The “Son of God” Movie Is NOT What We Think–Do You Know The Voice of Your Master

Last year the History Channel featured the epic television event, “The Bible Series,” which was produced by Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett. This show captivated audiences and became the talk of many churches. Churches even purchased pre-written sermons to go along with the show, which according to made it into 180,000 churches.

Roma and Mark were endlessly interviewed in Christian magazines, and on Christian radio. All along saying that they were sold out Christians and believers filled with the Holy Spirit.

And the churches bought it.

They promoted it.

And yet, as I watched “The Bible Series,” I personally became furious at how much they twisted the word of God. Not just omitting things for the sake of time–but changing the theme, the message, and the nature of Bible characters, and the nature of God Himself.

That is inexcusable.

God will judge that.

I was furious.

My husband and I were sitting in our darkened living room with our bowls of ice cream and we couldn’t even get five minutes into it without pausing it and discussing how, not only is it different than the Bible, but that the way that it is different changes so much of the truth of God and the Bible. We would talk about what message it is sending to people that don’t know God. It got so bad that I had to write about it.

Last year, I wrote about some alarming information about Roma Downey’s New Age ties and unbiblical twisting of the Bible in “Wake Up! — me screaming then apologizing for some strange reason” and later in “The Bible Series on the History Channel–Turning The Word of God into Hebrew Myth

All along the thing that got me the most upset was how easily the church allowed Roma Downey and Mark Burnett to come in and deceive us. We gave up our pulpits to strangers, thinking they were like us but all along they were fake Christians.

Did you know that?

They are NOT real Christians.

They are full on New Agers.

This is portion of what I wrote on this topic last year:

I was listening to Christian radio last week and I heard a radio interview on Focus on the Family with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett about their new television series, The Bible. They claimed to be Christian and said that the Lord has called them to make this series. She shared about how she would pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill her when she was on “Touched by an Angel.” I was a little surprised at the picture she was trying to create, but I let it go. Whatever. But one of their main points was that there are a lot of Christians in Hollywood and they are not ashamed to admit it.

… Then I happened to see a blog by a woman I used to follow years ago. And she mentioned that Roma Downey has some New Age ties. I remembered my red flag and I followed up on her sources and did my own research. Because by now many members of my church were posting on Facebook about how “AMAZING” the show was. I don’t want to be a kill-joy! But it is true. Roma Downey deceived the church when she went on Focus on the Family. She came on Christian Radio and pretended to be a the same kind of Christian that we are. There is room for differences in the body of Christ, but New Age paganism falls outside the fence.

She was quoted in an article talking about how she listens to books on tape by Eckart Tolle. “I get my own selections [on the radio in the car] — books on tape by Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins…” She goes on to say, “My husband says I’m so self-realized I’m practically levitating.’” Really? Because I have never heard my pastor’s wife talk like that? If you are not familiar with Eckart Tolle, he is a New Age teacher who twists the Bible and adds it to his Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist philosophy. If you are familiar with him, and you like him–whatever. He is a false teacher when it comes to Christianity. Charlie Campbell has a list of his troubling statements.

Aside from her VERY questionable theological beliefs, she has gone to the University of Santa Monica to get a degree in “Spiritual Psychology.” When I first read that I thought, “so?” BUT when I looked it up, the University of Santa Monica is not just a school like Cal Poly or USC that people from all walks of life go to. When you click on their home page you will see that it specializes in New Age degrees.

When you go to the page entitled “What is Spiritual Psychology?” you will see that they are indeed promoting New Age ideas. Here is a quote, “Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of human evolution in consciousness.” It goes on to say, “Put another way, Spiritual Psychology is a technology that empowers students to convert their everyday life experiences into rungs on the ladder of Spiritual Evolution.” 

Spiritual Evolution.

Do you think that has ANYTHING to do with Jesus dying on the cross for your sins? So you could evolve spiritually? NOOOOO. It is blasphemy to the Christian which she claims to be. A Christian who happens to be so self-realized that she is levitating?!?!  Uhm levitating? That is a funny little joke Roma. Because IF you were self-realized, have you realized that you are created out of dirt? You are a sinner? You can’t evolve spiritually, because if  you could Jesus wouldn’t have had to come die on the cross for your sins. Do you “realize” that the Bible is the BEST book on “Spiritual Psychology” there is??? And it won’t baby you, or flatter you–but it will give you the truth and give you HOPE that ONLY exists IN CHRIST JESUS!

So this New Age woman and her husband want to go on Focus on the Family and laugh and talk about the Holy Spirit and their love for the Bible, and this call that God placed on their lives to make a Hollywood movie of His favorite book.

Then they wanted all their Hollywood friends to promote the series on Twitter. For some reason John Edward from “Crossing Over” tweeted that he didn’t need to be a psychic to know that this series is going to be SPECTACULAR! And P-Diddy, Christian Aguilera, Jane Lynch, Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, Adam Levine, and Shakira just so happen to really love the Bible, right? Do they go to church too? Are they some of the Christians in Hollywood that you talked about in your interview? That is crazy.

And then when my friends are telling me, after watching it, that it was “SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.” And they did notice a few things that were different, but other than that it was really, really good. So to them it is okay that it is different from the Bible. A series called the Bible and it is DIFFERENT than the Bible. Okay . . . (The Last Hiker)

Downey on the cover of OM Times Magazine

I just read that Roma Downey was even on TV with famous psychic Jonathan Edward talking to her dead mother. This is a practice called necromancy, which is forbidden in the Bible, at least for real Christians. God hates this.

ACTRESS Roma Downey has talked to her mother through a psychic on live TV. The Derry-born Touched By An Angel star was a guest on a celebrity version of the US psychic show Crossing Over, hosted by medium John Edward. Roma’s mother Maureen died of a heart attack in Derry when she was 10. And Roma was heartbroken that she was never able to tell her how much she loved her. So she jumped at an offer from the producers of the show on the Sci-Fi Channel to speak to her mum using Edwards for the connection. (source).

And her connections to psychic Jonathan Edward do not end there, she even went on to partner with him in a book he wrote. Does this sound like someone you would invite to teach in your church?

History Channel The Bible | New Age heresy and unbiblical errors.

Psychic Jonathan Edward’s book with a Meditation CD of Roma Downey’s

Not only has Downey used and endorsed John Edward’s occult practices, she has assisted him with a book on praying based on heretical Catholic practices. In the book Edwards encourages readers to “pray the rosary” a practice of holding a Catholic Crucifix necklace and uttering repetitive chants in prayers to Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Bible. This practice is sinful for several reasons. As shown above, Christians are not to communicate with the dead. Whether it is a relative, someone from the Bible or a celebrity, any attempts to speak with the dead is necromancy. Secondly, Mary was just a normal person. We are not to pray to her, hail her or seek anything from God through Mary. 1 Timothy 2:3 says: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” It is Jesus Christ who is our advocate with God The Father. He is our High Priest who we take our prayers too.(Beginning and End)

These people are liars. They have a history of twisting the Word of God in ways that change the message of the gospel and the nature, character, holiness, righteousness, and justice of God. I go into more detail in the “Hebrew Myth” post. Please take time to read it. What they do with the Bible is terrible. And this is very important.

Because this film is being handed to us as a “tool of evangelism” and a way to give Jesus to people who do not go to church–isn’t it important that we make sure we are giving them the real Jesus and not Hollywood Jesus? Because again, they are asking us to do their publicity for them. On their official site you can get free posters and community outreach kits. Pastors can again buy sermons and discussion guides. The level of marketing for this movie is crazy. Not only do they want to market and promote this movie THROUGH the body of Christ, they also want to SELL the doctrine of this movie to the church. As if the Word of God was for sell. As if the message of the life of Christ was something they have some special insight into.

What if millions of people walk away from this film with a false understanding of Jesus Christ? And what if the Church doesn’t notice this as much because we are already so familiar with Jesus, that we may subconsciously fill in the gaps of the story, but the unchurched cannot do that. They don’t have the prior reference to be able to do that.

I think this “Son of God” film is outright dangerous. It should be treated the same way we treat Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness material. Yes they talk about Jesus. Think about it–they share our same Bible stories. But they have twisted the gospel, the nature of God and the nature of Christ. It is the same thing.

We have seen enough from “The Bible Series” already to convince us that they are going to give the New Age Gospel.

Sunny Shell was quoted on Stand For the Truth, and she said some really important things about how they portrayed two important moments in the life of Christ,

 On John the Baptist: Prior to being beheaded John exclaims “He [Jesus] will bring a new age of righteousness and justice. His [Jesus’] power will draw all men to a new world.”This entire statement is very new-age and doctrinally unsound. Jesus is not interested in social reform. He’s interested in reconciling utterly sinful human beings to a holy, righteous and good God through: His substitutionary death for sinful man, His resurrection of new life for those who’ve repented and trusted in Him, and a glorious eternal life spent in the presence of the Almighty once we’ve completed our sojourn here on earth. Jesus did not come to earth, die, be resurrected and ascended to the right hand of the Father so we could have a “better life” here on earth.

On The Last Supper: While the actor who portrays Jesus says the bread is the body of Christ and the wine is Jesus’ blood, he never says the most important thing: it is for the forgiveness of sins (Matt 26:28). Though all of Scripture points to the Gospel, in this mini-series, there is no Gospel message; only a message of man’s power to have enough “faith” to see himself through and lead others to a “better place”.(emphasis mine. Stand Up For Truth)

Well, apparently this film will closely follow the events in “The Bible Series.” They filmed both projects at the same time. Which means that the Jesus story will be similar, where we can expect to find a watered down social gospel, and a great commission to change the world. In “Wake Up” I had written about how “The Bible Series” portrayed Jesus:

It isn’t just watered down. It isn’t just that they didn’t have time for Jesus to speak the real truth of the gospel. It is absolutely that they want to CHANGE the WORLD’s idea of what Jesus came for.

And another thing, why is the Jesus they picked so “hot?”

The Bible says plainly that the Messiah would be plain, not good looking. “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Isaiah 53:2. Look at these people in the picture. He is made into a Hebrew Bieber.  A celebrity. Our Lord did not come to find superficial worship and tempt women into lust. He was normal looking. You couldn’t look at His group and know which one was Jesus. His beauty came from who He was. But that is not good enough for Hollywood. Because they DO worship celebrity and beauty, so THEIR Jesus has to be super cute.

The Jesus of Hollywood’s Bible is not my Jesus.

And I am not really upset about that. I expect that. Let the world make their own gods, their own idols, and their own images to worship–the world always has.

What gets under my skin is the church. What bothers me is the fact that Focus on the Family promoted this series and gave spotlight to two false teachers in an interview. What bothers me is that if I could verify in 15 minutes that these people are New Agers–they could have and SHOULD have. What also bothers me is that many of my friends don’t get it. They don’t see that there are reasons we don’t have non-Christians teach Bible studies in church, and there are also reasons we shouldn’t drool all over ourselves when we see Hollywood interested in the best book ever written. I have friends that have already paid over sixty dollars to pre-order the DVD’s before they even SEE the whole thing—”So we can teach our children.”

If people want to watch it, let them go for it.

But the church should NOT promote something that is not Biblically sound.

It is a different Jesus.

Now I am pretty much alone in my convictions. I mean there are people that are saying that these people are New Agers, and that “The Bible Series” was horrible, but for the most part–those with the most influence are promoting the Bible Series as well as this new movie. 95% of the church that I currently attend will probably go and enjoy it. They don’t know better. To them, it is better than American Hustle and other garbage at the theaters.

And it seems like so many other Christians are saying it is good . . .

Money Money Money

Rick Warren is renting out movie theaters for it. Which is no surprise. I mean he is really a closeted New Ager and New World Order promoter himself.

Many religious leaders are citing the movie as a natural opportunity to evangelize. Warren may have a vested interest in the film, since he wrote a curriculum tied to the movie and published by LifeWay Christian Resources.

The couple behind the show, producer Burnett and former “Touched by an Angel” star Downey, have enlisted interdenominational support from religious leaders such as Texas megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes and Roman Catholic Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles.

Burnett, who has produced shows like “Survivor,” “The Voice” and “Shark Tank,” said he’s never seen a buyout before.

“There aren’t many things that could garner this kind of support,” Burnett said. “People are going to watch the movie collectively, in community.”

After Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” made $612 million, observers expected to see more films about Jesus. Several upcoming Bible-related films are now in the pipeline.

While evangelicals are often credited with shoring up support for movies like “The Passion of the Christ” and “Fireproof,” Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl has commissioned discussion guides and videos for Catholic churches and schools, and Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami is planning to rent a theater for thousands of Catholics in Miami. (Religion News)

This is huge. It is Ecumenical. Interdenominational. It is drawing the Osteens, the Catholic Archbishops, the Warren camp. T.D. Jakes, etc. So many BIG NAME religious leaders (and false teachers) are putting money into it, and probably making a lot money out of it.

Liberty University invited Downey and Burnett to speak and give a special screening of the movie. Compassion International is helping to pack movie theaters too.

They were at the Passion Conference in Houston earlier this month promoting the movie as well. It seems that even some popular pastors in the Calvary Chapel movement are promoting it as well. Dave Rolph, who is on KWVE radio, posted on his facebook this week:

I saw the movie “Son of God” yesterday. (It will hit the theaters February 28th.) I’m praying that God will use it to get people talking about Jesus. If you like Bible movies, and especially if you liked the mini-series Mark Burnett did, you’ll enjoy this movie. When it comes to Bible movies I always think the book is better than the movies, but some people might see the movie who haven’t yet read the book. I’m sure there will be people who criticize the movie for not being exactly like the Bible. Like “Passion of the Christ” it borrows from church tradition instead of just Scripture, when it comes to the stations of the cross stuff. But it identifies Jesus as God in the first minute, and has a clear resurrection, so it is already the best movie about Jesus to hit the theaters. I appreciate the considerable effort Mark Burnett and Roma Downey put into this movie, and I pray God uses it.

It is everywhere.

CeeLo giving the middle finger

Even CeeLo Green, most famous for his song “F*ck You” will be singing “Mary Did You Know” at the end of the movie. How touching.

And Christians will go.

They will be entertained.

They will eat popcorn and invite their unsaved uncle.

Then pat themselves on the back for evangelizing their family members by giving them the DVD of the “Son of God” movie for Christmas next year.

A movie that like “The Bible Series,” will probably ignore our sin and our need for the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross.  A movie that will turn the gospel’s call for radical faith, repentance and reliance upon the Lord into a shallow feel good message.

People will walk away liking “Jesus,” or rather liking Diogo Morgado, and they will think because they like the Hollywood Jesus they are Christian more or less. They will not sense their urgent need to come to a saving knowledge of the true Christ. And they will be deceived into thinking they are alright, when they are in serious spiritual jeopardy.

That is dangerous.

There are those who think that all this can be redeemed though, and the movie will serve as a tool of evangelism, a “conversation starter” and an emotionally moving form of entertainment.

I think Sunny Shell did a great job answering these thoughts in the article I quoted from above. Take a look:

Throughout the entire series, God’s holiness and righteousness is either completely omitted or diminished. The Almighty is portrayed as the Roman Catholic’s angry God who curses people if they don’t obey, mixed with the heretical false god of Joel Osteen who wants to give you a big hug and make you happy no matter what you’ve done. Putting both sects of heretical teachings together produces an angry and sappy deity who desperately wants people to know about His love (as defined by the world) and will punish all the “bad” people, while allowing all the “good” people.

Q. “Even though there’s a lot of error in this movie, still, don’t you think it’s a great way to show people who God really is, I mean, can’t God use anything to save someone?

A. No, I don’t think this movie is a great way to reveal the truth about God since it’s filled with lies about God. And yes, I realize God can use anything to save someone, but He only chose to use the message of the true Gospel to save all men (John 14:6Acts 4:12). Nowhere in Scripture does God command or allow His children to use the work of Satan to proclaim His truth. And God is clear, anyone who denies Him and defiles His holy character or word, works for the devil, not for God. Since the beginning of time, the devil has attempted to minimize and blaspheme God’s holy character by lulling us to disregard His holiness, justice and righteousness. God has never called His children of light to partner with the works of darkness (2 Cor 6:15-16). As God’s children, we are commanded to pursue holiness, rather than try to find a way to compromise the glory of Christ in order to ‘reach more people’.

 (Stand Up For the Truth)

In “Wake UP” I shared about how evangelist Ray Comfort did not endorse “The Bible Series” which is super important for the following reasons:

How can someone receive the Lord without a clear presentation of the Gospel? You are not automatically born again if you think “hot” Jesus’ message to “change the world” resonates with something inside of you.

Ray Comfort summed it up on his Facebook yesterday:

“It’s been brought to my attention, by a reliable source who conducted thorough research, that there are a number of unbiblical and very questionable things in “The Bible” television series–about the deity of Christ, the character of God, and the reality of sin (among other things). In light of this recent revelation, I cannot endorse this series. If you choose to watch it, I would urge you to do so with a discerning heart, testing all things.”

Note that is from a man whose only pursuit in life is to see people find Jesus Christ. Don’t you think if it had any evangelical merit, Ray Comfort would know it? I mean this guy still goes to the beach on the weekends (at least twice a month) and stands on a box and publicly proclaims the words of salvation. He cares about reaching the lost. But he also cares about the truth.



If people want to know about God, Jesus and the Bible. There are plenty of other amazing materials they can get their hands on–the best of which would be an actual Bible.

In Conclusion, I am not telling you to not go and see the movie. You can see it if you want. If I do go and see it, I know it will just be to see how much they twist the Bible. And yet I do not want a dime of my money to go to line the pockets of false teachers. But I definitely won’t let my kids watch it, and I won’t recommend it to anyone else.

I personally do not believe that Hollywood, or FAKE Christians can make a good truthful movie about Jesus. I think that the enemy is skilled at doing his best work, using a lot of truth, with just a tiny lie inside of it. Sometimes we don’t even notice the lie because we already agree with so much of the truth.

Roma Downey, Mark Burnet and Diogo Morgado promoting the Son of God movie on Oprah

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are not Bible loving, gospel preaching Christians. They are New Age Pagans that call themselves Christians. Their gospel is the promise of a New World Order. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that come into the church. We need to expose them, not interview them on Focus on the Family.

But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.  And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.  By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

Let us use this to prompt us to dig into the New Testament on our own. Let us soak in it, and chew on it, and live off of it. Let us memorize the red words in our Bibles. Let us mutter them in our mouths over and over until we can quote them, and be changed by them. They say that the best way to identify the counterfeit is to study the real thing. We don’t know how much time is left, so let us (let me) not think, ‘Hey the master isn’t coming for a while, let’s just sit back and relax’ like the evil servant. Let us keep watch. And be ready. And know the voice of our master.

Know the voice of our master.

***For a detailed review of “The Son of God” movie and HOW it twists Scripture to change the nature of Christ and the truth of the Gospel, please read this article by Sunny Shell. As a teaser I will quote her last sentence, “This film does a great disservice to anyone who is infected by it’s anemic and sclerotic message of false hope in a false christ.” Now go find out why!!!***

“But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” (2 Corinthians 11:12-15)


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  1. Ballerina says:

    Hi Last Hiker! May I post this article on my web site with a link to your site on it?

  2. davemosher says:

    Great blog! I learned a number of new details here about Downey and hubby. Thank you.

    It would be interesting to find out not only where Downey and hubby are coming from (that they’re New Agers in disguise), but also where they and other so-called “Christian” New Agers are headed (i.e. what their agenda is). I’m thinking of a number of goals they could have in mind…

    God bless you. Keep up the good work – Dave

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  4. mywordlikefire says:

    Wow.Whoa, Thank you. May I link?

  5. mywordlikefire says:

    Reblogged this on My Word Like Fire and commented:
    This may surprise you. Very well documented.

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  7. zanspence says:

    Thanks for this deep teaching. I did not know this about the movie makers but it was clear that the Bible miniseries was more entertainment than an evangelical anointed challenge for unbelievers. And I think it’s okay to have something that’s just “clean” entertainment but then it should be marketed as clean and not evangelism. The biggest issue we face today is that even though exclusivsm is what the Bible says (John 14:6), inclusivists and universalists are socially lumped into Christianity. Let us pray for the full truth to fall on the moviemakers because they have a strategic platform to spread the gospel.

    • Rebecca says:

      If we endorse something that perverts the truth of the word, even slightly, we will open the crack for the seed that will destroy us. The consolation is, God knew this would happen, and gave us people with discernment. Thanks for this info.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article!And why did Jesus put that whip together!Do not make my Father’s house into a house of merchandise.New Ager’s are horrid.I can say that because I used to be one;sort of.They are so dishonest,even with themselves..Very well said !You deserve the support of true Christians!I haven’t read the “Hebrew myth” article yet but I look forward to it!
    God bless you – Sue

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    Its so sad to see the lack of Christian discernment…sigh.

  10. Mariel says:

    If as Calvary Chapel’s Rolfe says, the movie clearly identifies Jesus as God, and clearly shows the resurrection, it is not WHOLLY in error. The big problem may not be the movie but the following that fake Christian leaders like Osteen and Ophra will get from people who see the movie, and the power to persuade in further matters that Burnett and Downey will get. Will people who see the movie flock to New Age meetings? Read more New Age books?

    Our life now is sad, as we see our culture led astray into the New Age. I was a New Ager many years ago, and I appreciate what you are saying here. Please, Jesus, we need you to return more than ever.

    • CC says:

      I don’t see how Calvary Chapel’s Rolfe (for example) can find redeeming points about he movie not being “WHOLLY in error. THAT is part of what’s wrong with the church today!
      It’s the Emergent Church that has been creeping into everything, and the church allowing the dilution of truth, the moving of the line, overlooking some things, If our Moms served up a delicious plate of chocolate brownies that had only a smidge of dog poop in them – it is NOT okay to eat them because the rest is good! This is what the church is doing – and poisoning themselves in the process!!!!!!

  11. Joseph says:

    The saddest thing of all is the vast majority of those associated with this movie and promoting it will one day stand before the Lord Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead. They will say… “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?” Then they will hear the most aweful words imaginable… “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  12. hotrod says:

    what offends me most is the geographical inaccuracies of the movie’s characters, subliminal I say

  13. Tiffany says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I was Googling the movie because I had been looking forward to seeing a movie about Jesus Christ. But, now I will not. I am a Christian, and I need only to support real Christians. Again, thank you for your time and effort on this.

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 god bless you.

      • Thank you Hiker. Your article is Outstanding, Powerful, Compelling Truth, inspired by the Holy Spirit, you’ve posted. I’ve shared it on every social media outlet I have and use. I agree with you 100% Hollywood and or Main Stream world of Entertainment is incapable of producing a true story of Jesus. Why? 1. Satan is the prince of this world, controlling all media, and 2. The Lost world and fake Christians find the true Jesus absolutely repugnant. Who wants to go to the cross with Christ, to go with him outside the camp and bear his reproach? (Hebrews 13:13)

  14. Mariel says:

    What are the geographical inaccuracies? I have not seen (nor will I see) the move, but am curious what they did in this.

  15. anitaberglund says:

    THANK YOU for writing this. You couldn’t have said it better.
    My husband and I feel the same way and were shocked to learn about the Compassion connection. We watched just the first episode and did basically what you did. The whole thing makes us so ill and sad because Believers don’t seem to be paying attention.
    God Bless you sister.
    Anita Berglund

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I loved reading your article. Thanks for sharing… May I post your article on my site with your link?

  17. LIDIA says:

    Amazing article .I actually wanted to see the movie with my husband .Thanks for the warning!I sure don’t want to watch a Christian movie made by fake Christians!

  18. Anna says:

    While I understand your points about the miniseries and movie, there is some good to it. It changed my life. At 45 years old, I was an unbeliever, and watching the miniseries, which I was oddly compelled to do, brought me to Christ. It also made me run to read a Bible for the first time ever in my life. Regardless of the who made it, and whether or not it was biblically sound, what if it does for others what it did for me. From there, I have been baptized and I am fully in Christ now. If it wasn’t for the miniseries, I doubt I would be. I’ve since learned to fully trust only the word of God and rely on scripture and understand discernment. It gave me a start I might never have had, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

  19. Thank you so much, for this well done post. You are a true sister in Christ. I have not seem any of the shows in this post. I do not trust Hollywood at all. I do not go to the movies. Like you said, “I will not line the pockets”. Once again, thank you for that well done post!!!!!!

  20. GrannyJo says:

    Thank you for this article. I’d already decided not to see the movie, because it only took 15 minutes of watching her TV series The Bible to know she wasn’t a Bible believing Christian. Roma contacted her mom via a medium – she must not know the story of Saul.
    I Chronicles 10: 13 So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it;
    14 And enquired not of the Lord: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse.

    Hebrews 10: 30 For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.
    31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

  21. ohevyisrael says:

    “”And Christians will go.They will be entertained.They will eat popcorn and invite their unsaved uncle.Then pat themselves on the back for evangelizing their family members by giving them the DVD of the “Son of God” movie for Christmas next year.””
    you are exactly right!!!
    great article and thanks for the heads up! I didnt watch the Bible series so I wasnt aware of all this and I was interested in the movie.
    not now…..maybe from netflix later to c it myself, but not my kids and not in the theater…

  22. ohevyisrael says:

    And Christians will go.They will be entertained.They will eat popcorn and invite their unsaved uncle.Then pat themselves on the back for evangelizing their family members by giving them the DVD of the “Son of God” movie for Christmas next year.
    best quote ever..your exactly right.
    great post, thanks for the heads up..

  23. Donna Machado says:

    This really grieves me… my husband and I did the exact same thing….played the “Bible series” and stopped it and talked about all of the errors. I ended up throwing it in the trash. The divide is so great between professing Christians and the true remnant, that I am not sure how to bridge the gap in showing them the error. My husband and I have left our church because of the New Age creeping Iin. We eent to the pastor who would not research our claims. He yelled at my husband telling him he was wrong and selfish to take our family away from his fellowship. We are currently shutting ourselves off from media and most forms of entertainment and placing our trust in God. It is really difficult to talk about this with people because they get very offended and some even call you apostate….thank you for this article…I feel less alone in my thinking! I know this article must have stirred up some opposition, God Bless you for writing it!!

    • Hi Donna, thank you for your comment. The enemy is trying to sneak that junk into a LOT if churches right now. I think it was good that you talked to your pastor and took a stand. That is all you could do. I am gonna pray for you, that God rewards you for your faithfulness and blesses you. The Lord told us these times would come, what comfort!!! God bless.

  24. Anonymous says:

    All False christians. Deceiving a lot of people..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Matthews 24;5. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

  26. I do my best to avoid everything connected with Hollywood. I was not even aware of this movie or the fact Downey and Burnett were behind it. I HATED their so-called Bible Series. It just galled me how they could make a book about THE BIBLE and not even quote THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. But there were plenty of stupid, gratuitous violent fight scenes week after week. I stuck with it till Yahshua was baptized by John and there was no reference to the Holy Spirit descending like a dove. So I know this movie is just as false as your wonderful article says.

    Please if you have not seen AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN take the time and watch it…it will show you why we have the ignorant, dumbed down population including the Body of Christ we do. Relentless effort since 1883 regardless of who has been in office to change this culture and country in a way that it can never be changed back again…Through political correctness and dumbing down causing us to lose our ability to call evil evil and stand against it.

    Our Founders knew our Republic was suitable for only MORAL AND RELIGIOUS people. It is not for nothing that Marx tied destroying capitalism to removing God! This all connects. Here is a link to a trailer I made for Agenda:

    And the FULL length movie on line FREE is here: This is the work of Christian Conservative, former Idaho Legislator Curtis Bowers and EVERY CHRISTIAN would be better served watching AGENDA; GRINDING AMERICA DOWN then this garbage of Hollywood!

    Thank you for an awesome heads up.

  27. Whitney says:

    …..seriously? The series and all of the “Christian” movies being released have been made for one reason and one reason only. MONEY. Those people are living the high life and laugh at blogs like this because most of them simply don’t care. Heres an interesting scenario: If everyone had a “bible”, one they chose because it really hit home to them, and used it for guidance and spirituality.. but wasnt aloud to share its details with anyone else. And this goes for everyone else in the world. Their religion and spirituality would become a private part of their life. How would anyone be able to create hate and judgment towards anothers beliefs if it were to be made into a personal exerience? But it all comes down to one thing… money. And almost every “church” is corrupt because of it.

  28. Jeff Sherrod says:

    i did enjoy the show she did however, it was really soft. so many “church of oprah” apostates in the world today. im fifty six and just in my lifetime i have seen the church fall so far. i kiddingly tell people the wheat and tare separation has begun. the ecumenical church is on the scene today. i live in knoxville and several of these all accepting, tolerance, coexisting churches are here, sad. no mention of sin and how to make it go away. jesus is not tolerant. some will be here to meet jesus, the lion from the tribe of judah and, they will not like it. i am a literal bible guy, whatever it says thats how it is. the church knew this was coming however, i did not think it would happen this fast, come lord! beloved, if i never get to meet you down here…i know i will see you at the bema seat. maranatha.

  29. Kate says:

    Thank you for this article. It is very well researched. These two set off my discernment immediately…and not in a good way…now I have facts to back it up!

  30. madelon dribbles says:

    Great article. I was starting to get confused about the validity of this picture since many of my good friends couldn’t wait to see it. The preview I saw disturbed me. No comparison with Jesup of Nazareth or The Passion. So you really clarified my misgivings. Invaluable.Many thanks. Dangerous stuff.

  31. James Mappy says:

    These people in Hollywood do believe in Jesus, accept in private they call him Apollyon, Ra, Ra-El, or the ascended Master. This Movie is setting the stage for the coming Antichrist and whoa to Christians who lack the discernment to know their God!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jenni says:

    Mark Burnett was also one of the producers of MTV. It is one of the filthiest, satanic music channels ever to hit the television. For that reason alone I refuse to watch any of their movies they put out. I agree with you, NOT 1 DIME of my money will go to these people. Sad, so sad what our churches have become and the true condition of the people that sit in them. So many only want their ears tickled.

  33. jackiesampieri says:

    Ugh, just seeing them with ophra was enough for me of a tell that this is a new age film. Didn’t see the bible series, and anything that Hollywood does is not accurate. I trust the guys who made Fireproof to make a Christ centered movie, everyone else wants money.

  34. jackiesampieri says:

    Reblogged this on Frustrations©.

  35. Madeste says:

    I am really with you for the most part. I’m on the edge of insanity wondering how this whole system of living, commerce and etc, all seems O.K. in the eyes and hearts of many people. Manipulation runs deep, we should all be warned of these things however, as they are required to fulfill certain things and the end of a system. Let it go out, falsified as it is, because the truth in part may guide us all to the truth in God.

    • Ruth says:

      I agree with your first sentence Madeste. I’m uneasy accepting the entire premise. God protects those whom He has called, not just the righteous. There are non-Christians and ‘baby’ Christians for whom solid food is indigestible and must begin with ‘milk’. This is where God’s truth may begin for them and where He works ALL things according to the counsel of His Will. Time is short.

  36. Thank you for putting all these details together in one place. For me, there wasn’t anything new you shared that I wasn’t already aware of due to my own research on these false teachers when the Bible Mini-Series was being promoted loudly in the church I attend. I passed as much of that information on to our pastor etc, but sadly they still spent money and had all our small groups do the Study on the series.

    Likely, I’ll be LOUDER if this new twist starts being promoted in my church.

    • And I just want to add… I did watch the Mini-Series… however I spent every night with raised blood pressure and some nights, to which my wife can attest, I was literally screaming at the TV!!

      • So you were in one of the churches that used the material that went along with the series. Wow. I am so sorry for your situation. It is so hard when you really LOVE the Bible to see it messed up so bad, isn’t it?!?! God bless you.

  37. Your tag says it all. That is proof of the holy spirit working through you . I wish I could understand the bible as it . I wanna say thank you so so much for all the insightful info an the fake teachings out here. I would like to ask you what do you think of the forerunner chronicles an his teaching. He can be found on YouTube . Thank you..

  38. Amanda says:

    This is the end the “fallen” have in mind. Read the Book of Enoch…they will enter in hordes, and they leave their calling cards everywhere.

  39. Philip says:

    If you only knew the film industry’s collusion with Government going back decades, all this would become crystal clear to you. This from within the loop, believe me.

  40. IL says:

    Wow, this is the most judgmental article I have read in a long time. Shocked. Let he who is without son cast the first stone.

    • Rena says:

      Telling the truth is NOT in the same context of casting the first stone. You are comparing apples to oranges here. We are told in scripture to warn others of false teachers and those preaching another gospel. We are also warned against promoting such teaching! Being judgmental is declaring the worthiness of a person in the eyes of God as far as salvation goes….this articles is doing nothing of the sort, simply stating the facts of what is in the movie, who is producing it and the truth of their beliefs against scripture. Nothing wrong with that.

  41. jan says:

    I made a decision that I wanted to see this movie, but after watching about 45 minutes of the “Bible” that was on tv knew I had to keep God’s truth with me. I was offended and saddened at the same time by the few scenes I did see of the “Bible” (“ninja angels destroying Sodom, and Christ in the tomb with Lazarus. ) I know in today’s world Hollywood will embellish but to use “creative license” when telling of the “Creator” is so wrong. I am concerned that the movie is being promoted by men who are trusted by so many to give the truth, are overlooking the truth itself. Don’t not watch but watch with the Lord and be able to tell those who also saw the movie and enlighten them and set right those errors that were portrayed. Pray for the ones who wrongly spread the truth of Christ, that the Lord will open their eyes. We live in an immoral society where sex is used to sell drain cleaner, hamburgers, ect. Where children, the Lord’s precious ones, are not guided and taught the truth. As God fearing and loving people, we are responsible to bring the truth to light to those who have “eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear”. Too many times (and I am guilty too), we speak of all that is going on in this country, in this world but with a voice unheard. Christ spoke to multitudes and was heard, can we not join in for a voice that would be also? Pray for the misguided, the “ear ticklers”, and the lost, give testimony and witness about the truth when it is distorted. We can make a difference and perhaps this movie will help. Those who profit and promote the movie, have made a way for us to have our voices heard as well.

  42. Tony says:

    So you make all these judgements without even seeing the movie? And I just read that you agreed with someone’s comment that anyone who promotes this movie will be go to hell?? Really? Wow!

  43. calinaramos says:

    Thank you for the article I had no desire to see this movie I thought why are they making another movie about YaH’s (GOD)’s son. I caught about two or three minutes of the series, but had no desire to watch it. I listen to the voice of YaH (GOD) and I got a check in my spirit about it so I turned the channel. I am like Donna my husband and I have noticed the infiltration of the New Age belief entering into the churches I actually began realizing it when Mr. Warrens Purpose Driven Life came out. My mom and family kept telling me to read the book, but every time I picked it up Father kept telling me no I told my mother this she finally stopped telling me to read it. We have to be very careful about what we see and read that could very much go against the Word of Truth that only comes from YaH (GOD) above. Thank you for what you have put out here to get the message out to the people about these false Christians that are deceiving so many. Have a very blessed and joyous day in YaH and may you and your family continue to be blessed all the days of your life.

  44. Kelly says:

    Wow. You point out interesting points. But it makes me so sad that someone who is obviously a very passionate Christian can be so verbally nasty.
    Calling people out is one thing. Calling them “liars” and “dirt” and “sinners” is on a different judgemental level and most likely makes God very sad. Are you not a sinner? All sins are just that…sins. Instead of writing a nasty, name calling article, maybe you could have just prayed about the film and them? Jus’ sayin

    • I wasn’t trying to be insulting. In that portion I was trying to contrast the truth that we were created out of dirt, that we are sinners, with the lie of physical and spiritual evolution. And when I call them liars, that is a rebuke. They did that. And it was wrong. I am upset about it,

  45. TrueTalk says:

    While I agree, this movie (and the series) may not be true to every small detail as you see it, I find it sad that people tear it apart and criticize it just because it might be slightly different. Christians would be wise (an much more powerful) if they would stop bickering about who has the best interpretation of the Bible and started focusing on what they do agree on. This series moved many people, as will the film. Whether or not you agree with that due to a few details, the fact remains- this couple has inspired people. People are picking up the Bible and discussing it. Some will find there way back to the path of the Savior. I seem to recall “by their fruits….” yet one who is critical and causing contentment is not producing a fruit of love and unity. In my work I deal closely with many different belief systems. I am so happy when we find common ground and agree on spiritual truths. Ripping someone else apart, especially if they are trying to do good, is not what I would call Christ like,

    • “yet one who is critical and causing contentment is not producing a fruit of love and unity. In my work I deal closely with many different belief systems. I am so happy when we find common ground and agree on spiritual truths.” The Bible doesn’t say to have love and unity with false teaching. Now, I may not be perfect, and this blog is certainly not infallible but I cannot receive your correction, because it isn’t right. But thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Respectfully, what you say about this movie, may well be true. I will do my own research. What you are saying about Our Lady, The Mother of God, is false. What you are saying about the Rosary is also false. Sincerely, Linda Hall

    • I actually was just quoting what someone else said about Mary, and the Rosary. But I personally do not support Catholic teaching on Mary. I think she was a wonderful woman, but that she was just a woman, and I do not support praying the Rosary either. But thank you for taking the time to read the blog and for leaving a comment.

      • Ruth says:

        Mary: “………. I think she was a wonderful woman, but that she was just a woman,,,”

        I agree she was just a woman, BUT, though a virgin, she carried the Son of GOD in the womb of her flesh for nine months!! Mortal flesh on God’s flesh – I therefore believe this definitely separates her from being “just a woman”

  47. admin1 says:

    mary is known in th ebible as the blessed mother., as the mother of god for jesus christ was both truely god and truely man she is not a normal woman. would anyone say moses was a normal man say that to a jew and he will be insulted as moses was a special man a humble man. what more the mother of god. of jesus christ the word made flesh
    also catholics do not pray to the dead. they do not pray to mary. the hail mary comes from scripture. the last bit is asking mary to pray for us. the bible clearly teaches that the saints in heaven worship and pray before the throne of god. the saints are in heaven and on earth. there is no difference he is the god of the the living. please actually read the bible and do research rather than parroting unbiblical man made doctrines of the like of luther who was an apostate. faith alone is not in the bible and condemned by James.(a writer inspired by the holy spirit)

    • Mary was just a woman, she was a great woman, but she also needed a savior. Same with Moses. Jesus said, “there is One who is good, and He is God.” Hail Mary is not in the Bible.

  48. Joe says:

    I tend to agree with this post, but This article has so much anger and hate it makes it almost unreadable. 1If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. – 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

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