The Failing Church

I don’t know if you have seen these articles online or not, about why the church is failing? I might list a few such articles at the end of this rant, but they are so common that I think we can just talk about the idea in general without even having to look at specific examples.

But if you haven’t noticed, “the church is failing.” It is all the buzz. People are leaving churches in droves. Some go into the world, some go into some other form of spirituality, and some go into their prayer closets looking for a better institution with the One True God, than the failing church they are stuck with.

The truth is, the church seems to be failing. And when I say “church” I am thinking of it as an institution (NOT the spiritual body of Christ). I do not think that the BRIDE is failing. I think the Bride is awakening, and feeling unhappy with what we have settled for in the name of Christianity. The Bride will be just fine! She is filled with the Spirit of God and He is clothing her in royal robes of righteousness even now!

But in panic, many leaders, trend setters, writers, and pastors are grasping for gimmicks to get people to return to the pew. We have state of the art lighting, technology, virtual announcements, e-bulletins, talks instead of sermons, conversations instead of preaching. Everything has become RELEVANT and cool. Worship leaders wearing skinny jeans!

But why is the church failing? Is it failing because it is not relevant?

If it is failing, it is because it is not on its knees.

Maybe the people that were leaving just weren’t that into Jesus to begin with? Maybe they don’t want Him anymore? Maybe it is no one’s fault? Do we really think we need to sell Jesus to people as if He is a bargain? Maybe they can leave the church and we will be just fine?

Or maybe they are leaving because we are not giving them a genuine authentic place to meet with the presence of the living God. Maybe we have gotten so comfortable with the routine of church that we don’t even notice what the Lord wants to say or do anymore. Some churches are so polished and procedural that they don’t really even NEED Jesus–at least that is how it comes across.

Have you seen the new fuel project series?

Here is the introduction. Check it out.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that people are going to leave the churches as we get closer to the last days. I also think that it will be easier to see who is the true Bride and who is just renting space on the pew. The BRIDE is eager. The Bride is making herself ready. The Bride wants more than what we have settled for in the past.

Let us all be encouraged to look at the Bible to describe to us what the CHURCH is, and then we can see clearly what it is not, what it doesn’t need to be.

I believe we need the church, as the body of Christ. But, I do not believe that all churches are healthy right now. We so bad need a community of on fire, obedient believers, who meet together for communion, prayer, and exhortation. We need a pastoral covering. There are certain elements of church that we need.

But there are other elements that box in and keep out the Spirit of God. Refusing to deviate from the program to follow His leading. Creating a larger than life, sterile, high-tech, impressive monument to the pastor’s vision.

Let us cast everything aside so that we can grab a hold of the deeper life we can have with Christ. Maybe what we think is God’s will for us is just another weight or burden that keeps us from running the race for Christ.


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4 Responses to The Failing Church

  1. thanks for sharing informative post.

  2. Valerie Byrd says:

    Hello, just wondering who you are and what church you might be affiliated with? I appreciate anyone’s opinions, but I also like to know who is doing the talking and who they are walking in accountability with. 🙂

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