The BEST Sermon I Have Ever Heard Preached

Wow, I am sitting here with tears still drying on my face. I just listened to Carter Conlon’s sermon “Run For Your Life.” I think this is THE MOST IMPORTANT sermon about what is on the heart of God for his church in this time, that I have ever heard.

If your church is struggling. If carnality is winning. If falsehood is being heralded all around. If you are discouraged. If scripture is being diminished, ignored, mocked, twisted. If everyone around you is being led astray. And you are scared, desperate, crying out, hoping, hopeless, cynical, waiting, watching, wondering, and praying . . .

This message is for you.

God Bless


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14 Responses to The BEST Sermon I Have Ever Heard Preached

  1. jesusknight says:

    Awesome sermon! I haven’t heard preaching like that in a very long time..

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m wondering if this was right after 9/11 since the end says 2001. Powerful and very much like David wilkersons heart. I thank you hiker for reminding me of Pastor Wilkerson on this blog several months ago. I used to get his newsletters when I was a young believer ( a seasoned Christian subscribed me), and it was so long many pages..II have to admit I skipped over it many times. You bringing him to mind again here.. Well I have been listening to him as much as I can on his sermon archives since you posted about him.My heart is grieved as he is about what is going on in the churches and I feel so isolated at times, not finding any like minded believers to share with. No churches preaching like these strong men of God. It makes one so weary. If you know anyone who attends a church in S.Florida with a Pastor who preaches this way please let me know. Grateful for your blog and putting me back in touch with the teachings of P. Wilkerson…rest his soul. Blessings to you!

  3. Vai.Lamb says:

    This is the first time I have listen to a strong anointed message,very powerful’ I felt so blessed to listen to your message, I wish there will be more strong honest servant out there who are not scared or afraid to preach the truth. May God richly blessed your ministry

  4. Anonymous says:

    without question this is one of the best messages i have ever heard in my entire life

  5. Anonymous says:

    amen, the man of god is indeed shooting at all cylinders!!!

  6. Emmanuel Turaki says:

    I continuously desire God’s divine wisdom. I’m also inspired when I keep hearing TRUTH!

  7. It is said the best sermon ever preached was Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Dr. James Kennedy concurred. You might want to look at .

  8. Hope says:

    This was really edifying. Thank you! I am sharing it.
    It is amazing to me that after 22 years of running from Him, God brought me back to faith through ministries I wouldn’t touch or recommend now (purpose driven, self-help, social gospel, trending emergent). He knew I wanted to know Him, so He put a powerful desire within me to read the whole Bible. . . He would not let me rest. . . The conviction was strong. As I read it over an over (using a whole Bible plan), I found myself questioning what I was hearing in Bible studies, Christian music, and from pulpits … and I fled. Praise God, He is able to rescue us.

  9. dena says:

    wow! I respect this writer for the truth on the holy ghost. There are so many out there who have fallen into this trap. I actually have seen this from the outside looking in and I am evangelical myself. I have talked with people about the apostoic Movement and they cut me off. I have got into some confrontational issues from some prophets from bethel. To me now, its frightening to see . May the real warrior of God, may he stand with humility and pure brokenness with a servants heart. ..

  10. John West says:

    This is truly a life changing sermon and would inspire anyone who listens. Carter Conlon has been raised up for such a time as this.

  11. esther says:

    good keep it up

  12. happiness says:

    wonderful.i have never heard this kind of wondrous sermon before.thx.

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