I Don’t Get It Brian

So, I guess I upset a lot of people when I published my post on the imagery of the Whosoevers. Even though I explained that I WANT them to be used by the Lord, that I understand that there are people associated with them that really love the Lord, and that I am just posting this because I think it is something that they need to be really really careful of. That in order to be used MORE FULLY by God, they need to be set apart and use careful discernment when it comes to satanic and occult images.

There is noting wrong with that.

But I am still getting responses from “Whosoevers” calling me a loser and an idiot and a nerd. Because I am “just not cool enough to understand” and “get over yourself, you don’t do anything for God.”

It boggles my mind.

I mean THAT is the fruit of their ministry?


It is so sour.

There is no place for reflection or self examination.
brianheadwelch_image09On top of that, the contempt for the Christian community is still growing and being fueled by one of the premier Whosoevers, Brian “Head” Welch.

Now, I have already written about some concerns I had when Brian went back to Korn, in the post, “Brian Head Welch and the Plank in My Eye.” So before you write to me that I am a judgmental hater, read that first!

What I am going to point out today is the continued divisiveness that he brings into the church. Like he is the true Christ follower and the church is a bunch of pharisees. I am then going to show a lack of discretion on his part. And finally, a major concern about his doctrine.


I want to quote some of his facebook posts to show how divisive and treacherous he is to the body of Christ.

“I wish I could kill some Christians, then pray and raise them from the dead, then smack their face. But I can’t, so I won’t. LOLOL  ALL LOVE!” (Facebook, September 8, 2013)

Here is a post where he is upset with some Christians that had the nerve to think he should watch his language:

Damn? Are you kidding me? The word damn? I am seriously tripping out right now. People really think damn is a cuss word and a sin? I was just excited about my show! That’s all! I think I would be killed if some of you people heard what I said after I stub my toe! Haha!

Oh Jesus, why are your people so uptight? Jesus, is someone playing a pratical joke on me?

Some of you people blow my flippin mind man! WOW… THIS IS COMPLETELY CRAZY!


To the younger kids: Sorry, I had no clue that damn was a cuss word. (Facebook. February 23, 2013)

I guess it didn’t really bother him much. He continues to talk like that. He posts pictures of Rob Zombie, saying,

“Rob Zombie jamming with some crazy ass monster freak”

Here, again Brian shows his anger toward the Christian community. He invites his fans to help his band name a song about the judgmental Christian haters. He posts:

“Help “Love & Death” NAME OUR NEW SONG! It’s about critical, judgemental people who ain’t got no love in their hearts. Lets hear some ideas?” (Facebook. May 22, 2013)

His fans LOVE this idea and today when I looked there are 1,561 suggestions. WOW.

The suggestions are things like– hypocrite, loveless, matthew 7, judgmental haters, pharisees, mirror, misanthrope, 2faced, judge not, etc.

They eventually selected the title “Empty”

Here is the song that Brian wrote about Christians who “judge:”

I hear the words you say
With your twisted tongue
Careless venom

I live caught in your web
There’s a tug on the line
And you eat me alive

Tell me how you’re better than I
Why are you so empty inside?
You’ll never ruin me!!

Use me as your own device…
You beat me down…
With your judgments…

And I bought what you sold…
It cost everything…
And it’s left me… alone…

Tell me how you’re better than I…
Not better! Not better!, NO!
Why are you so empty inside?

You haven’t got a clue!
I’ve wiped my hands of you!
Tell me how you’re better than I…
You’ll never ruin me!!

You look so innocent
You’re screaming, I’m not listening
You’ll never ruin me!!



Remove the stain of your curse
The trace of your smell is decaying
Discard the weight of the guilt
You’ll find no remorse
You’ll be left hollow

Tell me how you’re better than I
Why are you so empty inside?

You haven’t got a clue!
I’ve wiped my hands of you!
Tell me how you’re better than I
You’ll never ruin me!!


I am honestly sad that he feels so tortured, if that is the case. But seriously, doesn’t he remember how excited the church was when he got saved. Does he seriously think that he gets a backstage pass to backslide, just because he is famous?

If my pastor was posting on Facebook like this, I would be concerned.


Now, I want to post this to show a lack of discretion on Brian’s part. Below is a video that Brian posted on his Facebook page January 15, 2014. It is called “Jesus is My Nigga.” I guess it is a song. He says, “WOW, I can’t believe I just saw this.” I will say that I HAVEN’T WATCHED THE VIDEO BELOW. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. In fact, I read all the comments listed, just to get an understanding of what it could be about.

Here are what Brian’s friends have to say about it:

“I had one of my high school students show this to me today. All I could do was laugh at how grossly wrong it was. That is NO way to bring kids into the body of Christ.”

“Not gonna judge, Not gonna judge, Not gonna judge….”

” I am not amused and i would even be ashamed to post such a post. Shame on you @Brian “Head” Welch”

” I wish you hadn’t posted this Head .. I dunno what to think right now”

“Awesome! Hahaha. Way to many uptight people posting.”

Here is the video from Brian “Head” Welch’s Facebook:


Aside from stuff like this, Brian is constantly promoting ungodly and occult musicians. He is promoting Rob Zombie, Jared Leto, Slayer, Papa Roach, Pantera, Kiss, etc. etc. The Whosoevers, are then in a way promoting this type of music.

When you have a Christian movement, like the Whosoevers promoting music like Korn and those listed above–you have serious issues. This is not outreach!


Now we come to something that we should all take very serious.

On January 13, 2014 Brian, posted an interesting status update.

“Jesus, gimme a drinky drinky drinky of your spirit, I wanna laugh like a drunk man”

Now I couldn’t copy and paste all the emoticons that included buzzed eyes and tongues lolling out of the mouth. But I think it is fair enough to include this.

First of all, it is irreverent.

Second of all, it reeks of false teaching.

Third of all, it reinforces the connections that other bloggers have made between him and the demon possessed John Crowder. This video clearly shows John Crowder and Brian, serving communion together in a very interesting way.

Brian literally believes in getting “drunk in the spirit.”

What gets me, is that the Whosoevers are part of a more conservative church movement called Calvary Chapel. While these churches believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they  MOST CERTAINLY do not endorse getting drunk in the Spirit. And yet they are inviting Brian into their churches, even though he “tokes baby Jesus” with John Crowder.

For more information on this please visit Galatians 4 and Reflections from the Wall. They have both done a very thorough job documenting these troubling ministry connections.

In conclusion, I want you to consider something. Is the Whosoevers about Jesus? Or is the Whosoevers about the Whosoevers?

If you go to their website, you will not see ONE THING about the Lord Jesus, or the Gospel, or anything other than the Whosoevers. In fact, it is all about the movement, AND DON’T FORGET THE MERCHANDISE.

Because basically the only info you can get from the website is how much for a pullover and a beanie.

Dear Whosoevers, enjoy you cool iconography.

The Whosoevers–The Movement

Dear Christians, enjoy Christ.

Be set apart for Him.


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22 Responses to I Don’t Get It Brian

  1. Ballerina says:

    Hey Last Hiker! It’s Sarah from Reflections from the wall. Great post! Here is a video one of my brother’s in Christ did about Brian “Head” Welch that I think you will find interesting.

    • Hi Sarah, I tried to link to your blog in my post too, but when I clicked your link it was no longer active. Did you delete your blogs, or did you move them.

      I am going to check out this video right now. Thank you.

    • Oh my Gosh!!!! I am only ten minutes into this video and I think I am going to have a heart attack I am so mad. EVERYONE needs to see this. I just finished the part with that love and death video with the lesbian vampire things. HOW IS THERE NOT MORE OF AN UPROAR?! Why are Christians swallowing this filth???? I am blown away. I am so angry.

  2. Pingback: The Whosoevers . . . Evangelists With Unsettling Occult Imagery | The Last Hiker

  3. Welch rejoined Korn to play the song “Blind” – I think that song title sums it all up – spiritual blindness.

  4. Elaine says:

    Hi Last Hiker. When I used to see this stuff I used to get mad. I would talk to people about it and no one seemed to care! I was told that they ‘glorify Jesus’!! I ask the same thing – where is the uproar over obvious evil posing as christianity? Calvary Chapel pastors really support this? It’s surreal the times we live in.

    Welch says the video Flush with the models rolling licking stuff is about the dangers of meth.
    In this article he says, “The video is a very realistic look at the addiction and where it will lead you if you get hooked. I understand the images of the models may be too much for some people, but honestly, I was just trying to be real with what happened in my life and show where I was, as well as where I am at now.”

    But if he really wanted to show people what really happens to meth addicts, instead of glamorizing meth addiction, and showing the rock star version, a realistic version would have shown people with their teeth missing. Sores all over their bodies from picking their skin thinking they had bugs crawling all over them. A girl with bald spots on her head from compulsively pulling her hair out while using meth. The roach infected hotel rooms. People might be giving sexual favors in dirty back alley for that next hit, not a room like Welch shows. Most meth addicts don’t look like models. Maybe more like two prostitutes standing in a back alley, barely 100 pounds each, clothes dirty, a little torn, mascara smudging their face, big cirlces under their eyes, pale skin, huddled in the doorway out of the wind to take that hit. The mom that leaves her kid in the car so she can go into the connections house where all the ex-cons live that could be swarming with cops any minute. The person who loses their job, car, home, bank account, pushing a shopping cart and dumpster diving for things to eat or sell. People that go in and out of jail constantly over meth.

    That’s more the reality.

    Welch has contempt for true Christians because we can see that his christ is the new age christ. Do what you want – it’s not about pleasing God, he says. And that is what the world wants to hear. It’s heartbreaking when people don’t seem to care. Yes, blind. The spiritual blindness. People don’t want to seek God in his Word to see what is acceptable to Him – instead they are telling God what he is going to accept!

    Thank you for your blog.

  5. Jetman says:

    that seed was planted on rock, not rich soil. if that is what it means to be saved, then this whole world has nothing to fear.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could Raul Reiss actually know to what depths his son has sunk? I did see him promote this group about a year or more ago but I had absolutely no idea how occultic they are and how obviously NOT Christian they are – it’s sickening to even see them associated in any way with Calvary Chapel. They are Not any representation of what Calvary Chapel is about. This group is obviously possessed by Satan and doing his work. The hammer will drop for them one day very hard… Especially for influencing young people in such a deceptive way. Might as well start passing out the kool aid.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In his lyrics he speaks of torture by our words.. but yet if you know who you are and your identity in Jesus Christ then that is something that the enemy cannot take away!!! No one can say or do anything to remove that identity.. he is not living in Christ but of the world.. and it’s very sad.. Sad how the bible gets twisted and used so much out of context.. as for the whosoevers the picture at the bottom of the page shows the FreeMason symbol which is Satanic.. False Prophets? yes.. for God said that the sheep know their Masters voice!!! This is not the Master’s voice!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    It is obvious none of you have had any experience with being at the place you were willing to sell your soul for one more hit. Or ready to blow your brains out bc you couldn’t quiet the voices in your head an you couldn’t get clean no matter how hard you tried.
    You don’t mention how they will pray for people and share the gospel with them as they are heading into a Korn show.
    You pick and choose the most off the wall stuff you can and to publicize about them but fail to show any good.
    I was preached at my whole adolescent and adult life about church and Jesus and why I needed to quit drinking and doing drugs bug until someone shared with me their reality and how Their relationship with Jesus set them free I was hopeless.
    I’m not saying I agree with everything they do, what I know is they are reaching a generation and culture and sharing the gospel and seeing souls saved tht you wouldn’t be able to touch. Because your too busy or concerned about the pictures or skulls or tattoos they have. Where is your love?

    • Elaine says:

      Dear Sarah, please see Elaine ‘ s post above. When you’ve been there and God changes you – you don’t like evil – looking things anymore. You come out of the darkness. They present a false Jesus. The new age christ. Pray that God will help you see. Welch says on his Love Drunk Healy Facebook page – haha, lotta glory coming out of the “Prepare for Hell Tour.” Korn is playing with Slipknot.

      Glory coming from preparing for hell?

      He’s telling you bold faced that’s what you are being prepared for. They don’t even hide it. Evil has been made so cool, cute, acceptable – people cannot see when it’s right in their face. I pray you seek God’s wisdom and discernment before it’s too late. We warn you out of love. Welch does not love you – he is taking you down the broad road.

  9. Rar352 says:

    My eyes were opened after 6 months of their cult, please pray for these guys before it’s to late. Lots of good folks involved in The Whosoevers and Calvary!

  10. Rar352 says:

    Oh my I almost vomited after watching that video!!

  11. reneesplace says:

    When you become a Christian, follower of Christ, you are ‘changed’ into a new person. These “Whosoevers” are an example of Christianity gone awry. They are anything but “Christ Like” in their example to the ones they attract. They are deceiving them into thinking this behavior is acceptable as a child of God – couldn’t be further from the truth. Being on the cutting edge is ok IF you honor your Jesus and obey His commands. I am very sorry for Raul, I listen to him a lot and know his heart is true and his teaching is on target. He must be heartbroken….and I hope he does not allow his son to be on stage with him again, until he shows the FRUIT of being a born again Christian.

  12. Oskaz says:

    Sad, sad, sad…ROMANS 12:1-2

  13. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for posting this. You might not even see my comment since this is an old post. I recently posted something on Head’s FB page with similar concern that you have. I was very kind, but I did “call him out” on the fact that he is living the lifestyle that Christ calls believers out of. He thinks he “eating with the sinners”. There’s a big difference because Jesus didn’t sin with them. I took a lot of heat for it with a lot of nasty comments. They were much like you’ve found, people not understanding and telling me not to judge. It seems to me that Brian has become so big that he has lost his way and people are following him, not Christ. If he, himself, were truly following Christ, he would be pointing people to God and not himself. I think he head has gotten a little big and I don’t mean that to be judgemental; I am stating an observation. I can be quite guilty of the same thing.

    I found this blog post and put in on his page. This is the more correct way that Christ calls us to be set apart and yet “eat with the sinners”https://justajesusfollower.com/2016/05/09/i-went-to-a-strip-club/

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! This is exactly what I mean!!! I don’t know why everyone gets so mad at us when we call out the sin!!! He is not going out to dinner with Korn, or Korn fans. He is participating in that lifestyle. When he “tells people about Jesus” does he tell them to stop listening to Korn?! Because the Lord convicted me of my music when I got saved and I had to throw all that stuff away.

      I read that article about taking the meals to the strip club a couple days ago. And it was SO good. LOVE, PRAYER, TRUTH!!!! It made an impact!!!! The women didn’t have to BECOME strippers to reach the strippers.

      Anyways, thank you for trying to share with Head, you did the right thing. And you are another example of how people get treated when they try to help him out.

      God bless you!!!!

  14. Cindy Slim says:

    I’m just finishing up reading Brian’s first book about getting delivered from meth and I bought this book since I know someone battling the same addiction. I remembered hearing about him returning to Korn so I decided to do some researching on my own. That’s when I came across your page and thank you for clarifying his walk with Christ. We need to continue to pray for him and those that are being blinded by the deception from the enemy. Thank you!

  15. Eva says:

    Last Hiker, I do understand when you say ”you could not bring yourself up to watch” one of those profane videos B.Welch participated in, or posed (it is no longer available to watch it though…) I have been a Christian for a long time, but after doing 2-day research on this man, and watching some of his videos etc.. I have gotten upset, seeing someone who ”preaches Jesus” and pray for people in one scene, and then mimics Satanic gestures and lifestyles in another… It does seem like drinking both from the cup of Holy Spirit and the cup of demons, although I am afraid it may just be the latter…. (since the jesus they preach it’s a false one and the spirit they drink from is not from God.)

    If he ever experienced something of true Christ, or had a desire for a true conversion and to find God, but he fell into the hands of wrong ”Christian” crowd, who fed him the false doctrines and doctrines of demons, it is even more grievous and a shameful reflection of what terribly poor and bad state some ”churches” are….. 😦 You can hardly cal them ”churches anymore,” more like circuses of abomination………

  16. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for your Berean approach. We are to examine the fruit of others and it seems the snake may be in the garden once again…we are to exhort each other in love but full hallpasses for actions that grieve the Holy Spirit, while disrespecting other believers showing concern, seems like blatant rebellion, and since rebellion “is as witchcraft”, it’s sad indeed. This type of worldly behavior reflects so poorly on the church at large. It serves to cause division and acrimony; where is Jesus’ love in that, one has to ask.

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