What Is Women’s Ministry?

Okay, so my heart is so burdened right now for the women, and daughters of our churches. I am writing this from the experiences that I have seen, and the verse that I feel the Lord put on my heart this morning.

I have grown long into a church that DOES what you call “Women’s Ministry.” I have seen fancy women with wispy voices, take the pulpit to compare the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 to fashion. I have seen them gather together to discuss finger sandwiches and tea cups and centerpieces for the next brunch or conference. I have seen them skirt over serious issues, and stay shallow and vapid mannequins of ministry.

The leaders are nothing like the lay. There is a huge discrepancy. The women in the pulpits at our women’s events are often times nothing like the women in the pews.

The lay ladies come in tired, and thirsty, and troubled in their t-shirts or discount dresses. To hear sermons on suffering given by some easy living pastor’s wife, in Burberry and Brighton.

I have seen these women preach on sexual intimacy, body image, and household obligations to women who are going through difficult marriages, who are overweight, and working over 40 hours a week. They heap on them more and more burdens. Be sexy, be thin, be perfect. Make more bricks, find more straw, and don’t complain.

I have heard women’s leaders tell groups of young married girls that they need to stay thin, or else it will be their fault if their godly husbands cheat or look at porn. I have seen one of the women whom this was spoken to, blame her extra thirty pounds when 5 years later her husband cheated.

I have heard women’s leaders tell groups of young mother, with rolls on their stomachs and lactating breasts, that breast implants make them look better in their clothes.

More straw. More bricks.

I have seen women’s ministry conferences bring in speakers that tell you the proper way to fold your bathroom towels, and organize your closets.

I have seen women’s ministries bring in exercise classes so that we can reinforce to the women that your body is to look like a temple (based on a misinterpretation of scripture).

What is going on?!

Do these women’s ministry leaders even love women?

Or do they hate women?

Do they despise fat women in K-mart jeans?

Do they get disgusted at women with stretch marks and saggy breasts, frizzy hair and outdated kitchens?

Do they not understand that some of these women spend all their time and money taking care of their families and working to pay the bills?

These women are doing the best they can.

Do they not get it, that if a woman is going to take the time to come to a Women’s Bible Study, that they need to be built up and encouraged?

Why can’t she be told, “Well done” or at least given the dignity of honesty.

Why is women’s ministry so superficial?

Why don’t we get real with each other?

I do not want to take time away from my family to go hear how to fold towels, or that spiritual armor is like putting on a special outfit.

I don’t want to be told that spiritual warfare is that voice that tells me that I need plastic surgery . . . and I have heard that taught . . . because you know what?

Spiritual warfare is a LOT more than that!

And many of us are losing the battle.

The verse on my heart is from Jeremiah 6:14 (and it is also repeated in Jeremiah 8:11).

God is judging the priests and prophets for giving the people a shallow message. For not warning them of judgment. For not spending time with God to know His Word and His message for His people. God is upset at how the “shepherds” were treating the sheep.

God says, “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 6:14 KJV)

“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. “Peace, peace,” they say, when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 6:14 NIV).

“They offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 6:14 NLT)

If you would indulge me, I would like to define these words. I think they are very important.

The KJV used the word “healed” –other versions have used the phrases “dressed the wounds” and “offer superficial treatments.” In Hebrew the word is rapha, which means to heal or to cure, like a doctor would. The Lord is saying that instead of doing the work to clean out a wound and heal a person, they are just giving them a superficial band-aid.

Isn’t that what you see at many churches?

In the KJV it talks about “the hurt” of these daughters. The Hebrew word for hurt is sheber, which means breaking, fracture, crushing, breach, crash, ruin, shattering. As well as destruction, affliction, and vexation.

The Lord sees our deep pain. He sees our brokenness. And to Him it is a big deal. He is validating our pains. He is saying that what has happened to us is a crushing, a shattering. It is incapacitating, in many ways.

Of course we have hurt in our churches. We have women who are grown, who have been sexually abused as children, but never told anyone. Women who grew up in a day when families didn’t talk about abuse. We have women whose husbands are terrible hypocrites. Or whose children are prodigals. The women in our churches are suffering, many are shattered.

The pain is there, under the smiles and perfume.

The word “daughter” in Hebrew is bath. It is a polite address and it refers to all the women we know–daughter, girl, adopted daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, granddaughters, female child, cousin. It is all of us. We are all in this together.

The word “slightly” in Hebrew is qalal. It means to treat it lightly, to minimize, to act like it isn’t a big deal. It also means to show contempt or dishonor.

I have seen this. I have seen how women “higher up” in leadership form cliques with other fancy “important” women. And they reserve their tables at their brunches and they don’t associate with the woman who had a tooth missing, or talk long and genuinely to everyone else.

I have seen them gossip and make fun of people for how they look. I have seen them play games and act catty as they struggle to claim their positions in ministry. I have seen them smile with their lips and glare at people with their eyes.

And the word in Hebrew for “saying” is ‘amar. It means to speak, to promise, to avow, to speak proudly, to boast, command, to answer.

What is being said, promised, avowed?


They promise peace. Shalowm. Completeness, soundness, welfare, peace, safety, health, welfare, quiet, prosperity, contentment, friendship. It is all there in the concordance. Strong’s Number H7999. You can look it up.

They promise peace and prosperity, but they do nothing to actually help you find it. It isn’t found in superficial band-aids.

What are these superficial band-aids? Lies.

Health and wealth. Beauty. Friendship. Luxury.

I have seen it. Unfortunately.

And I wonder what these women must think?

Do they envy, and long for the Barbie life? Or do they see through it and shake their heads?

I wonder what would happen if one day, we showed up for a Bible Study, and the wispy voiced women were told to sit down to listen. And the K-mart coupon clipper was asked to get in the pulpit. What wisdom would spring forth?

Would they listen, to her? Or turn up their noses?

What if she was very plain, unfashionable or overweight. What is her hair was grey and her wrinkles were visible in the back of the chapel?

What if she didn’t tell funny stories or share some of her more innocent failures, trying to relate to us?

What if she was real.

What if she shared Christ.

What if she shared her ugly truth, of fallen mediocrity and Christ’s glory in the midst of it all. How would women’s ministry be different?

How would women’s ministry be different if we picked the godliest women, the deepest women, the women who evangelize and witness, and minister to the needy–to speak to us? Despite how they look, or how relevant and trendy they are? Regardless of what the YOUNG PEOPLE thought about it.

What if we didn’t blame women for the sins of men?

What if we didn’t blame the 14 year old girl who was sexually abused by her step-dad? What if we didn’t quietly send her away to distant family, as he passed out bulletins at the door of the chapel?

What if we didn’t tell the woman who was sexually abused so terribly that she has PTSD, that if she doesn’t make her body her husbands sexual property, that she would be responsible for his pornography addiction?

What if we let men be responsible for their own sins?

What if we let women be who they are?

What if we loved them no matter what, and asked men to do the same?

What if we stopped being so shallow, and glossing over the deep chasms of pain in the eyes of our congregations and decided to get our hands dirty?

A physician has to get involved. A physician has to put on some gloves and open up and clean out the wounds. He has to open it up. Clean out the dirt or puss. Wash it with water or antiseptic. He needs to soothe it with oil or salve. He needs to bind up the fractures, sew skin back together, and wrap up the injury to protect it from further pain and infection. This process is difficult and it hurts. This process is personal.

A physician doesn’t just stand up on a stage in a hospital and tell his patients funny stories about when he stubbed his toe and how it got better. He has to take his time on an individual level to minister to each person.

So what can we do?

I think we must begin by humbling ourselves. By identifying with the people instead of thinking we are special. I think it will be when we allow ourselves to get messy and get real. When we stop thinking that we need to be perfect outwardly, instead of holy inwardly.

We need to bring Jesus back into our meetings.

We need to let our women sit once again at His feet.

Because He has so much to say to them.

Things that actually matter.

Encouragement and Healing.

He has true love and acceptance, and realistic advice.

He never told them to be thin. He never told them to be fashionable.

It is not wrong . . . but it is not religion.

I just don’t see this as Biblical. When I read the book of Acts, I don’t see anything that at all resembles what many of us call modern women’s ministry.

People just prayed, studied the word, and evangelized.

Isn’t Christianity that simple?

Set your women free!

Let us just encourage them in prayer, study of the word, and evangelism–the things that really matter–for all eternity.





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29 Responses to What Is Women’s Ministry?

  1. Kate Johnson says:

    Excellent post. My heart exactly. I once was at a conference where Elizabeth Elliot chastised women for not being the wife they should be, for even thinking divorce might be an option if their marriage wasn’t going right, and her response was “buck up and take it” as she slammed her fist onto the podium. Mind you, I was in an abusive marriage at the time. I cried and wondered how many women there did not have the understanding I had that what she was saying was wrong and didn’t apply to me. I was so angry that I wanted to stand up and say walk in my shoes and tell me that. One reason I hate women’s conferences. One reason that my conferences are different and women leave feeling like they were awakened to truth for the first time. It shakes them because they are used to fluff. But, as the Skin Horse tells the Velveteen Rabbit, “once you are real, you can’t be unreal again. It lasts for always.” Here si to reality!

    • Thank you for your comment Kate. It is so hard when Bible teachers (especially well respected ones like Elizabeth Elliot) oversimplify and generalize. I have had those moments recently when I hear things taught so emphatically, and I want to interject a disclaimer. And then the fear in the pit of my stomach thinking that everyone around me might now think that I need to do what this person is teaching, and all that pressure.

      Like you said, you can’t just buck up and take an abusive marriage, and for you to hear that is dangerous. But I think these messages are rampant. Churches love to have their series’ on marriage and talk all about how rosy it is when wives submit to their husbands and wait on them hand and foot–but they never get real. They never ever talk about abuse. How irresponsible is that, when you have 1 in 4 women attacked by an intimate partner. It is in the church too. Men sitting comfortably in the pew, and the pastor’s message makes the wife squirm in (false) conviction?!?! It should not be so.

      I wish pastors had to take a class on abuse before they got licensed or ordained. Because not speaking to the victim is dangerous to everyone.

      Thank you so much for sharing Kate. I am so happy that you are no longer in an abusive situation. God is too.

  2. Natalie says:

    Well said.. so tragic, But also, if I may, I would add, what if we didn’t segrogate people at all? Women’s ministry, men’s ministry.. we divide ourselves so much based on our differences. And sadly, I think you see a lot of this when you tell women they can’t operate in the gifts God has given them and they can’t teach. Very sad! They use mistranslated scripture without doing any study on it to back up that errounous teaching, which if you merely looked at what Paul practiced you can see he didn’t mean that, he didn’t live it. There were women deacons and fellow women teachers with Paul, yet it is accepted without question. The oppression and devaluing of women in many churches is a sad thing.

    • suez62 says:

      Amen sister, preach on!!!

    • You make a good point. We don’t work together as a community of believers when we are segregated. I think the men don’t see how much God can use women this way either. And the Bible clearly shows Aquila and Priscilla ministering as a team to Apollos. The women using their gifts in the prayer meeting, etc. Thanks for sharing Natalie.

      • Natalie says:

        You’re welcome! Thanks for listening. 🙂 I wrote a blogpost about the same thing last year so it’s something that God has placed on my heart as well.

    • Cynthia says:

      I completely agree. My sister is an eloquent instructor with amazing passion for the Word of God. But she doesn’t teach in accepted “Women’s Ministry” fashion. She isn’t interested in studies on how to be more submissive and sanctimonious. And to be quite honest, often times she knows more about Biblical history than the church’s Pastor! She is constantly silenced, never invited to teach a Bible study and ALWAYS encouraged to serve coffee or clean the kitchen. That is Women’s Ministry. Or VBS, you can always stick a woman into Children’s Ministries. Hospitality and Children’s Ministries are a woman’s place. My sister has finally found a church home at a church that serves the street people in her town. She finds those who are literally and spiritually saved off the streets by Jesus to be more real and authentic than the wispy voiced sanctimonious church women who tell her to make the coffee.

      I, however, am still looking for a church that is authentic and preaches the true word of God, and doesn’t judge. I can’t stomach the hypocrisy. I can’t stomach another non-relavant women’s study; I can’t stomach another hunting story from the pulpit; I can’t stomach another Sunday rock concert passing itself off as Worship; and I can’t stomach Pastor’s who breeze on by the hurting in their congregation to shake hands with those in the inner circle. I love Jesus, but I have trouble with His church and I haven’t in years. I miss it. Or rather I miss the days when I innocently thought my brethren cared, and Pastor’s actually studied God’s Word.

      • Natalie says:

        Cynthia, I completely understand what you are talking about!! I have felt the same way myself many times. I can’t stomach all those things you talked about either, but I discovered that so much that goes on in these religious services are not run by God’s people. Your brethren do care!!! But they too are leaving the religious services en masse and fewer and fewer are being found in what is commonly called “church”. Church is who we are not where we go. So it’s not that the body of Christ no longer cares, but that most of the Body are no longer where we expected them to be. Where two or three are gathered in His name there is the church. I, myself, after searching for years, have stopped looking for THE church in different church buildings and have found one or two people (some not even in the state I live) to fellowship with. I say all this just because I don’t want you to feel isolated and feel like the Body of Christ no longer cares… they do! I do!

        • L. Davis says:

          Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen. I’ve always liked this passage, “Now looking unto Jesus…”, because it tells me that all fullness dwells in him. This is where I become full, at his feet. He is where I look to when the world and the church says I’m less than. Those looking unto him are tired of the fluff and stuff we find in the “churches”. We are yearning for our Lord’s presence when we assemble. We careless about the frills and pageantry offered as worship. The women with the issue of blood was desperate to receive her healing: she pressed her way to the Master. This how many are entering the services, yearning, desperate for a touch from The Lord, but many leave wanting, unlike the women who’s healing came with just one touch.

          There is no virtue, power, flowing from those in the pulpit to the pews, because they have long decided that they know how to conduct God’s Spirit. The foolish continue in their folly, and make no mistake about it, it is foolish to lightly esteem the Rock of our Salvation. It is foolish to ill treat his sheep; to heal the hurt of his people slightly. God forbids it.

  3. suez62 says:

    Thank you for a wonderfully truthful article!!!

  4. Tess says:

    Wow that was very direct and well spoken, thank you! AND True.

  5. Jeri says:

    My heart wept recently when I read the cry for help from the young woman who had been in and abusive home, Her brother was addicted to pornography, which was condoned by her parents. He sexually abused the young lady and had the approval of the parents, who simply joked and said “At least he likes girls.” I immediately began interceding to the Lord to help the young woman who was desperately reaching out for help, and also for The Last Hiker, that the Lord would bless her and enhance her ministry that she will be able to truly help those who are crying out for Help, Your eyes are certainly wide open to the needs of your sisters in Christ Jesus the Lord, May you have fulfilled in your life the promise made by Jesus in the 7th chapter of John where He said, “He that believeth on me, out of his innermost being shall flow RIVERS OF LIVING WATER. He said “HE”
    that believeth on Me….but He didn’t just mean MEN. He meant Women too. Just after he said that in verse 39, we are told that He was talking about the Holy Spirit, that was not yet given, We do know that when the HOLY SPIRIT came, He filled all the Women present as well as the Men,(Just added that little analysis for all those that think the Church is a Mens Club) May that same Jesus who made that powerful Promise fulfill it in your life, and create many Life Giving Streams from your Life to those who are in the desert of need, and bring much Glory to HIMSELF through your life as you follow and serve Him.


  6. Jordan Renouard says:

    WHAT THE HECK? Are there seriously people in ministry out there that shallow, materialistic and downright worldly? I shouldn’t be surprised. When I started reading, I thought this was going to be another spur-you-onward call to action about ladies’ bible studies being giant cry sessions and gossipmongering forums. What has been described here is much worse. Ineffective ministry is a consequence of leadership not taking the Word of God seriously. Thank you for sharing truth and being an encouragement to hurting people.

  7. walkgodly says:

    There are some things that you can do, if this is happening in your church. Speak to the head of the woman’s ministry and share your concerns, if she is not open, go to the pastor, if he is not open and wants to continue down the road that the woman’s ministry is going, then find another church, where the woman’s ministries vision is to equip the ladies with God’s Word not a social gospel. Finding a church where the woman’s ministry has that vision may not be easy (In the light of todays culture) but they are there. A good way to tell the barometer of the woman’s ministry is by what the pastor preaches/teaches. Our family recently moved to Texas from California and we are still testing the waters as to what church God would have us attend. If you are faithful to seek, God will be faithful to bring you to a woman’s ministry and church that glorifies Him.

  8. SuMari says:

    Oh, my! Amen and AMEN….AND AMEN and Amen again!!! Thank you for this…if only this could be echoed from the rooftops!!! My heart ached as I read this…here’s to getting real and to leaving the nonsense behind.

  9. L. Davis says:

    While reading this I kept thinking on how late it is for this nonsense to be going on, still. I kept thinking those “leaders” who are guilty of this will have a great deal to answer for with God. I kept thinking, “Redeem the time, for the days are evil”, and towel folding is the lesson of the day?!. I’m very disgusted that this is what’s passing as love. “Call the cunning women to prayer.” Call a solemn assembly. God help us all, and grants us more women like The Last Hiker who is willing to call out this folly and point leadership and all others to the foot of the cross.

  10. Ballerina says:

    This is a tough one, in regards to “woman’s ministry”. If you can bare with me I will try to share what I have seen regarding it…

    I seen much of what you wrote here, the superficiality of “woman’s ministry”. Honestly, for me personally, I have never partook in woman’s ministry or even felt interested in becoming involved in it. I have seen both sides of the spectrum, meaning woman (or anybody really) being uptight/judgmental -if you will- towards others who were honest about pains or past wounds or even openness about past sins. The closest I have ever seen to openness in regards to not being looked own upon for past sins or hurts etc., was when I sat in on a post abortion bible study a few years back. The pain that these woman carry because of the shame they feel, the guilt, the pain, much less have many of them been able to be open about their past abortion to other Christians in fear of being shunned. The lie that the enemy capitalizes on to these woman “You have committed the ultimate sin, you killed your own baby…” is far too great. And many of these woman live in bondage for years because of the fear of being open about their past, even such fear that they fear of even giving testimony of how Jesus healed them.

    A few years ago I use to listen to a fairly known bible teacher, and one of the things that God used with that for me, was this teacher talking quite often of how important it is to be relate-able to people. [I wrote about it extensively here if you wanna read it: http://www.reflectionsfromthewall.net/my-reflections/into-the-blackest-of-black%5D and since then I have had the conviction to be honest about myself, but of course never to the extent of exalting sin though, because people can do that, they can become sooo open that they exalt sin. I think an openness, and eagerness to be vulnerable, without fear of man, is needed in the BODY OF CHRIST not just with woman’s ministry. There are christian men too, who have little secrets so to speak, but yet they too fear of being judged by others in the Body.

    My “ministry” is pretty much solo. Honestly BECAUSE I am a woman I have come under fire. The link to my article (above) I reference a lady who parted company with me because I use “I” in my videos too much, well come to find out and also by observation and mostly prayer, it is because I am a woman. Sadly there are many people who feel woman should have no platform in “ministry”, or a “voice” so to speak. I get told by comments on my website at least every couple weeks, that I should not be getting on my YouTube and “teaching”, thing is though I am not teaching, they’re vlogs and discernment videos. So thus I just have to stick with my convictions and what God is calling me to do regardless of what people say and think.

    So I guess basically, I really think we all as a body of believers need to be discipling one another regardless of gender. Although I do not think a woman should take a man under her wing so to speak, but God can use a woman who is mature in God to better expound on something that maybe a male who is not quite mature in the faith and help them better understand something, and I do not think that qualifies as “woman speaking in church” or overpowering a man. Priscilla helped Apollos in Acts in understanding stuff in the scriptures. So equally troubling besides the lack of true “woman’s ministry” (as you express here in your entry) is the prejudice against woman. And I say this NOT as a feminist, I think feminism is antichrist, but I do believe (the Bible has examples) God can use woman too. I think basically my overall thoughts is that time is running out, so much so that we just need to get down to basics, people discipling people so they can grow in God and a continuing to pointing people back to The Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

    God bless you, Last Hiker.

    • I am happy that you brought up the post-abortion ministries that we are seeing now. I think they are a perfect example of women ministering to women in a deep, honest, healing way. I have a friend who went to one, not thinking that her past abortion was affecting her. She knew she was forgiven. But she didn’t realize that her past abortion was affecting her relationship with her current children. She had become unemotional and had a hardness of heart to them. She recognized it as a mechanism to protect her from her guilt that she hadn’t let go of. Through the study, she was able to let that go, and experience a closeness with her family that she had never known possible. I have also seen women benefit from small group Bible studies on Sexual Abuse. It can be life changing. I also think that regular small group Bible studies can are wonderful, depending on the study (as long as they are BIBLICAL).

      I think women ministering can be great, if it is pure like the early church and the leaders are humble, loving, and devoted to Christ. It can just become unhealthy when it becomes shallow, and uppity. I think that if we are not careful to love and minister like Jesus did, we are just trying to build a mini-mega ministry devoted to celebrity women’s ministry teachers. Unfortunately, in my circle what once was a wonderful place for women to go and grow together in Christ, has morphed into a social club where a lot of women get beat up on.

      Thank you for sharing my friend.

      • Stellasmom says:

        I went through a post abortion Bible study group years ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Before I joined the bible study I could barely sit in church thinking that everyone else was clean except me and if they found out I had an abortion I’d be rejected. The bible study and small group of women were exactly what I needed to understand the sin that I committed against God and the healing power of Jesus’ Blood and His forgiveness. The Lord changed me through the study and used the ladies in my group to help me through the healing process. I have never found a bible study group so transparent and so in love with Jesus since. I will forever be thankful that the Lord used that group to bring me out of the mud and darkness into His saving grace and eternal life.

  11. Hannah says:

    Great post.
    Early on in my walk, I looked to these women as being examples. Their soft spoken voices (as you mentioned), their loving demeanor, and I tried to be that woman. And if spoke your mind or were passionate about anything, they would just look at you like you just didn’t fit in and were not submissive enough. I often wondered if that demeanor was just an act or was real. I suspect many of the Pastor’s wives are very unhappy women just covering up. Just like their husbands are actors many times, so are they are as well.

    Hiker, would you be comfortable revealing what state you live in? I know you wish to remain anonymous and I understand that.

    Your reflections are insightful and very similar to mine.

    Cynthia- I too am looking for a church. Not for teachings because I can get that on my computer,
    I would love to serve in a larger capacity and meet like minded believers. Not the ones mentioned here- the shallow cliques.

  12. Martin Glass says:

    There is no “mens ministry” or “womans ministry” in the bible. These are man-made, adding to the word of God. Find a church that has neither. Why stick around in a church that does not feed you? I church-hopped for years and found the large traditional denominations appalling at best, at worst abusive. I am happy now in a small Christian church (no denomination) where the pastor is not employed by the church, he has his own full time job and is no burden to the church. Even the apostle Paul worked. Find a church that preaches grace, not one that burdens you with law.

  13. Debi says:

    I agree…

    Women in many of our churches are being distracted and lured by the gospel of the “American Dream Fulfilled,” and it is spiritually killing us. It is a daunting battle when you have, not only the world bombarding you with it’s false philosophies, the church [small c] as well!

    Have you listened to this: https://soundcloud.com/annmorton/how-women-can-stop-judging

  14. Pat O'Hara says:

    Hi,Last Hiker;
    I’ve been looking for recent postings by you and it seems like this is the last one. I pray that you are alright and will be led by the Lord to bring us some more of your Godly insight into this culture we are living in today. I’ve learned so much from reading your articles and the responses to them.
    King’s Daughter68

    • Hello Sister, I haven’t written in a while. Mostly just because I have been busy. But in reading your comment today, I asked myself if there was anything that I felt inspired to write about. I actually had quite a difficult day! Anyways, thank you for your comment because it led me to write about it, and writing about it made me feel better about it. It probably isn’t the most cheerful topic, but it came from an honest place. God bless you and thank you for the encouragement. God is good.

  15. Donna Lowe says:

    I’m saddened to hear of your experience with women in leadership positions. I can’t speak for all, but, what I do know, is that there is some really good ministry going on in some places. I hope that encourages you. I’m with you, there s no time for th “fluff.” In light of the times we are in, we need to go deep, we need to Grow Up! And, as I write those words, I am reminded that we are living in a day when “people” won’t want to hear truth. They will actually pay to hear the “fluff.” I’m with you! As a ministry leader/speaker/author, I take very seriously the responsibility of caring for the priceless souls God has placed within my circle of influence. Let’s pray for God to raise up women who are fully prepared to stand firm and not cave to an empty gospel, which is really no gospel at all.

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