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Pornography, Asherah Poles, and High Places

I have something on my heart to share today, but I am so overwhelmed. The topic is too big. There is too much to say. Too much that has already been said, by those more knowledgeable and eloquent than I. … Continue reading

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Pastor Bob Coy, The Church, Adultery, Consequences and Grace

This weekend has brought some terrible news. According to an article at the Phoenix Preacher, Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale has admitted to committing adultery and has been dismissed from his ministry. This claim of adultery has … Continue reading

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David Wilkerson, “Something Worse Than Failure”

I know it is lazy for a blogger to quote the same devotional two days in a row, but today’s devotion by David Wilkerson, definitely goes along with yesterdays post. Be blessed.  I sat in my car weeping, thinking I … Continue reading

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David Wilkerson Devotion “Consider the Failures”

Would you consider Moses a failure? Hardly! He was to Israel what Washington and Lincoln together were to America—and much more. But look closely at the great lawgiver’s life. His career began with a murder, followed by forty years of … Continue reading

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The Scandalous Church

There is a SCANDAL in the CHURCH The kind you see on the news, in the paper, or whispered around quietly. For some reason we are scared of the scandal. “It makes us look bad to the world” true For … Continue reading

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