This is a Telling Segment–Conan O’Brien and the Coolest Pope Ever

I happened to see this video on YouTube this morning while drinking my tea. While this is a comedic piece, it is VERY important when you realize that this is yet MORE propaganda. Not only does this segment continue bolster the image of a man we know very little about (he hasn’t even been the Pope for a full year yet). But segments like this on TV are also seeking to transform the ideals and doctrines of Biblical Christianity. It reminded me of what I had been feeling lately about how the media is pumping up this image of the new Pope. I discussed it in “The Kissing Pope Propaganda.”

It begins with Conan saying, “This new Pope, I think he might be the coolest Pope ever! Check it out, he’s already made some really progressive statements on topics like homosexuality and abortion.”

He goes on to say, “There are rumors, this was in the news, that he actually sneaks out of the Vatican at night in disguise to feed the homeless.” Then when people clap he says, “That’s true.”

He mentions that Pope Francis was named Time Magazines “Man of the Year.” Then he goes into the sketch, saying that when he invited him to come on the show, the Pope texted an RSVP saying “Sure.”

So Then this long haired homeless looking man in a mitre, linen pants and a white t-shirt with occult images all over it comes out riding a bicycle. It looked like Silas Roberston meets Tommy Chong.

When asked about his clothing, the fake Pope makes a lewd joke about needing space in his pants. He finishes it off saying “hashtag, talking about the little bishop.”

The sketch finishes with a pictures of him on High Times magazine, promoting marijuana. And getting tattoos with who he calls his spiritual adviser Willem Dafoe.

He then rolls off the stage on his bike yelling, “Hit me up on SnapChat.”

Now I get it. This is comedy.

They are joking.

These late night shows have no problem with crass jokes and making fun of church leaders.

This one felt different.

This one seemed to highlight the propaganda machine behind the Pope’s rise to popularity and acceptance. And it seemed to subtly signal the source behind that rise–the occult. It was the stamp on the envelope of that whole skit.

There is something not right about this Pope.

Technically there is something not right about ANY Pope.

But this Pope, is different.

There is something going on.

Jesus says, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you,
For so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Luke 6:26

People are speaking well of this Pope, but for all the wrong reasons.


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2 Responses to This is a Telling Segment–Conan O’Brien and the Coolest Pope Ever

  1. Beatrice says:

    This pope is the first pope that is a jesuit and that is very unique and “scary” if you think about the history what the jesuits have done to the real Christians. And this about his popularity, especially among “christians” I think it is a STRONG DELUSION! I have close family members who are christians that doesn’t dare to speak against him and it really has shocked me!! I think his demonic calling is to unite all religions under one world religion, were we are agree in some level but not in the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST.
    The big “Christian” music consert this year “Together 2016” , with many famous “Christian” artists and artists from other religions (catolics..) had a greeting on the screen from the pope. They wanted his blessing and called him ‘his holiness’ on their website. It is blasphemy!!
    In Sweden it’s much this among believers that you either stand behind the pope and Rome or you don’t.
    It is really time for to be awake!
    God bless you!

  2. 1blandina says:

    He’s the antichrist.
    That’s the short version.
    ( ;

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