Halloween, Human Sacrifice, and Satan Going After the Children

Everyone knows about the occult background of Halloween. And yet there are still so many different opinions in the church about how we should partake in this occult day. Should Christians dress like devils and trick or treat? Or, should we just dress like saints and trick or treat? Should we go to Halloween parties? Should we rather host our own “G-rated” parties? Should churches have Harvest festivals? Should we just stay home with the porch light off and pray?

Regardless of what we choose to do on October 31, we all make a choice. We all know it is an occult holiday. But we might prefer to tell ourselves that this is innocent, make believe fun.

The Seduction of the Children

The thing that bothers me about Halloween is how it targets the children. What is more fun for a kid than to dress up in a cool costume, play games, and eat candy? So let us agree that Halloween is MORE exciting for children than it is for adults.

This is how the devil always functions. He targets the youth, the next generation. He seduces them. Coupling fun with evil. As a kid I remember the excitement of dressing up for school and playing games and eating cupcakes instead of doing math. I remember trick or treating, and being terrified by the teenagers dressed as ghouls and goblins–squeezing my dads hand and standing close to his leg. I remember the fear of going up to a house decked out with gravestones and scary music. I would have never willingly participated in that evil, had it not been presented as a fun day to dress up and get candy. A day of “pretend.”A day where mom and dad drive you over to grandma and grandpas house so they can get a Polaroid photo of you and your cousins dressed up like characters from The Wizard of Oz.

You see, the poison always has to be hidden in a sweet apple. The razor blade must be hidden in a bite sized chocolate candy. We won’t swallow poison or razor blades without sugar will we?

The truth is, that Halloween IS about children.

About sacrificing them.

If you don’t believe me please listen to this first hand account.

The Initiation of the Children

Not only is Halloween about children. It is about introducing and initiating children into the occult. That is why you see a little boy dressed as Superman or a little girl dressed as Snow White, surrounded by skulls, spiders, witches, ghosts, devils, graves, bats, fortune tellers, Ouija boards, haunted houses, serial killers, etc. It is a crazy juxtaposition.

Adult Hell to Pay Light-Up Devil CostumeDeath, violence, and sex. Even sex. Open an advertisement for your nearest seasonal costume store. What costumes are available for young women? Are they not all sexual? The common denominator a corset and a tutu–in every fetish flavor? You have the naughty nurse, sexy pirate, cat suit, playboy bunny, roman goddess, french maid, sexy witch, etc. The main feature of all of these costumes is the ample cleavage and the short skirt.

Why does our culture like to combine violence with sex? Why does every horror movie have nudity?

Because it is part of the ritual.

The occult has always combined violence with sex.

There is always a summoning of the demonic through blood, murder, and sexual abuse or immorality.

And our culture in so many ways unwittingly participates in this ritual every year.

The Transformation of the Children

Girls Costumes

A Halloween advertisement for children costumes at Party City.

And our little girls may start off wearing Disney Princess dresses when they are toddlers, but as they get older their costume selections begin to mature and take on more dark occult themes. As you can see in the advertisement above these costumes are not as “cute and innocent.” The young girls are told to be sassy. And then they will be told to be sexy. Once they become older teens they will have already been groomed into wearing the sexy corset and tutu, prancing and dancing with the zombie and serial killer at their Halloween parties.

It is a genius plan.

It works.

Satan gets them when they are kids. He seduces them with innocent costumes, fun games, and candy. They get desensitized to the gore. They begin to think the scary stuff is fun. One day, they might even dabble with a a seance, or some other form of divination. They might begin to even romanticize some aspects of evil–sexy vampires, witchcraft, etc.

He has pulled us into the occult, through our own lusts.

And we participate,

and minimize,

but every year

children actually die.


“Come out from among them
And be separate, says the Lord.
Do not touch what is unclean,
And I will receive you.”
“I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be My sons and daughters,
Says the Lord Almighty.”

–2 Corinthians 6:17-18


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2 Responses to Halloween, Human Sacrifice, and Satan Going After the Children

  1. J Reese says:

    I decided to read this particular topic as it relates to some things that I have been convicted of within the last year, and more recently the Lord took it to an even deeper level. First I really had to find out the truth behind our two “big” holidays christmas, and easter…what I found literally made me sick..I abstained from the winter celebrations because I already knew enough to withdraw. I was still prayfully seeking God on what I was supposed to do. He is faithful to show us truth when we seek Him, and His glory. The Feasts of Lord (Leviticus) were established forever. As a matter of fact Yeshua fulfilled the first 4 at His first coming. This also led me to question why the Sabbath was changed (check council of nicea), so now that I know the Truth it has changed my life dramatically.

    So, my current point; and I was stricken when the Lord brought it to my attention. Prov.22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart. Then in correlation I was reminded of all the scriptures in the NT relating to our “faith as a child” (lightning bolt) What had I done??? I was guilty of promoting pagan holidays, and even as toddlers lying to them about santa, bunnies, tooth fairies etc. Now, I know this seems harmless, but consider the “faith” aspect. Our children trust us without question, and we know the devastation when they find out their favorite make believe character is in fact not real…but, we deceived them. How can they really trust us?? The real inheritance we are to pass on is the faith to believe in God (who the cannot see) the knowledge of God, the way back to His presence through Yeshua’s sacrifice, and obedience to Him because of love for Him. Can we expect truth, when we have set the wrong example from the beginning? We have for the most part been deceived, and ignorantly passed on a false witness… My children are grown, all I could do was repent, acknowledge my failure, and leave it with the God who restores.

    Thanks for listening, I really do not have anyone who is at all interested in the Truth of the Lord. Thank-you for your faithfulness, I hope this will be a blessing

    • Hello, J. Reese,

      Thank you for sharing here. I understand the need to put what you feel into words. It is important. And I agree with you too, about these holidays. Our family chose not to teach our kids about Santa, or the tooth fairy, or the Easter Bunny because we felt convicted that it was a lie. And while people think that it is a “fun” lie, we wanted our kids to focus on Jesus all year long. My children ended up being the ones to ruin holidays for the other kids at our church. No matter how many times I told them to just leave it alone and not go around telling kids about Santa, they felt “called by God” to tell kids on Christmas Eve this year that there is no Santa. I am sure that made for a memorable holiday for those families (NOT!). LOL I have to shake my head and hope that God will use their passion for truth to stand up for what REALLY matters someday. Anyways, God bless you!!!

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