It’s Official–Society Has Gone Down the Drain

I just watched this video of a little ten year old girl dancing. I was terribly uncomfortable with how she was dressed and how she danced so provocatively. I question her parents judgment–What are they thinking? I question her dance instructors–Is there a law against teaching that to children? And I question the competition/judges–Are there not rules of decency? Why are the judges promoting this?

But, I am actually not going to write about any of that though. What I can’t believe is the public response to this video. There is a battle in the comment section of quite a few social media forums, and that is what floors my mind.

Society as a whole has gone down the drain. 

Here is the video, if you feel like seeing this madness.

Now is Kaycee Rice a good dancer?

Yes; she is very talented.

But she is a child; she doesn’t yet have the understanding of how a performance like this can actually hurt her. She does not yet understand how the people in her life that are encouraging this do not really have her best interests in mind. All they see is her potential for success and they will sacrifice her, to attain it.

My heart breaks for her. I actually considered not re-posting this video. I mean it is a pedophiles dream. But since no one else cared about it, and it is already pasted all over Youtube, Facebook, and various other social media websites I figured that pointing it out will not do further harm. And because it has so much online attention, it has also caused a bit of scandal.

First of all, you have the people with brains. They are saying things like:

 i feel like i just watched child porn  i didnt mean too i thought it was going to be a 10yr old doing Break dance not stripper moves!

This poor guy thought he was going to watch a cute little video and was shocked by what he was watching.

Never in a million years would i ever allow my daughter to dance this way! There are some pretty sick people out there and the child hardly has any clothes on too! Parents these days treat thier children to much like friends! You need to be a parents before you can be a friend!!!!

Yes, someone pointed out how sick people might view this. Parents need to protect their children, not market them.

all i am saying is that there are too many child molesters out there enjoying this right now, and as a mother that is scary

Exactly. That is the truth. And this video was most certainly seen by quite a few of them by now. I don’t even want any pedophiles looking at my kids at all, especially if they were  looking and dancing like this.

Yall , I swear she has the potential to be a great dancer ! But whoever did her look & choreography NEEDS TO B SLAPPED NOT US for our comments!!! The name calling is UNNECESSARY, BUT We hav a right to be offended by this sh*t !! It was WAY TO GROWN 4 her & why would I be jealous of this (like I really want to be viewed like that) ?? Or mad because I choose NOT TO TEACH MY DAUGHTERS the club life at 10 BEFORE they even hit puberty !???? So all U that think this sh*t is “CUTE” LETS see how cute it is when we see her NEXT ON 16 & PREGNANT !!!! Smh

While this little girl will hopefully not grow up to lead a sexually immoral life. It is obvious that purity is not a virtue being sown into her life by those who influence her. Now this comment above was written as a response to all the comments left by people who have no brain. So . . .

Let’s look at a few comments from people who have lost their minds:

Yes she’s young but why are you focusing on her outfit instead of her talent. You ppl are so judgmental. Her passion is dancing and plays the part well. Don’t hate b/c she can move better than 99.9% of you.

“You ppl are so judgmental” OUCH! I am so sick of stupid people accusing smart people of being judgmental. But I guess it is true if you realize that common sense is a form of making judgments. YES! I am judgmental! I can think! I have a mind! I can use it to form judgments! You should try it! Oh, and while she may be able to dance better than 99.9% of us–I would never fling my private parts around like that, because I have class. So there!

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but a lot of people who dance wear that no matter how old they are, they can move around more in it. Not a hooker, slut, b*tch. She’s just doing her thing, and her thing happens to be dancing. How the he** would you feel if you got judged on something you love doing?

Here we go with the “judging” thing again. I am so about to get me a T-shirt that says that I am a proud judgmental person. And why is it wrong for her to be “judged” for what she is doing in a dance competition before a panel of judges? Weren’t the judges judging her? How mean. We all make judgments though! That is why there is an argument–everyone is making judgments!


“Instead of being on the streets doing God knows what . . .” She is TEN!!! If she was on the street she would be riding her bike, eating an ice cream cone, or playing tag with her friends. To assume that this is the alternative for selling crack and selling her body is so stupid.

Wow all you guys are pathetic. She did good! Bunch of haters and yeah she’s young just doesn’t mean she’s going to become a stripper! Future dancer right there! You go girl.

We are haters if we don’t agree. And to be fair, yes a bunch of people are commenting things like “future stripper” or “future slut.” And while they shouldn’t be saying that . . . doesn’t anyone see the problem with a girl dancing in a way that inspires people to make such serious comments! It is BECAUSE of how she was presented–it CAUSED her to be seen this way!!!

 I have a daughter and I would much rather her be into dancing (even like this) then sit around playing video games or doing drugs or one of the million worse things she could be doing. It might not seem totally appropriate for the age but at least its a productive hobby, shes getting a lot of exercise, and shes got talent. You people are ridiculous and the fact that you all think she looks like a “hooker” just makes you the sick pervert for even thinking that way, she’s just dancing. I thought it was amazing !

OOOOH, this comment set me off. Especially the last part where she says that you are a pervert for thinking that this is too sexy for a child. If you want to protect a child from being objectified–you are really perverted.

THAT IS SO BACKWARDS. The truth is that if you DON’T want to protect a child from sexual objectification–YOU ARE COMPLICIT.

Now here are a couple enthusiastic comments from strangers:



im obsessed with this little girl. shes amazing. shes so fierce.

YAAAAS!! She just peed all over that stage and Marked her Territory to let all those other girls know she meant Business…!

*Snaps* it even says werk on the back of her shorts lol

Give this child her 10s! She pissed all over that stage, somebody get a mop. She was giving me life and serving 100% Boss B*tch attitude. Her confidence is amazing. I’m crowning you as a new gay icon, gurl.

First of all, I don’t get the whole peeing on the stage thing, but I saw two comments where men were saying that she peed on the stage as she danced. That is so horrible! So gross! Why would men say this about a little girl? So wrong.

Second of all, If anyone said any of those things about my children I would be very angry and creeped out. They would probably get hurt.

Have We Changed As a Society?

Back in 1995-1996 we had a similar discussion as a country. About another little girl who many people thought looked much too mature for her age.

Jonbenet Ramsey was a child beauty pageant queen who was murdered in her home in Boulder Colorado.

Now I am not saying the the fact that Jonbenet was in the pageant scene contributed to her murder. What I am saying is that not too many years ago the picture on the right was considered controversial. Everyone agreed that she looked too mature, and that pedophiles might enjoy this look on a child.

Isn’t that interesting? I mean imagine if Jonbenet was dancing like little Kaycee Rice in the video above? How would the news of her death be perceived differently.

And more importantly, how have we strayed from our senses! When a little girl is “werkin’ it” in an online video, which is shared on Katy Perry’s twitter page, viewed by millions and the world is not standing up and saying NO!

Instead the world is screaming at decent people, “Judgmental Haters!”

We have lost our minds.

Our society has officially gone down the drain.

 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. –Proverbs 22:6


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5 Responses to It’s Official–Society Has Gone Down the Drain

  1. Anonymous says:

    agreed!the children are under attack.In belgium they want to allow 5 year olds to decide on their own euthanasia.

  2. George Susan says:

    SHOCKING! Shame on her parents, Shame! Shame!

  3. Society sees nothing wrong with this.As os 6 months ago, there were at least three such genre shows! It is gross and a form of soft-core porn!!

  4. I really like this blog, by the way!!:-)

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