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David Wilkerson–“Getting To Know the Holy Spirit”–Medicine for the Weary and Discouraged Soul

I did not blog today, because I had such an amazing time with the Lord this morning. I read my One Year Bible and then spent an hour or more searching the commentaries and journaling what the Lord was laying … Continue reading

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Intimidating Glory

God told Moses work with the people to build him a tabernacle. A tent filled with His glory. “And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.” Exodus 25:8 That He might dwell–shakan–abide, settle, reside, tabernacle … Continue reading

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Cursed Like a Fig Tree

Last night I spent some time thinking about Jeremiah 17 which talks about a tree of blessing, planted by streams of water, whose leave shall not wither, and whose fruit shall not  fail. This image symbolizes the man whose trust … Continue reading

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The Curse Of Trusting In Man

So today, Jeremiah 17 was on my heart. I knew it was from God to me today. And I love how the Lord uses parallelism in His word to develop ideas–either expanding on a metaphor and going deeper, or showing … Continue reading

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