Young Living and Do Terra Essential Oils — New Age and Occult Multi-level Marteting in the Church

“You must not do as they do in Egypt, where you used to live, and you must not do as they do in the land of Canaan, where I am bringing you. Do not follow their practices.”

Leviticus 18:22

Since the beginning of time people have been using oils for medicinal and spiritual purposes. In fact, Ancient Egypt is known for its mystical wisdom in oils. This is nothing new. There is nothing good or evil about oil. It is an object. It is natural, just like cannabis or crystals. The problem is always in HOW men try to use it.

I have noticed a sudden and alarming trend of Christian women promoting essential oils for medicinal purposes. I am all for natural remedies. If chicken soup can make you better, cook it, eat it, enjoy it! But some of these companies have very serious new age and occult connections.

Before I go on, I want to just state that before I became a believer I dabbled in the occult. So I am aware that Wiccans and Pagans have been using oils all along. I am very sensitive when I see promotional descriptions and practices that incorporate pagan beliefs, listed in the oil catalogs being passed around my Facebook newsfeed.

In fact, you can’t even sneeze at my church without some woman pulling out her portable oil kit for a quick blend that she wants to rub on you to ward off your sneezes. Some of these precious women are quite obsessed. I have never seen this level of enthusiasm with Pampered Chef!

Before I go on, I will say that there are oils that I have used. I have used Tea Tree oil for fungal infections and Pepermint oil on my chest during bronchitis. These oils have been used by our grandmas the same way. It isn’t anything new.

BUT, the way Young Living and some of these other companies market their oils is plain old witchcraft.

It is deceiving too, because Young Living has a DVD that they sell called, “Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture” that you can buy along with a kit of those twelve oils (for three hundred dollars). They are acting like the fact that Jesus was given Frankinsense and Myrhh means that all of their practices are fully Biblical.

But they aren’t.

I will prove it.

Gary Young is the founder of Young Living oils and he is a “professing” Christian. You can find him discussing the twelve oils of Scripture at a website called In this article, Young talks about the Third Eye being opened by the use of essential oils. This is also referred to by the Pineal Gland. This is not a Christian belief. It isn’t even a scientific belief. It is only a pagan belief.

 “Many people have said that we communicate to our Father through the pineal gland. I have not found documentation on that, so I don’t know that it is a correct statement, but I do believe when you have a spiritual experience you get this warm, burning, fuzzy feeling in your bosom. The chemical that creates that warm fuzzy feeling in your bosom is secreted from the pineal gland, and that may be the reason we are told by some scientists that the pineal gland is responsible for that communication. Very special” (Young).

This is so totally New Age and demonic. He says this in the section called “Increasing Spiritual Communication.” Well, if he was actually communicating with the God of the Bible, because this oil opened his third eye, then why is he spouting demonic lies and not Biblical truth?

He goes on to advise,

“Let me share this with you–if you want to have a beautiful experience, take three drops of Cedarwood and mix it with six drops of Sandalwood and one drop of Cassia–then go into that sacred, quiet space and put this on and do your prayers and your meditations, and when you regain consciousness, write down what you remember. It will be a beautiful experience for you.” (Young)

Regain consciousness? What kind of experience is this? Usually when I pray, and have a good time with the Lord I am not in an altered state of consciousness. This is so occult.

If you go to Young Living’s website you can easily find the page dedicated to their oil blends. This is where we can easily see the truth behind this company.

To really understand where I am going, you need to understand what this type of witchcraft is. I am sure you have all heard the word potion before. And maybe in a Bible Study you have heard the word for sorcery in Greek is Pharmakeia (Strongs Greek 5331). These words refer to medicines or drugs that are combined together to accomplish a physical or spiritual intention. It is a potion.

This is exactly how witches have been using oils, way before Christians got involved. And this is exactly how Young Living is openly marketing their oils.

Young Livings “oil blends” are blatant potions.

3300Look at the one they call “Abundance”–here is the description:

“Abundance™ is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.”

download (2)This is so satanic. In fact, they even use the phrase “law of attraction” which is the whole basis for the occult book The Secret. The Berean Call ministry says,  “The Secret is not a secret at all, but recycled Hinduism, shamanism, and New Age folly. One of many huge lies is its claim: “You create your own reality with your mind.” This was the serpent’s false promise to Eve–the promise of godhood”  (The Secret Seduction)

3330Another occult oil blend offered by Young Living is “Dream Catcher”– here is the description:

“Dream Catcher™ is an exotic formula designed to enhance the process of dreaming and visualization. The ability to hold onto your dreams – positive dreams that move you forward emotionally and spiritually – can lead to a greater ability to realize your desires and stay on the path of fulfillment. Dream Catcher also protects against negative dreams that may cloud your vision.”

An OIL can enhance visualization, and spiritual dreams? This is not a medicine. This is a potion. This is occult.

“Trauma Live” says it is:

“a calming, grounding blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils formulated to help release buried emotional trauma resulting from accidents, neglect, the death of a loved one, assault, or abuse. Left unchecked, emotionally draining episodes may be at the root of fatigue, anger, and restlessness.”

“Inspiriation” helps you connect spiritualy, just like pagans did!—

“Inspiration™ includes oils traditionally used by the native peoples of Arabia, India, and North America for enhancing spirituality, prayer, meditation, and inner awareness. It creates an aromatic sanctuary for those seeking quiet meditation and spirituality.”

Another oil that combines paganism with pseudo science —

“Australian Blue™ is a powerful, aromatic essence that unites ancient aboriginal wisdom with today’s scientific knowledge about essential oils to uplift and inspire the mind and heart. This exotic essential oil blend has sweet, earthy undertones responsible for its calming and stabilizing effects.”

And “Aroma Life” helps your life force, or vital energy (chakra) —

“Aroma Life™ combines the harmonizing effects of ylang ylang with known powerhouses cypress, helichrysum, and marjoram. Pulsing with life, this vibrant blend energizes your life force. It is best applied over heart energy – front and/or back.”

Uhm, yeah. Your life force is a New Age occult word for psychic energy. Another word for this is Chi or Prana. Hindus believe in this. It is totally new age. I don’t want to rub oil on me that will affect any creepy energy in me! No thank you!

If you click on the “Balance” page you will see them discuss this life force a little more:

“The world moves at a blistering pace. Rediscover tranquility when you slow down and seek out the small moments of bliss that keep spiritual and emotional wellness in balance.

Tap into your own vital life energy with pure essential oils and blends formulated for their ability to promote inner peace and emotional well-being. Our Balance products can guide you to your spiritual and emotional center, helping you live fully in the present moment.”

Here is the description for the oil called “Friends”—

“A social circle, comprised of both friends and acquaintances, is vital to our well-being. It is valuable to expand and improve your friend base as you pursue a life in Oola.

The INFUSED Friends™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to bring harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body, which encourages feelings of self-worth, empowerment, confidence, and awareness.

Friends affirmation: I am blessed with empowering, healthy relationships.

Part of the INFUSED 7 kit which includes the Inspired by Oola® essential oil blends: Faith™, Fitness™, Finance™, Friends™, Family™, Field™, and Fun™

“Sensation” is for sex, “Slique” is for thinness, “Abundance” is for money, “Release” helps you deal with repressed anger, “Present Time” helps you move on from the past, “Calming” helps your kids behave, “Motivation” helps you get things accomplished, “Longevity” helps you look younger, “Common Sense” helps you make good decisions, and “Valor” helps support your energy alignment in your body, or your Chi.

This is insane.

And I have Christian friends that want me to come to their house on a Saturday for an oil party. Where they will try to persuade me to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on these oils! But who doesn’t want happiness, money, beauty, and health? Who doesn’t want to deal with anger, with just a simple dab of oil? It is so seductive! And it smells good!

And then I am told that if I want to get the oils even cheaper, I can become a representative too! And I can give my own parties, and tell other people that these oils have miraculous powers!

DoTerra is another popular company. I think it is actually more popular with the people I know. It seems to have a less New Agey feel to it. But it still offers oil blends that promise health, peace, beauty, thinness, balance, and mental clarity. It just does it in a trendier and more “mainstream” way. It is popular in upper middle class young families. That is who they primarily market to.


A picture of a concerned mother rubbing DoTerra on a sick child.

Most of the young moms at our church get sucked into these oils as a way to safely treat their sick children. Instead of going to the doctors, just rub an oil blend on a sick child and they will be better in hours. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this online. Who doesn’t want to make their sick children feel better?

A few months back I was invited to a DoTerra oil party. The invitation listed some special services that would be available at the party. Reflexology–which is a great foot massage, combined with psychic energy healing. As well as “Zyto Scans” which proport to diagnose/not diagnose you with a biochemical report on what oils you need to buy. You just put your hand on a planchette (cough cough)– I mean sensor and it reads your energy. Then it tells you how much stuff you need to buy! At the very least it is a scam, at the worst it is occult.

These zyto scans and essential oil companies want you to believe what they are saying, but they conveniently put this disclaimer at the bottom of all thier materials:

“*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

But buy our stuff anyway!

Now here is some information “From the Witches Cupboard” on how oils can be used as potions.

Spiritual Oils can be used in a vast number of ways. Your oils can be one of the most important tools in your ritual space. Candles, crystals, amulets, talismans and other charms may be anointed with Spiritual Oils and this is really a great way to turn simple mundane items into items of magickal power and energy as well as charge already magickally empowered ritual tools.

Ritual Witchcraft Oils can also be used to anoint the body. If you are using an Oil to use for this purpose, be sure that the oil is skin safe. Some essential oils, such as cinnamon and clove, can cause a severe reaction to the skin and should really be used quite sparingly. Spiritual Oils that are applied to the body bring the wearer the energies of the oil, so a Power Oil will give you give you a boost up, a Courage Oil will give you strength and bravery in the face of your fears and adversaries, and a Blessing Oil will convey the grace of the Goddess upon yourself and your ventures. (

So it seems pretty similar to what we have just been reading.

In fact, if you go to a pagan oil dealer you will find oil blends for sale that have the same claims that Young Living and DoTerra have. Check out the Organic Witch.

“Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Somethin’ from the Coven!

Greetings! This lens is a part of my Witchcrafts, Magic & Spells series. I have covered the basics of what magic is (and isn’t), as well as how it works. I have also, in this series, given a guide to common tools associated with modern Witchcraft. Now, we move on to some of my favorite spell components…oils and herbs.

All things in nature are imbued with specific magical properties and associations. By choosing the right ingredients, you will lend the appropriate energies to your spells and recipes that will align with your intent.

Witchcraft is both an art and a science, that requires study and knowledge, and lots of practice to become adept. As you begin to create your own spells, recipes for oils, potions and brews, you will find this guide very handy for your research.” (Witch Crafts: Guide to Oils and Herbs).

Now if you think that these oil companies are not using psychic energy to charge their oils go ahead and read what Gary Young from Young Living oils has to say about it:

Sharing Oil Energy Connections

Let me share a concept that we are going to get into later this week. You hold the oil in your hand and project your thoughts–whether you actually hold that oil and give it a blessing. To me, it isn’t the focalness of what you are saying that determines whether that oil has been blessed for that purpose, but the fact that you have directed your energy into that substance. That is what enhances the substance to do more and go further than it would ordinarily.

That is an area where people say, “ooh–now we are getting out in left field here. This is starting to sound like voodoo medicine.” Believe me, if anyone has that feeling, write it down! Before class is over, I am going to show you scientifically how that works. It’s very frustrating for me at times when I talk to people about prayer or meditation or focusing thought without words and making things happen. We are so programmed to think..”Oh, you can’t possibly do that..that’s the workings of the devil.”

All That is Good Comes of God

Somewhere in Galatians it says, “All things that are good are of me.” Write that down and keep that in mind.. “All things that are good are of me.” Go look it up. That will do you more good than me doing it for you. It’s there. “All things that are worthy or of good report..” It’s a beautiful scripture. When somebody starts to criticize you about what you are sharing with them and saying these are the workings of the devil, just pull out that scripture and read it to them. If they are an atheist, it won’t do you much good–and that is when you just stomp on their toe! Tell them if they had more faith, their toe would heal quicker! (12 Oils of the Bible, Gary Young)

Gary Young is practicing witchcraft.

Young Living oils are part of a demonic invasion in the church. Christian women are selling this stuff, believing this stuff, and rubbing it all over their precious babies at bedtime.

Like I said, these practices are not at all Biblical.

I have proved it.

Not only is Gary Young practicing witchcraft, but he has a really shady personal history. According to Dr. Eva Briggs,

“By the early 1980’s Young had moved to Spokane, Washington. Although he lacked any training in medicine, obstetrics, or midwifery, he insisted on delivering his first wife’s baby underwater in a whirlpool bath. He left the healthy baby under water for an hour. The otherwise normal healthy infant drowned. Young claims that he subsequently operated a clinic in Mexico that treated cancer patients with laetrile. Laetrile is a useless and dangerous drug that can harm or kill people because it forms cyanide in the body. It is illegal, and it is something of which Young should be ashamed, rather than proud. From Mexico, Young moved to California and opened a clinic offering supposed treatments for cancer and other illnesses. He claimed falsely at that time to be an M.D. He was arrested in California in 1988 for a variety of charges related to the sale of ineffective and worthless medical treatments. Young then returned to the Spokane area. He was arrested on January 10, 1994 for assaulting several family members with an axe. This behavior is from a man who claims to be deeply religious and spiritual. And what about Young’s claims to be an N.D., or naturopathic doctor? They are false. His “degree” is a worthless piece of paper purchased from a notorious diploma mill called Bernadean University. With this worthless credential, Young has NEVER been licensed to practice naturopathy in Utah or any place else.” (The Real Story of Gary Young and Young Living Essential Oils)

That is scary. And yet people will pay three hundred dollars for the 12 oils of the Bible and a DVD telling you that this stuff is legit, all while telling you to use your psychic energy to enhance the oils.

This is insanity.

But it has conned a bunch of godly that women I love.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see one of my friends promoting another oil party, or raindrop technique, or miracle oil occurrence.

Before you think I am saying that it is wrong to put Mentholatum on your chest when you have the flu. I am not. But I would ask you to consider, if you are involved with these companies, if you think it is good or evil to promote a company that is involved in New Age and occult practices.

I would ask you to consider if you think it is okay to have in your home an oil blend that is supposed to affect you spiritually.

I personally, would choose to throw away all oil blends that promise me money, visualization, life energy, etc. The list goes on. That is witchcraft and I will have nothing to do with witchcraft under my roof. The same way I would not have a satanic album in my CD collection (a compact disc is not evil, but the music is). The same way I won’t have a Ouija board in my house (a cardboard game is not evil, but divination is).

Does that make sense?

I would have nothing to do with parties where reflexology and zyto scans are being used to condition people to accept energy healing, and spend copious amounts of money on false promises.


God bless you!!!


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245 Responses to Young Living and Do Terra Essential Oils — New Age and Occult Multi-level Marteting in the Church

  1. n2sing says:

    I am a rep for doterra. I do not believe in zyto scans not all of us are like that. I do know that my health and my families health has been dramatically changed by the oils and the servant heart of doterra as a company. Check out their co-impact sourcing. How they have been able to help improvished communities around the world through their healing hands foundation. Not everyone is what you think. But i agree there are some that have given the rest of us a bad rap.

  2. Saved & Grateful says:

    Before I was Saved, I had begun to fall into several things that I thought were interesting, fun and/or useful…among them were Young Living Oils. I wound up with thousands of dollars worth of the products and even became a distributor! After being saved, I felt compelled to stop using them. I had a sick feeling about them. Without even knowing the information in this article, I just knew I had to get rid of them. I didn’t even want to sell them and put them into someone else’s hands! I threw them all away! I also got rid of other things that I felt that way about, including crystals, certain books, and some other things I’d been accumulating earlier, after I’d been going through reike treatments for pain management. Little did I know then, the dark path that the reike was leading me on!! As Christians, we need to know what we’re dealing with. I do my research now and am much more discerning!

    • healingInHim says:

      Saved & Grateful – Thank you for sharing your testimony. I have loved one who does therapeutic massage and I fear also dabbles into other aspects as they have books on chakras, etc. It grieves me as many family members have turned against sound Biblical teaching and turned to the eastern philosophy mind-set. Ultimately, they want to be Universalists and any God will save them and they can live as they please. 😦

    • Lori V. says:

      I literally began having sickness and severe anxiety come over me after purchasing the oils. Woman from my church who had not discussed this with Each other pin pointed it to the essential oils. We went through the house and got rid of all of it and said a deliverance prayer. I do believe I was being attacked. It opened the door the occult. Even though I was a faithful Christian I was in a vulnerable state during this time and Satan took advantage! I improving day by day.

      • Wow Lori! Thank you for sharing. I have had stuff like that happen here too. God is so faithful to expose it and answer our prayers!!!! I am so glad that things are improving, praise the Lord.

        • Teri says:

          This is very thought provoking! Thank you for having such strength to write this. I have been sucked into the oil world, and I ordered a kit from a big oil company. I wasn’t sure why,after spending hundreds of dollars, I wasn’t using them…..I have many Christian friends using oils, and telling me how it healed sickness, headaches, etc…for me, after smelling some of these oils, I just became sick. My question for you is this: how do you feel about oils that aren’t taunting any occult/new age stuff (like straight lavender or clove)? I’m torn between using some of those or not (your post has already opened my eyes and I have stopped using the blends). I appreciate guidance on this, I wasn’t sure where else to turn or who else would,give me an honest answer!

      • Ewell Vernon says:

        Do you ever use medicine from a doctor? A lot of the drugs we are give have more of a potion to them than natural oils.

        • Well, if your doctor starts giving you medicine that makes you rich, or enhance your psychic abilities, let me know! I will write an article about that! LOL. Like I wrote in my article, I am not against alternative treatments, or natural remedies. I am not a supporter of “big pharma” either. If you want to choose essential oils over chemo, have at it. This article isn’t about healing, exactly. It is about staying away from companies that are secretly bringing the occult into Christian homes. I hope you can see what I am saying. God bless.

          • Ewell Vernon says:

            There are tons of drugs that alter your mind, hence why they are so addictive. And to be honest if you do research some drugs actually uses essential oils and or herbals in their ingredients. Pharmaceuticals are just as much potions if not more than the essential oils you have wrote about.

          • You can make a valid case against some pharmaceuticals, I agree! Oxy, morphine, codeine even…

            However, you still are not addressing the occult claims of the oil blends.

          • Anonymous says:

            Excellent Response
            PRAISE GOD!

        • Also, I forgot to mention that you are right. There are various prescription drugs that are narcotic and can open doors to the enemy and to spiritual warfare, etc. not all medicine is safe either!

  3. Rehne Burge says:

    This is a well written article. I am a Certified Aromatherapist. Essential oils, like herbs, were made by God for a purpose. They do heal, ease inflammation, ease pain, are anti-fungal, etc. This is the chemistry of the EO’s. However, they won’t save your soul, grow your hair, rid you of cancer, make you skinny or “catch” your dreams. I have been fighting the good fight against these mlm companies and those forming off of them. The incidents occurring because of all this false or NO information is so avoidable. I was approached by a Yl rep. I did not have time (nor was making time) for her but she left a pamphlet behind. The biblical claims were astounding and they even had the scriptures written but when I followed up on them, they were, of course false yet people are buying it!! ! It’s terrible what these people are doing to the innocent unknowing.

    • Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I came across this blog while I was doing my research on Gary Young and Young Living before I jump into the bandwagon and purchase my premium starter kit. I am so glad I did. And I am thankful to God that He intervened. Anyway, I too believe in the effectiveness of using oils, because God did give plants for medicine (Ezekiel 47:12). I’ve been using tea tree oil (sparingly) and witnessed its effectiveness, and also a locally made balm that contains essential oils. So my question now is, where can I purchase single essential oils? I saw that other companies that sell online – Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils, have blends equivalent to YL’s Abundance etc. Does this mean they are also into New Age and occult practices? Hoping to get some advice from you as a certified aromatherapist. @Rehne Burge

    • anne says:

      Hi Rehne, do you recommend avoiding any companies besides Young Living? Is there a company you recommend? Thanks.

  4. Jon Hill says:

    And the gift of the wise men.. Myrrh ?..or what is in the Thurible as it is swung down the aisle of a church ?

    • Do you see the difference between using an oil as a medicinal ointment and using an oil blend as a potion to bring abundance or enlightenment. There is a difference. One use is normal, and one use is occult.

      • One is for healing, to wholey restore.
        The other sells lack so you keep buying more.

        Is health your new wealth? Do you want fear to flee?
        Either way seek the day that needs no remedy.

        But “maybe this time”‘s a sure sign – sales pitch.
        You’re MARKETING’s whore now… don’t blame the witch.

        • Saved & Grateful says:

          Jagged Leanne, your little poem seemed pretty good, until that last line, which was very creepy. This is a serious issue. Your response sounds quite evil in itself, if not just sarcastic. Are you poking fun at this topic or what?? I pray that those involved in these oils get rid of them…from personal experience.

          • So I’m evil, or my words are evil, or the new agers are evil, maybe herbalism’s evil, or the oils are evil…
            “Here a evil there an evil everywhere an evil evil” hahahahaha!
            Oh S&G – my you’re quite entertaining to watch! Kind of like a squirrel on crack lol *roughs up your hair a bit* aww now relaaaaax there lil buddy it’s ok… “whore” is just a word like any other, didn’t mean to get you all upset. Would an apostrophe help? Awww…well, sure…sure it would! Here…
            There, that better? Yeah… there we go. All better.

            Ok so, with that all cleared up, let’s start by understanding that the only evil happening here isn’t to be found in the sincere attempts of others to connect to their sense of spirit, however they are inclined to do it. That rightfully positions the well-meaning in this situation as innocent, regardless of how their label reads… along with benign objects, useful skills, complete accurate information, and theoretical concepts.

            Evil is the ability of men to know how to deceive their fellowship, to steal from them in broad daylight that which the other has rightfully earned, to know full well that they are oppressing the efforts of the well-intentioned honest through masterful mental manipulations for their own ill gotten gain, to needlessly risk the very health and wellness sought by others under the illusive guise of supplying it – for money so useless it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on – and to continue to do so day after day after day.

            The only evil to be found here is marketing. It is the greatest evil of all.

            Here, if “little poems” aren’t your thing, maybe lengthy investigative research is more your style:

            No sarcasm intended, and I didn’t seek to offend. Thanks for your comment – be well.

  5. Chez says:

    Ok, so do you still use essential oils? If so, what brands do you use & do you feel like they’re as high in quality?

    • Laine Dessauer says:

      yes, i would like to know this as well. I would like to buy a safe pure brand and stay away from the blends. what do you recommend?
      thank you!

      • Steven Pollock says:

        Take a look at
        They not only dont make these occult claims, but directly speak out against them.

        Straight from their website:

        Our Promise to our Message:

        We will never promote essential oils as a vessel to heal, enhance or uplift your spirit. We will never use terms that adhere to the New Age movement such as (but not limited to) chakras, auras, life blood or energy.

        Our message is simple. Essential oils are a gift from God to help us in many ways, but only Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him bring true healing.

        • Eklektos says:

          So when I read your comment like ok cool maybe an oil company that’s not creepy or weird or based in witchcrafted but I just looked up the Selah oils and yes they diffentley do make that claim but I looked and read some of the oil blends and it still has base of paganism. They use some ancient blends from people that definitely worshipped demon gods. You might want to read the oils more carefully just to make sure there not being deceptive or being deceived themselves. The enemy does like to parade around as an angel of light. If he can get Christians bound up in spiritual bondage through them dappling in paganism and witch craft so they stay deceived and don’t operate in the full calling that Jesus paid for on the cross he will do it and will try an way possible. I saw this out of concerning love being a witness of it in peoples lives I love. I would love to shout out this warning from the roof tops but very few would listen because the enemy has there ears stopped up.

  6. Saved & Grateful says:

    Last Hiker, In regards to other companies that are associated with new age or the occult, do you have any information on others that Christians should avoid? I, too, want to rid my home of anything that could fall into either of those categories. I’ve experienced the evil of new age, and I don’t ever want to make that mistake again!

  7. Thank you for sharing these insight. Satan is most certainly a sly, insidious, deceptive glory-hound! I have been researching the essential oils and am glad you shared. I am looking at Mountain Rose Herbs, have you heard of them? Blessings to you!

  8. Tim Hsik says:

    check out this website too
    my wife’s brother left The Catholic Church for this nonsense along with other new age garbage.
    all inspired from hell, yes many ignorant Catholics do not pray to The Holy Spirit for discernment and just blindly follow like lemmings off the cliff.
    thank you for this warning!

  9. capital16 says:

    thank you for this warning!
    my wife lost her brother to this also
    new agers love to deceive and hijack the Saints of The Church too to sell their snake oil.
    So many ignorant Catholics blindly follow anything IF IT FEELS GOOD..instead of praying to The Holy Spirit for true discernment.
    I would be very concerned if evil spells are cast on these products also.
    St Michael protect us!

  10. Kathryn says:

    Thank you for your post. I have had my doubts about Young Living’s marketing and the naming of their oil blends. It makes me uncomfortable and after reading your post, I can understand why. In defense of DoTerra, they emphasis the science of essential oils. I use DoTerra oils and find much relief from everyday issues, like using Breathe when I have a cold. However, I view them more like OTC meds and not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

  11. Melissa McHugh says:

    I have been using DoTerra essential oils for over a year. They are the only thing that has given me any relief from the arthritis in my hands and knees. There is nothing satanic or evil about it. I would be prone to say that the overuse of antibiotics over time has very toxic effects on your system, and are more evil. I have also used DoTerra in a diffuser because I get bronchitis fairly often. Antibiotics are no longer helping, but as soon as I use the oils, I stop coughing. I think the medical world doesn’t want people to know how effective they can be because they might just put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. I know there are probably people who use them for evil, but like anything else, using they can be used for good or evil, depending on who’s using them. DoTerra will not say that they are a “cure” for anything, or that they replace medication. They will say they have been known to help…whatever.

    • I am kind of confused, because I didn’t say that all oils are “satanic”–I only said that the blends they sell have occult wording, and that the occult communities use oils as potions. I even said that I have used oils for medical reasons, like tea tree and peppermint oil.

      • channel says:

        I’m a Doterra user as well.. and I do not want to get caught up in anything “new aged or santanic”. So, my question to you is– are you just warning and bringing to peoples attention that some of the claims they uses are faults? In the sense of only God can heal us, not this bottle of oil. Or are you suggesting to stay far away from the entire company? I like to use the oils to support our bodies if I can, but would always go to a doctor if something is seriously wrong.However, GOD heals all, so prayer is key. Didn’t GOD give us these natural products to help support our bodies?

    • ellemadlo says:

      Personally, my biggest issue with essential oils (besides new age blends, etc.) is idolatry. So many people view essential oils as the only thing that can relieve their pain or their insomnia, etc. But there’s Dr. Jesus in the house to heal, and he will touch your arthritis, bronchitis, and any other issues you have. Just pray and believe.
      Much love and blessings,

  12. barbeblog14 says:

    I got frankincense and had my catholic priest bless it for me

  13. Andy says:

    Dear Last Hiker, You’re not alone.Other hikers walk still. I ask you to pray for discernment, an increase of it. And know, and those on this page, in the Bible, God says–before the FALL–before SIN–Before the creation of Woman: “Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the earth, and all trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind, to be your meat”(GENESIS I: 29). Then, for the Redemption of man, during Jesus’ preaching, all matter potentially or actually entering a human are are declared “clean” according to His Word. By ‘clean’ is meant ‘just fine,’ ‘okay,’ and ‘don’t freak out.’ For: “There is nothing from without a man entering into him, that can defile him” & “whatsoever thing from without entereth into a man, it cannot defile him” (Gospel of Mark 7:15 & 17). So, if any concern about oils from such plants or herbs, simply bless them and consecrate their use to God. As a man, or woman, we hold dominion over creation which was given to us. So, dominate it for God, Use it for good, use the essential oils which the Good Lord made available to the children of God! If in doubt about who made it and what the essential oils are for, just honor God, give thanks for them, bless them, and use them to conquer evil, sin, and any works of the devil. By such, you will glorify God, the Redemption from sin by Jesus, and probably experience well-being. Amen!

    • Lisa Hairston says:

      Andy, I liked that you quoted the Meat line. Too many are in denial of this. dare reply, and I stand with you. However, and let me give them something to talk about, ” Amen” was a pharaoh -pharos, not my God.

  14. Daddy says:

    Does anyone dare leave a comment for Andy? No. And, if you follow this, you must start discerning. Those who wear the mask of “good,” “acceptable,” and “not offensive”…. you lack courage. Or, if responding to the boy, why not say so, for your own sake! He knows what he knows and he said it. But, who are you? Do you watch, read, wonder? Yes. But, you are yourself. So, act. Be yourself. But be who you are supposed to be. Discern the crap and push it aside. The world is full of it. And, though I should not ask because I do not want the answer, will you continue to be? Only those still reading need respond.

  15. Rita Misero says:

    Andy and Melissa, I hope you are right. I started using doTerra and want to be “absolutely” sure I am not offending God. I’m still a little concerned.

  16. Rick says:

    Love my YL oils and will not be swayed. I love the Lord above all else and believe that if you pray to God as you are using ANY oil then it is not satanic or witchcraft. She is talking crazy in this article !!!!!! She got burned by somebody. Gary Young is a Christian and I have heard him speak in person. Plus the schools he is building in Nepal and water wells and helping rid sex trafficking. He and Mary do so much good!!!!! To bad there are people who cannot wait to bad mouth a product that is all natural with no side effects and has helped my family and so many people around me. People on this site have a negative agenda ,so sad. Shame on you!

  17. Nancy says:

    It is so good to see someone call these essential oils what they really are…potions. Members of our church got involved with DoTerra and experienced demonic manifestations immediately. One even had a little black figure appearing, knocking things over and waking her at night. She got rid of the oils, prayed over herself and house and it never happened again.

  18. Jo says:

    Thank you so much for this post. A coworker of mine absolutely loves Young Living and her passion for them spiked my interest… So much so that I ordered lavender and peppermint from her *literally* two days ago!
    With that being said… Would you suggest not using them (i.e. Young Living products) at all, or would you suggest it’s ok to use them, but not for “energy enhancing peaceful” whatever they advertise. I was hoping to use the lavender in a diffuser to help w sleep, the peppermint to help with focus (for studying), and a combination of the two to help with hair regrowth (apparently if rubbed on the scalp it helps regrow hair… My fiancé would appreciate that!)???
    I’ve read before that lavender can have a soothing/calming effect (like for example with baby sleepy time lotion) and I’ve read articles that say when you’re studying, smelling peppermint candles or chewing peppermint gum can help you focus/concentrate more effectively.
    If this is the case, then wouldn’t peppermint/lavender oils be ok to use, depending on how you’re using them? Or is what you’re saying that the company itself is satanic so purchasing anything from them is harmful due to affiliation? If it’s the latter, I’m guessing your suggestion would be to throw out my shipment as soon as it comes in?

    • I think these questions need to be answered by you, what do you feel comfortable with? I am not being facetious. I think the way you are intending to use the oils is normal and okay–not on the potion bandwagon. It is up to you though where you want to buy your oils from. I wouldn’t recommend continued financial support of Young Living, but I am not saying to throw out their single use oils. Maybe you would like to use them when they come and they buy oil from another distributor next time? I wasn’t trying to set myself up in a position to tell people what to do, the Holy Spirit is the one to do that. I just wanted to share some info on these companies and in some of the new age practices they encourage. May the Lord give you direction, and health, and blessings!

  19. Lidia C says:

    Can you tell me which brand you use for the times you’ve mentioned? Which company you consider safe?

    • Hi Lidia, I do not feel comfortable sharing what brand that I use, only because I don’t want to set myself up like an authority who can give people a list of things good or bad. I know that sounds weird because I am sharing things that I feel are occult in these companies. I guess I would just use the information here and look for clues in other companies out there. Honestly, the Lord will guide us when we seek to honor Him by steering clear of the occult. God bless.

  20. RJ's here says:

    His quote: Somewhere in Galatians it says, “All things that are good are of me.” Write that down and keep that in mind.. “All things that are good are of me.” Go look it up. END QUOTE

    I took Gary’s advice & DID look it up!! “Somewhere” in Galatians, huh??!!! I think this may be worse than witchcraft….. sounds like he’s a Bible blasphemer!!

  21. MEckley says:

    Wow…. I’m assuming you give full credit for the lab created pharmaceutical “wonders” that have saved so many lives and promoted healing and health?!?!
    Have some respect for Mother Nature and universe in whole….labeling the use of essential oils as satanic, occult and worship is the most moronic view of essential oils I have ever read.
    Find the light, peace be with you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  22. Jaime Hughes says:

    I agree on all points. Was trying to help a family member see the truth. Glad to have stumbled across your site.

  23. Steven says:

    Our family formally used young living. For the reasons listed we no longer felt we could not continue using and promoting this brand. We spent a lot of time searching for a brand that not only does not make these claims, but will speak out directly against these false doctrines. Our search ended with Selah Essential Oils. This companies entire reason for existence is to speak out against these lies. They call it the set apart promise.

    From their website:
    Our Promise to our Message:

    We will never promote essential oils as a vessel to heal, enhance or uplift your spirit. We will never use terms that adhere to the New Age movement such as (but not limited to) chakras, auras, life blood or energy.

    Our message is simple. Essential oils are a gift from God to help us in many ways, but only Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him bring true healing.

  24. jessicadlovett says:

    Wow, this article explains why I have been feeling so repelled by the whole oils movement… And I am someone who has used basic essential oils (not “special” blends) for YEARS, way before it was trendy, to make soap, homemade cleaners, etc. Thank you for your bravery and for putting a name on that bad feeling!!

  25. Wow, I’m glad I read this. I’ll definitely do some more research into this.

  26. Heather Lambert says:

    Let me just say, that a huge part of what you are reading into is that we ARE NOT ALLOWED by the USDA to claim that oils cure or heal any disease. If we were, the descriptions of oils would read much differently. Because of that, YL has to focus on the properties of the oil that are not medically measured “calm, peacefullness, tranquil, energizing, etc.” are all words to describe emotions and ‘atmosphere’ because they CAN say that. Essential oils are not witchcraft. Can you use them as witchcraft? Sure you can, but you can also use tons of things found in your kitchen too. If you understand the chemistry and science behind essential oils you will also understand that many of the claims made my YL are not eastern/witchcraft/buddhist/etc related but are coming from a true understanding of the science. Essential oils have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and directly effect our limbic system, where emotions come from. If you struggle with anxiety, would you not want to try something that has no side effects but yet helps you overcome the physical and emotional complications that come from it? This is how essential oils work. Hands down Young Living has the highest quality of oils available, and I for one will not take the risk of using adulterated or low quality oils on my family simply because I don’t like what a company says about a description of oils. Young Living is not practicing witchcraft or promoting it, nor is the devil using it to deceive. I am part of a large group of YL users, many whom are believers and absolutely do not practice witchcraft. Could it simply be that you are uneducated about what these things truly are and are afraid to learn? Frankincense was used in the bible for healing but also for spiritual meditation. Why do you think the priests used oils to anoint and burned incense in the temples? Oils have the ability to effect our emotions, and this in turn effects our bodies and our responses. There’s nothing witchcraft about it.

    • No, I get what you are saying. I have plenty of friends who say the same thing. They are too close to this stuff and they want to believe what they believe. And like I said, I have used oils for things. But I TRULY believe YL and DT have New Age and occult influences. We as christian adults have to look at this information and pray. You are free to dismiss it. I am no one special and you don’t need to listen to random strangers online. But I personally am praying for people deeply involved in these companies to feel the check in their spirit if the Lord is trying to show them something.

      • NY says:

        I became a YL distributor in April this year as I have always been interested in aromatherapy since 20 years ago but was too busy in my career and parenting back then. While on one hand, I got super-inspired by the feel-good-prosperity culture and help-yourself-help others messaging, I also had this troubling sense in the way the products were pushed on the downline and over here in Asia, both Christians and the New Age Buddhist – Yoga enthusiasts seem to happily bond together in pushing more members and sales as the chief end. Worst of all, the YL community perpetuated many what I now know are wrong and unsafe practices of usage – often dismissing what are allergies to the oils as detox only, and asking us not to be so negative in our attitudes. I stopped all promotion of YL in late June after reading this blog but continued using the oils to heal my newly developed eczema. After 10 weeks of worsening pain, severe discomfort and itch that spread to the rest of my body, I finally discovered that I was suffering from Type 4 Hypersensitivity (DTH) and had developed regrettably, allergy to a big list of substances that included a majority of Essential Oils, that had crossed with other natural spices and herbs. I have since got myself educated more on the safety usage of Essential Oils and am aghast at the training or propaganda being circulated, especially as the YL gets multiplied in other Asian cities. While I admit my case may not be common, my family and friends have become very wary of YL. Whether witchcraft, occult or otherwise, the things I have seen from YL is definitely in the realm of darkness while trying to portray itself as light. My Christian friend asked me why did God allow this to happen even when I stopped the YL business. My answer was that He wanted me to learn in a very personal way that HE alone was sufficient for me. I now have to live a fragrance -free lifestyle despite never having a history of such allergies ever before.

  27. Chicky says:

    Another big thing to remember is that these MLM companies are of the World and are mainly out there to make money. They will say almost anything to make a profit.

  28. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing.. I realize there were anointing oils in the Bible, but they were forbidden for casual use.. churches I have visited just use olive oil and then pray over you.. but it is the faith. not the oil..

  29. Ewell Vernon says:

    Lots of great things here but a couple questions come to mind. Do you ever use medicine from a doctor? A lot of the drugs we are give have more of a potion to them than natural oils.

    How do you feel about the places in the bible where oils such as spikenard, Frankincense, and others are referenced?

    • I have used medicine from the doctor. People who tell you to stop using medicine from the doctor are part of a religion called “Scientology” not Christianity–and people have died because of those beliefs. I use medicine. Have I also used oils–yes! I wrote about that.

      As far as spikenard and frankincense in the Bible, they were used for anointing priests, for perfume, for prayer for the sick (symbolizing the Holy Spirit), for soothing ointments (olive oil), and for preparing a corpse for burial. They were not used as potions. They were not used to increase “vital energy,” to “balance chakras,” to “bring you healthy friendships,” or “improve your sex life.” That is the difference I am making. You do not defend any of THOSE valid claims I speak of in my article!!! You think that because frankincense is mentioned in the Bible, that Young Living oils are okay? It seems like you have a firm opinion, and you are trying to vaguely justify it from Bible. Does that mean horoscopes are okay, because the Bible says that God made the stars?

  30. As one who is a doTERRA wellness advocate, and a Christian, I definitely disagree with her assertion that this company is involved with the occult in any way – I have seen nothing in their blends, websites, information etc. that would indicate it.

    Here’s why we use doTERRA essential oils, because God made them for our benefit. There are parts of fruit, trees, leaves, bark and grasses that have healing properties, which have been used for centuries. It was not until the 1800s that chemically created pharmaceuticals came into being. Penicillin and Sulfa drugs have done wonders for the world. But many Rx medications now cause more challenges than they help.

    Now my daddy was an MD, so I have nothing against doctors, but I have a lot against pharmaceuticals. My husband was severely injured by a antibiotic. It injured every tendon in his body, except the cartilage around his heart.

    One example of a useful essential oil is oil of oregano. We have used it for over 20 years (way before the reign of essential oils) with great benefits. It is one of the greatest antibiotics known to mankind.…/

    I have many examples of essential oils helping people to get through illnesses and to help with ailments, as well. People in the Bible “were” anointed with oils for their healing.

    Here is my testament: I have had the flu once in the last 7 years and a very short cold (About 5 days) last year, but overall I have been very, very healthy. No witchcraft or anything like it is allowed in my home. We thank GOD for them, and sharing them is a part of my ministry.

    • I use oil of oregano too! My beef is not with the use of certain oils. But doterra also uses some new age language in their product descriptions, and promote new age practices.

      • hissweetgrace says:

        I would like to know where you feel DoTerra is promoting new age practices. I do know the digestizen/zendocrine products have the zen word in it, but I have not seen anything else yet. I recently became a distributor because I believe strongly in the use of natural medicine over the pharmaceutical treatments being used in most modern medicine, and I do believe the herbs and plants and oils are a gift from God for healing…although He Himself is the ultimate healer! I have been acquainted with the oils for a long time and prayed much about my decision. The reason I didn’t sell with Young Living was because of all the weird new age mixture, and especially claiming to be biblical and Christian, that really turns me off. But if there is something else in the Doterra words/literature beyond the zen word in those few products, I would like you to point it out because this is concerning as well.

  31. Sonia says:

    This is excellent and very helpful. Thank you! Do you know of essential companies that are “safe” and do not play part in the occult?

  32. Sallie says:

    Interesting info. I’m not sure you “proved” your theory that by using the oils you are involved with witchcraft or occult. I do get what you’re saying about oils being infused with components that are mystical & I agree. However, let’s say I use a tea that American Indians used to help lactate but they believe it’s because of pantheistic ideas about god being IN the plant. This doesn’t translate into my participating in pantheism by drinking the tea. I can drink it because it has chemical properties that affect certain things. This is why pharmaceutical research labs for drugs look at plants & their properties & extract those that are beneficial as a base for the drug. Statins are an example. These are in nature.

    You mentioned music. God has refined my understanding of holy [His] music & 90% of Christian music is not Christian or holy. In the same way you view your friends with the oil inbibing in the devil’s stuff, you may be doing just as ignorantly with music. You wouldn’t purposely listen to Satan’s music but yet you probably are. God winks at things done in ignorance. He teaches us every day & we grow to know better.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Oh Wow! I just saw others comments I can read thanks!

  34. Hi The Last Hiker, Okay, so I’ve been doing research into this, and it’s overwhelming. If you know of several Christian essential oil companies, can you please list them? You don’t have to advertise or say which ones you use or approve of. I just need to see a list so that I can go do the research myself. So far I have only found a few Christian companies. As far as your claim that DoTERRA uses occult language in their advertising and such, can you please provide direct quotes from their website? I feel like you elaborated well on how Young Living promotes the occult, but I would like to know more about DoTERRA. Thanks very much.

  35. Well, I recalled a blend called Console from DoTERRA, which I really liked. I can see how there are New Age claims. The directions say, for instance: “Apply over the heart morning and night as a reminder to be patient with healing and to think positive thoughts.” I guess that could be overlooked, but since I came out of Reiki, I can’t ignore the subtle hint toward healing the heart chakra with positive thinking in a metaphysical sort of way. The advertisement does refer to the emotional healing property of the oil, but crosses the line a bit into the spiritual when it says that the oil can “comfort the soul” and “evoke feelings of hope.” Now to be honest, the oil did give me a rush of relief and a zoned out, peaceful sort of feeling when I tried it that one time. But obviously that would have to do with its physical properties and not that it holds any sort of spiritual power. Of course oils can’t heal the spirit because only Jesus can, but there is a spiritual element to them in the sense that God created them and the fact that being in nature (God’s creation) can promote a sense of awe and wellbeing. So, Idk. DoTERRA does seem to be on the borderline, so I guess which company one uses would be a matter of personal preference and what the Lord is guiding one to do. I could probably overlook the marketing fluff if there were an oil like Console that I really liked. For the most part, though, I’m going to go with a Christian company called Selah. Even Edens Garden, another Christian essential oil company, uses the same marketing fluff that DoTERRA does, and there are some New Age elements promoted here and there like Yoga and meditation (practices which some Christians declare clean), but they do offer very fair prices, so I might be willing to buy from them if they had something that I needed that is not offerred by another company or if I’m in a financial bind. Anyway LOL, sorry for rambling. I’ve just been doing a lot of researching, reflecting, and praying about all this. Honestly, my biggest concern with buying from a New Ag-ish company would be, more than any other concern, that they would meditate over (in the New Age sense of contacting higher levels of consciousness) or pray to their gods over my oils. I wouldn’t want to purchase something that the demonic has legal rights to. I either want a company that strictly focuses on the scientific aspects of the oils or I want a company that prays to my God (Jesus) over my oils. I don’t think it’s wrong to bless oils by praying over them because we traditionally do the same with our food before eating it. If I bought a product from a company that borderlines on overstepping the boundary, then I would pray over the oil. God did give us dominion over creation in the beginning, so I think we have the authority in Christ to reclaim what God has created for His glory. So… yeah, I’m officially done rambling now LOL. 🙂

  36. Peter says:

    My wife unfortunately practices witchcraft and she started to do it after some sisters of the Church invited her to some meetings of doTerra. In fact, my ward Church leaders who are married with those sisters were enchanted. I found witchcraft devices in my home, my wife is devils possessed and no one can help her becouse leadership is enchanted too. I lost my marriage, I lost my children, I lost my family. I do testify doTerra is related with Satan’s Priesthood= witchcraft!

  37. Ashley says:

    I am very glad that I stumbled upon your blog! I recently started getting into doTerra essential oils for the natural health benefits. A group of Christian ladies, whom I trust, explained the science behind how smell affects the olfactory bulb. When it’s open, our brains can process peace, joy, happiness through positive memory. But when we are angry and frustrated the bulb is closed and it hinders positive emotions and the learning process.

    Then I started researching about the physical effects they can have on our body. Lemon oil comes from the rind of a lemon and is a great natural cleaner. Oregano, peppermint, and cinnamon have great healing properties. Oregano is full of antioxidants, peppermint is wonderful for inflammation in the GI tract, cinnamon is great for the heart. Most people already know that consuming these herbs in food is a great way to stay healthy.

    Here’s my heart, I would much rather spend a little extra money on something that’s natural and extracted from God’s creation than to buy a synthetic mix of chemicals from the grocery store. I would much rather smell and consume peppermint oil and On Guard to aid in my healing process than to take cold medicine. And quite frankly, I love the smell! I’d much rather diffuse real white fir during Christmas time than light a synthetic smelling candle or spray the room with an aerosol spray. I’ve also gotten a few blends for headaches and menstral cramps, etc in hopes I wouldn’t have to pop ibuprofen everytime I was in pain. Your article will make me think through the oils that I buy!

    I think if we can keep our focus on who is the Creator of these oils and not focus on their “miracle” properties it’s safe. Everyone has their own personal conviction. But I will say that I never even considered using oils to be linked with witchcraft and I’m thankful you brought that to light. I was unaware of “Dream Catcher” blends etc. Oils don’t give us a spiritual awakening, Jesus does when he reveals himself to us.

    I was a missionary for three years and when I went to a small doTerra conference I was weeping the entire time when the talked about their co-impact sourcing and their heart to make a difference in the world, especially in the lives of those who are enslaved in human trafficking.

    Also, I just returned from a huge gathering where there was mention of a great number of people that will be deceived and will fall away in the last days. Your article made me think of that teaching. I can now see how people could become so consumed in the “miracle properties” of these products and take them to an unhealthy level. Thanks for sharing your experience and your journey. I know this is an old post but I would love to talk more about this!!!!

  38. You’re being ridiculous. These are distilled oils from God’s earth. The Earth that he commanded us to subdue. There’s no cat’s tongue or toads wart mixed in with a free chant to summon up the dead. Just pure distilled oils. How do you know that Hebrew grandma’s didn’t use a few oils themselves…oh wait, they did! How dare you shame Christian women for turning to natural remedies and then promote the evil Big Pharma companies. If you want to know where medicine comes from just look around you. Sick animals are tagged in the jungles and traced for miles so we can know what they eat to heal themselves. Are they little devils too? You sound like the Catholic Church condemning Scientific research and finding silly reasons to rubberstamp ordinary people with religious crimes. Let’s just build the bon fire and throw away years of accumulated knowledge about the uses of God’s wonderful herbs that he put here for his children. Stop the hair splitting. No one is practicing witchcraft with essential oils.

    • # 1) I am NOT promoting big pharma

      # 2) I am not saying you shouldn’t use oils for natural health remedies.

      # 3) I ONLY talked about the New Age occult marketing language of the oil blends

      # 4) I don’t condemn ANYONE!!! If you read the comments you will see I am not even telling people what to do!!!

      # 5) I have a bottle of peppermint, a bottle of lavender and a bottle of vanilla essential oil right next to my bed, right now 🙂

  39. Heather says:

    I believe the first scripture reference is supposed to be Leviticus 18:3.
    Interesting read overall. It has definitely made me rethink my use of the Young Living oils.

  40. Liberty says:

    Have you all checked out Eden’s Garden oils? They have a line that is safe for kids, are not MLM, have Christian values and actually “tithe”/donate 10% of their profits to Christian charities! I thought that was pretty awesome. I do like the use of essential oils for health reasons not selfish or worldly reasons like being rich lol. I like to use some of their oils for de-stressing after work. I’m not usually a fan of MLM’s so I was happy to find a non-MLM and Christian based. I had suffered from migraine headaches from chronic double vision I’ve had since I was a child and have prayed for years for healing from this & then I stumbled accross EO’s- actually not from a MLM consultant- lol! I have been using EO’s for easing my pain a little and still praying for healing. They have helped me deal with the pain a bit and I feel more comfortable using a little bit of oil daily than popping an Advil or Tylenol daily to deal with the pain. @TheLastHiker did you feel like the oils you used worked for you when you used them for the minor health problems you mentioned in the article? Thank you for sharing your views!

  41. A sister in Christ says:

    Thank you!! I’m a big fan of herbs for health reasons and I openly speak to people about them but I always say that God is the true sorce of healing! While God may lead me to take herbs, I still pray daily and thank Him for the true source of my well-being. I sometimes use essential oils for different things like brushing my teeth (cinnamon and myrrh are amazing for homemade toothpaste), and then all the amazing properties that teatree oil has for cuts and skin issues but I never jumped on the big essential oil band wagon… i never understood the major “bliss” people had when telling me about them. Sure some can be helpful and have different appeals but I never thought that just smelling something could ever “heal” me so I never understood the big hype of those who swore by the smelling of essential oils… Your explanation of this cult-like culture helps me understand that I’m not missing anything. Sure God can go beyond scientific fact to bring deliverance but if we start worshipping the staff in the ground verses the one true God, then that’s dangerous territory of idol worship and it’s a sin!! I will walk more cautious around those essential-oil-hyping-people and give them the true Word as they might need it. Stay blessed and be well! See you in the clouds someday!!

  42. Shannon says:

    How many foods do we consume WITHOUT KNOWING anything about who processed it or the history of the ground the food was grown on or if ingredients were dedicated to “demons,” or whatever? Oils are NOT NEW AGE. They are from the ANCIENT OF DAYS Who created ALL things. Oils can be used however a person CHOOSES to use them — sourcing from the darkness can and does happen. Does this mean we can’t stay in a hotel room because some witch might have used that room to mix “potions” or cast spells the night before? Or we can’t eat at a restaurant unless we know for sure that the staff preparing the food are NOT demon worshippers? I refuse to give into fear about everything the enemy is up to. The God I serve is bigger than witchcraft and His opinion is the only one that matters to me. If you want a REAL battleground, spend your time/efforts and tackle the pornography and sex exploitation industry instead of chatting about the “damage” and “risks” of Christians using essential oils. Thanks for sharing your opinion…you are entitled to it.

    • Thank you for sharing your comment.

    • hissweetgrace says:

      I’m a DoTerra rep and a HUGE lover of Jesus Christ. I love the oils. But I also think the article above is important because mixing new age or occult with Christian beliefs or the way that new age and spirituality from all different religions is currently blasted into our culture is a slow and deceptive way the enemy is preparing people to receive the AntiChrist and his kingdom…their hearts and minds are opening to other things so it won’t be so hard to open to that deception in the last days. Personally I have really prayed about my decision and feel DoTerra is a decent company…it has some things, but I believe it is mainly how the oils are used and promoted that matters the most. I couldn’t do Young Living though because it was to blatant new age for me and also claiming to be Christian and biblical….I prefer a company that isn’t making those claims if they aren’t really single devoted to the Lord. I do not intend to promote the oils as a potion or a “cure all” or take advantage of people unfairly. I actually believe this is an open door to meet people and minister to them. But I will keep praying in my decision and if the Lord directs me otherwise at any point, I am open to that. But if I were to leave Doterra oils because of a few things, then I would also have to leave the Catholic hospital I work for, because they pray to Mary and have saints and an altar to Mary in the chapel of the hospital I work for. In the end we need to be guided by the Lord and be careful not to be defiled by the places we walk.

  43. Adora says:

    Thank you for an interesting read. The comments were equally interesting. Stumbled across the article as I was looking to include the topic “oil’s in the Bible” for my women’s ministry discussion. I think I’m still going to use that topic however my focus is going to be more on the view of the assistance that specific oils ( not the blends) can bring to one’s life. I agree YL has a lot of strange language to describe the benefits of the oils.

    • Jessica says:

      Hey, I think you should seriously consider publishing this article on a Christian news site or magazine… It is really a desperately needed, well-written, and thoughtful message. I’ll bet someone would pay for it:) ~Jessica

  44. MJ says:

    A resounding AMEN! I have felt weary of doTERRA witch doctors for many years. At first I thought it was from a medical perspective, as I have been a practicing ICU nurse for over 20 years. Now, however, the concern is exactly the same as yours, the spiritual danger. What a fantastic and thought provoking article! Thank you!

  45. RuthieA says:

    Thank you! Something didn’t sit right with me when I saw the oils at someone’s house, and now I understand why!

  46. Shellie Gonzalez says:

    In regard to the study of essential oils; it is unfair to say every person who uses these are into new age or witchcraft. If I had my choice of smelling grapefruit or something dead, I would choose grapefruit; it is pleasant. Who likes foul smelling or causes a stinking (the devil) It is true however Satan will come as an angel of light so one must be aware and if we are Christian, which I am, then we stay away from those things that offer false hope and stand in faith and deliver because faith without works is dead. Study, find out what each plant God gave us here on earth can do for us because lots of them are used in a pharmacy and most people have grown to become sensitized to antibiotics where it will not work for them. Your body does a fine job of combatting these things itself because after all we are fearfully and wonderfully made-that is what the bible tells us. So why not gain an understanding of essential oils, the bible says my people die for lack of knowledge. You can use them in creams, toners, spritzers, and historically Lavender killed gas gangrene. Lavender was used as an anti venom, where no anti venom can be found and cost upwards of 10,000. why not use Lavender if you happen to have it on hand. That with faith and prayer and you are still living. I do not condone rituals, I do not condone paganism or a deviation from what God intended to be a beautiful and purposeful addition to benefit mankind. I do however think with knowledge and application and good these things can benefit a physical well being and promote a legitimate sound mind with our Father in Heaven in our minds of course. Who wants the spreading of disease? Who heals all sickness and disease? If the knowledge you gain is applied with purposeful and good intentions and you know your product and what and how its grown and if its grown in good will, it will achieve the purpose the Lord has for it. The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them. Ecclesiasticus 38:4 Now why isn’t this scripture found in a King James? It is found in the Catholic bible. All I can think of is Satan comes to steal kill and destroy and this is one of the lost scriptures my bible doesn’t carry. Why would anyone attribute something God has made for something evil? Why would anyone not want to help God’s creatures? God gives us gifts and we are to use them for the good of others not just ourselves. Cling to the good, abhor the evil and gain knowledge and understanding. Buy the truth and sell it not. Why does everything good a Christian does come into a battle and get defamed? Well, we can learn, we can treat ourselves and loved ones and benefit from our findings. It’s mostly about money; pharmacy is expensive, doctors are expensive. Growing is expensive, harvesting is expensive, bottling, labeling, extra hands; it all adds up but if we know the properties and we know they work especially well for certain ailments, it can, has and does prevent and heal. After all; I had herbs growing in my yard, my animal was sick and dying, I got the herbs I knew of and the properties I knew they had and applied the skills I learned to save the animals life. It was in a frenzy, could not walk or stand and was foaming at the mouth. Most people would say-mad disease, however combined with microbiology, animal anatomy, plant knowledge, emergency medicine, and prayers to the one and only true Lord and Savior because no man goes to the Father except by him-Jesus. He allowed me to have part in saving a life. That to me feels awesome and having butted up and been confronted by every obstacle in my life to prevent me from becoming a surgeon, I found solace in healing with plants, prayer, and foremost God who gave me my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now if you find this a tad too large of a piece to consume which most people do and tend to insert their own ideas. Just chew little bits at a time and then you can be spiritually aware that the one true God will not deceive and only deceivers get deceived. In Christ, prayers, discernment, love peace and healthy living to you. Shellie

    • “it is unfair to say every person who uses these are into new age or witchcraft. ” — you are right. And I didn’t say that. I do totally disagree with you when you say that true believers cannot be deceived. Of course we can! We need to be very careful! Eve believed in God, and she was easily deceived. Like I said, I do use some oils. But these companies are promoting new age ideas and the blends are advertised like potions. But thank you for your comment!

    • Here is a Bible study about how Christians can be deceived.

      • Beverley says:

        Thank you for the link … shall watch later.
        Yes, Christians can be deceived… it takes true friends to warn us. There are many “former” professing Christians now being led astray by many false teachers. 😦

  47. Anonymous says:

    This has such a closed minded attitude toward something positive.
    It’s a sin to add too scripture as it is to take away from it.
    This blog very obviously is man opinion without scripture backup.
    Open up your mind! Think for yourself.
    Most Mennonites nowadays live in a small little man made box created by man with no scientific backup.
    You feel like essential oils is witchcraft yet at the same time you let the government make your medication that is supposed to “cure your anxiety” or “help your depression”
    Such closed mindedness

  48. Michelle says:

    Please do not lump doTERRA in with Young Luving. DoTERRA is about combining natural solutions with western medicine and they have numerous partnerships with universities and hospitals. They do not promise anything that Young Living does, advocates are to be compliant and only share how the oils support healthy living. The party you went to is nit representative of what doTERRA teaches. They cannot control everything all of the advocates say or do any more than any other company can control what a consumer does with a product after purchase. If doTERRA finds an advocate to be non compliant, they do take action. I am Christian and in healthcare and did my research before getting involved with oils so I know what you said about Gary Young to be true but I had no idea about the rest of it although I did have someone tell me they thought YL reps acted like they were in a cult.
    Please do more research on doTERRA before lumping them in with YL. DoTERRA is changing healthcare and has a medical advisory board to ensure that they are compliant and safe as well as a research team that backs up any claims made by the company with science.

  49. Cindy Bills says:

    I have to agree with you about the “spiritual” guise some of theses companies use. I started with Doterra, and while I believe they have some products that work well for things like allergies, coughs and colds, muscle strain and such, I was disturbed to see the new age practices being marketed through their sister company Aroma Tools, and now more blatantly in tgeir choice of names for their profucts. I use essential oils for their health benefits only. I’ve found them helpful for restful sleep, musclestrain relief and even hormonal balance. I don’t buy much from Doterra anymore. Not every essential oil company is promoting the witchcraft and new age spirituality that they are. Just do your homework. Don’t buy into the psychic hocom that some companies promote. But also, be careful that the oils are truly 100% pure.

    • Cindy Bills says:

      Sorry for the typos!

    • Gaudium says:

      Doterra is not Aromatools. They are two totally independent companies. Doterra does not aspouse witchcraft or new age. If products were named jump, support, twist, flip, or move, would you honestly denote that a company is making a new age statement associating their products with some kind of newage power to bring about the action of the name. Essential oils are neuro disrupters, in as far as they break up neuro pathways with their moleculary dense chemistry, then one is more likely to be able to make a new decision. That is not new age. That is reality. So to then suggest that one who is experiencing trama or loss might consider “console” to help them process their emotional stress is not saying a oil is neeage.

      Get Doterra out of this thred. This company- while not perfect- is doing so much good and is advocating for family values, religious freedom, serving the poor in more ways than any of us could do on our own, are advancing the cause of better healthcare models and so much more. Just because some people who use doterra or work for doterra as independent destributors associate themselves with new age doesn’t damn the whole company.

      YL has a far different history and much darker and well known connections to new age, but even still, if your going to review companies, don’t peg accusations of one company on another just because they have common criteria at the outset. Doterra is nothing like YL!!!!

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