About The Last Hiker

The Last Hiker blog is inspired by the concept from the book  Hind’s Feet on High Places. I want to be someone who places my trust fully in the Shepherd. To follow Him and no one else. And even though the journey includes valleys, and crags, and difficulties–the GOAL is the mountain top experience with Him.

Following Him Up the Mountain

“Though none go with me, still I will follow.” 

No turning back . . .


144 Responses to About The Last Hiker

  1. bree says:

    Was just wondering if you would be interested in forwarding some of your info on brian welch to my pastor. He was the one who baptized brian in his early years. He seems to tell the congregation from time to time God has sent brian bsck to korn. He even said he talked to brian before he decidec to go back and said brian prayed on it. I just feel heavy hearted on it. Now I hear he is coming to my town to speak for another ministry that I feel is ignorant to his walk. Unfortunetley it reaches many kids.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I wanted to write you an e-mail but can’t find any e-mail address to write to, so I’m writing you here.
    I just discovered your blog, didn’t know it, but thank you for the stuff you posted about The Whosoevers. I’ve been following them for a while, but here and there I was skeptical about their doing. However, since I’m no “spirituality guru” (I guess I’m what it’s usually called “born again Christian) I needed to check it out and have some response based on true facts.
    Your articles clearly confirmed by doubts. I just canceled my subscription to their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. Again, I think I owe you a huge thank you!
    I’ll be checking your blog and read a lot of posts.
    God Bless You!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to ask if you have done any study into the subject of Christmas…..where it begin….some of the traditions associated with it….when Jesus was actually born….what holidays/festivals were previously celebrated at the end of December. I would appreciate reading your view on this.

  4. Lois Putnam says:

    Just read your mandala piece; agree 100%. I just wrote a similar piece on “Learn to Discern Granny” titled “Mandala Coloring Books: Conduits to New Age Meditation.” I write for Light House Trails. Thanks for your article!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am going to go and read your response on this topic right now. It is wonderful confirmation to me to hear that your ministry agrees with what I shared. I love Lighthouse Trails. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my blog.

  5. J says:

    I strongly caution you to not focus on the law but Christ himself. Christ is a fulfillment of the law. Please don’t imply when people use adult coloring books they are entering into the occult. You don’t know. If they are christians they have nothing to fear. They can honor Christ while coloring. Switch your blog focus to the person/Godhead of Christ and people will be drawn to that – not just following a set of dos and donts.

    • I appreciate your comment J. I do want to point out that I am not endorsing a return to the Law, or legalistic principles for salvation at all. We are saved by faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, on our behalf. I am warning that these coloring books have roots in paganism. That is all, it is up to you how you want to handle that. God bless.

  6. debkauz says:

    You strike me as one of those terribly judgmental people who don’t actually think for themselves but take the word of their ‘pastor’ and follow like a sheep. People like you terrify me because you don’t think for yourselves. Use that brain that your god gave you and actually THINK.

  7. Hey! I’m trying to find your follow button and can’t seem to!!

  8. Joes mama says:

    You must be a sad, sad person…

  9. Sandra says:

    Did know where to leave you this but thought you would find it interesting…

  10. Marie Justine says:

    I read your blog about colouring mandalas. I was first shocked, because i thought it is very strange to think colouring mandalas could be a problem for Christians. I do not like to colour mandalas. But many people do and I do not judge them. I think that any regular TV program is more a door of demons than any colouring pattern. Worse is tv program on walking zombies or violent medieval dragons. You may have a point there anyways I know the Ennemy is a fierce manipulator. But since people have a calm and positive mental display when colouring, maybe the opened door could not be so badly inhabited? I always choose beautiful nature and animal theme to colour and do not think there is only Bible stories than can be safely coloured by Christian. God has created all living creature and nature.

  11. A Redeemed One says:

    Thank you for warning God’s people. You are absolutely correct. I was into all that stuff, till God redeemed me out of it in 1972. I am 87 now! I was 42 when I met Jesus. God bless you, I pray for you; for protection.

  12. Tillywee says:

    Who are you? do you have any personal information on your blog so we know who you are that is writing these articles? Thanks for sharing here. I enjoyed reading.

  13. Kelly says:

    Hi. I just found your blog post. I don’t see your name anywhere. Do you mind sharing who you are? TIA.

    • Hi Kelly, I don’t share my personal information on this blog. Sorry.

      • Bob says:

        So you want our information to be able to post, but you refuse to give your information as the main blogger. Seems a little hypocritical and some might even say you must have something to hide. Anyone who reads bloggers without knowing who the person is and their context is wasting their time. I came across this site and looked for a name, saw your attempt to be a prophet and was amazed that you hide yourself but want your words read. It is very easy to publicly smear other people out of context and then not have the courage to have your own life put on the public stand. If you are going to bring your own judgement upon people publicly at least have the courage to stand up and throw mud in person, not behind an anonymous wall. It is shameful. Since you always bring everything back to doing it like Jesus (which we should) then I don’t remember Jesus trying to hide his identity as he stood against the religious leaders. It would seem that based upon your own style of judgement people should run from the dark blogger. Doesn’t it say, those who love the darkness their ways are evil. Come out of the Darkness. Are you afraid of persecution? I thought that the Bible said that as Christians we would be persecuted, it is part of it. Don’t trust in God’s protection? What is it? Want to stir up controversy in the church but don’t want to have to deal with the ramifications of it? Help us all out so we can know your Biblical reason for condemnation from the darkness. Sorry if this seems a little harsh, I have just never met a secret Christian, let alone one that spends most of their writing attacking others. Blessings, I won’t hold my breath for your information. In fact, I won’t be back here (which means you probably won’t have the courage to post this since it will have others asking you the same legitimate question.

        • Hi Bob! I read your comment, and I am sorry but I don’t share my real name on my blog for a couple reasons. But totally feel free to disregard my writing. It isn’t the “Word of God” even though I hope it never contradicts the Word. I want you to judge my words by whether they line up with Scripture, not by who I am.

  14. Winnie gaston says:

    Keep up the good work, exposing the heresy in the church. As heartbreaking as it is, I too try and expose the ugly reality of pastors neglecting their sheep and exposing them to doctrines of demons.

  15. I confess your blog is quite intriguing. Some of what you write about I had thought about writing about in the past…but I kept coming back to the style that first birthed thelostkerryman. I had hoped someone out there would continue to be vocal in calling out apostacy and the “false gospel.” God bless the work.

  16. Brittany Pollock says:

    Hi, I appreciate your blog so much. I have read many of your posts. I have been working on my own blog which should go up in August of September. Can you reply to me privately? I’d like to put a link in my own posts to some of yours. Just wanted to ask if that is okay.

    Thanks, B

    • Brittany, feel free to share a link to my blog on your blog! God bless!

      • uphillclimb777 says:

        Thank you last hiker, for being obedient to God and writing this post. I found it after reading about God’s command to not have an asherah pole next to His Altar. I did an image search on Google, found an image, clicked on it, and God directed me to your site. I read yor posr, then repented on my sin of porn that I’ve been secretly going back to all my life, just like the 25 that were seen by the prophet when he opened the door and saw the men, who thought that nobody could see them with their backs to the Altar of God, worshipping the sun in the east. I turn back to God and tear down this pole in my life, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

  17. Matthew Brown says:

    Dear, The Last Hiker. I feel very much like you do. I know that Jesus is all I have. I can’t rely on pastors, or others for encouragement. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the truth from the lies. Satan can use God’s Word against us. To confuse us. All I know is Jesus is everything to me. I want to live to please Him. I want to abide in Christ and not in the flesh.

    However, I would like to share with you a letter that I wrote to my pastor. It went unanswered. It sums up where I am now in my Faith.

    Please email me, I would like to share it with you. Perhaps you can encourage me. Thanks.


  18. Steve Morton says:

    Dear The Last Hiker, God has given all born again Christians their mission–to spread the Gospel. From what I have read the few times that I have been on your blog, that is exactly what you are doing. Keep up the good (God’s) work! And may God Bless and protect you.

  19. C Johnson says:

    I found your blog interesting and while I don’t agree with all your theological views I respect your passion. I’m curious to know where you got your biblical education, was it formal, bible studies at your Church, self taught?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your blog. I quickly learned that the design mislead a friend as to my stance with Christ. I never want to do that. Your blog told me what I knew but did not want to admit. I shared your info with a close friend and that agreed that you were spot on!! Although painful because of the beauty of the design I have stopped painting them. I will use this opportunity to share that Good News of Christ. He must have something better planned for me. Thanks again. I will share with those who will listen.

  21. Rhonda Lee says:

    Love your article on young living and doterra essential oils! God led me directly to your blog when I asked The Lord about all those peddlling oils. What a wonderful Savior Jesus is!!!

  22. DonnaM1067 says:

    Thank you for your article. The Lord gave me a discernment the first time I ever saw one of these coloring books in the store. Googled to see whats behind it and praise the Lord..your in depth article regarding these coloring books is a blessing. I wonder if you have the Discernment of the Spirit gift? If you do, I wonder if you have gotten a discernment regarding Origami? I did and that also has roots in buddism meditation. God bless you and your blog! Sometimes I feel alone when the Lord shows me stuff and I try and warn other Christians…I usually get looked at like I’m crazy. Again God bless you and I will also pray over you for God to protect you.

  23. B says:

    just play the whosoevers and other affiliated bands music backwards and you will see who calvary chapel really worships. not to mention Matthew 24, blows the whole pretribulation theory out of the water. to believe in pretribulation goes against the words of Christ because he clearly states he will not come until after the tribulation but to be diligent because no one knows when after the tribulation he will come and warns not to believe anyone who says different.

  24. Lynda Kolehouse says:

    i am interested in following your timely website.

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