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“Jane” And The Master’s University Rape Scandal

September 18, 2017 a blog published an anonymous testimony called “Do You See Me?” that details a horrendous rape that allegedly took place at The Master’s University. “Jane’s” story is quite unbelievable, and yet believable. She says that she has proof–police … Continue reading

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Rick Warren On KWVE

I can’t say that I am surprised, but I am terribly grieved. I literally have a tummy ache, and have shed tears over this news. Again we see Calvary Chapel, not only compromising the Word of God, but plunging head … Continue reading

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Jen Hatmaker & Hillsong’s False Teaching–Dear Saints, Do Not Lose Heart!!!!

Praise God! He is Lord, He is Savior, He is MOVING! In the face of false teaching, I am choosing to praise God for still convicting the world in truth, anyway. I was so discouraged earlier this evening. I read an … Continue reading

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Contend For the Faith

I was just sitting here taking a break from the work I should be doing, and I found myself thinking about some of the comments I have been seeing lately. I moderate my comments and so sometimes I will get … Continue reading

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Calvary Chapel “Tokin The Ghost”–A video by Kevin Walding

I was on YouTube today, actually looking for a bible study to watch while I eat my lunch and this video below was on in my recommended video section. YouTube must know me. It was published in May of this … Continue reading

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You Can’t Improve on Perfection

I feel like I need to write this, as a clarification. I choose to write a lot with a heart to call the church to purity and righteous living. I wonder sometimes if this comes off as self-righteous or legalistic. … Continue reading

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The Roots of the Cross

“Come, let us return to the Lord; For He has torn, but he will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up . . .” Hosea 6:1 We are so fallen We are so desperate Standing next … Continue reading

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