The “God of Nothing” (M.C.M.B)–Christian Music [?], The Whosoevers, and Confusion

Okay, I am not trying to drive this whole Whosoevers thing into the ground. I actually want to focus on something else, but it is related. There is a song called “God of Nothing” by a band M.C.M.B. This song and is featured on the Whosoevers website and Facebook page. And this band has also performed at Whosoevers events. That is right; this band plays inside churches.

I am not against Christian hardcore music. As long as the members of the band are on fire for God, HOLY, set apart for the work of ministry, filled with the Holy Spirit, and loving to people–their work will bear fruit of righteousness. People will see Jesus Christ glorified–being thus drawn to salvation. For example, I have seen the band Headnoise perform and minister. I enjoy their ministry. They have Scripture verses on their Facebook page and in the lyrics of their songs. It is obvious they are in love with Jesus. They are great people, desiring to truly minister to the lost. They glorify my Savior.

Now, the band M.C.M.B or MyChildren MyBride makes me feel a little different. Their name is Christian. Wikipedia says that they are a Christian band. They play in churches. They are affiliated with the Whosoevers. And yet there are some things that make me uneasy.

First of all there is this song, “God of Nothing.” And before I begin to analyze this song, I would like to point out that occultists use double meaning. There is the surface meaning–what they want you to believe. Then there is the underlying, secret meaning that only a few people know. I am not saying that this band is into the occult. I am saying that the lyrics to this song LEND themselves to a DOUBLE MEANING.

But first if you like, watch this video. Tell me, in what way is Jesus lifted up and glorified?


Now let’s look at the lyrics:

I think my time has come to an end.
Will you wait for me on the other side?
I never want to let you go, my dear.
I’m so sorry, goodbye.

We were bathed in blood that was not our own.
We were bathed in blood.
That was not our own.
Death will never take me from this realm.
He does not possess the keys or occupy a throne.
We will be cloaked in immortality.

You are the god, you are the god of nothing.
O’ death, where is thy sting?
You are the god, you are the god of nothing.
O’ grave, where is thy victory?

Lucifer was so beautiful,
I wonder what really happened that day.
You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor,
All to have it stripped away.

We were bathed in blood that was not our own.
We were bathed in blood that was not our own.
We were bathed in blood that was not our own.
We were bathed in blood that was not our own.

You are the god of nothing.
You are the god of nothing.
O’ death, where is thy sting?
O’ grave, where is thy victory?

Okay, so first of all who is the god of nothing? I would hope they would say Satan (or Hades, the god of death). But they are not really gods, so when you hear the phrase god of nothing, and you didn’t know what in the world they were referring to, you might assume they were insulting the Living God.

But honestly, you can read these lyrics either way. So a non-Christian can sing this song and not see Jesus in it.

The Christian point of view would be that they are singing to the god of the underworld, “Hades” or even Lucifer. They sing, “You are the god of nothing.” Telling Lucifer that they are bathed in Christ’s blood and death has lost it’s sting because our sins have been dealt with.


You could also read it as Satanic. “You are the God of Nothing.”  And then bathing in blood would be a ritual. The way it describes Lucifer is complex.Lucifer was so beautiful,” This sounds like admiration.  “I wonder what really happened that day.” This implies that there is some question to the veracity of the presentation in the Bible. Does it not? The Bible tells us what happened,

“For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14)

So the Bible says that Satan was filled with pride and he thought he could be equal to God Most Hight. When MCMB says, “You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor, All to have it stripped away”– they are saying that because of his splendor, he risked it all, corrupting his wisdom and losing everything. That is not exactly what happened. And it kind of sounds sympathetic, almost like Lucifer was the poor underdog. He was beautiful, wise, and filled with splendor–but he lost it all. If that is not their intention, okay . . . but they need to be a lot more careful.

Another ambiguity, is who is the song about? The chorus indicates that they are singing to the god of nothing. “You are the god of nothing.” right? So what does it mean then when they begin the song talking about dying and they say, “Will you wait for me on the other side? I never want to let you go, my dear.” There are two problems with this statement. First, do they have two people they are addressing in the song? Part of the song they are talking to a “dear” and the next part of the song they are talking to the “god of nothing” which we assume is Death/Hades. Maybe, or it is just a lyrical flaw. Just a thought. The second problem this lyric poses, is that if he IS talking to a human that he loves and addresses “dear” why is he asking if “she” will wait for him on the other side? He is going there now, so wouldn’t he be waiting for her to come later? Unless he is talking to someone already on the other side, asking this “dear” thing to wait for him to cross over. Certainly you can see the theological trouble these lyrics possess.

Now about the video . . . What is that giant doing pouring black slime all over someone, and why do they play that in reverse? What does the giant symbolize? It is a dark and creepy video.

I also want to share a few of their promotional pictures.


This is an album cover with 3 ghosts in a snowy wood.

This is another album cover. Notice the pagan/satanic robes and the torches. This looks like an occult ritual ceremony to me.

Here is a promotional picture I found on their Facebook page. Notice the tattoos on the member in the foreground; he has an all seeing eye in an upside down pyramid with wings. And there are two guys in the shower; one appears naked.

This is a T-shirt featuring a torch which is a symbol of Lucifer or “Prometheus” the light bearer. It is also surrounded by a laurel wreath, which represents a king or god. The back of the shirt says, “This is the end.”

Artwork available for sale, “The Gatekeeper”–This is interesting since this is demonic and Jesus called Himself “The Door” or “The Gate.” He stands at the door and guards His sheep from the wolf. I don’t see the likeness here . . .

They posted this with the caption “Coexist.” Apparently this shows that they are friends with and play music with those they would symbolize with an upside down cross.

This is a tour that they were part of. Sponsored by Jagermeister. Gotta love the satanic imagery here.

I guess they did this one because Christians like to look like demon possessed vampires.

Now I didn’t want to be unfair and judge them JUST based on one video, the lyrics, and several pictures from their Facebook account. So I decided to read ALL the lyrics to ALL their songs. There was only one song that directly referred to Jesus Christ, “Immaculate Murder.”And the MOST Christian sounding one referred to God as the “Great Architect”–which is the same name the Freemasons call their god, Lucifer (Terra Firma).

So, I searched for Jesus. I found a few hints here and there in the 4 albums that they wrote and produced.

They posted a youtube video from a critic of their Christianity and over 60 fans commented on it by sharing it on their own pages. Their own response was, “We cannot believe we are just NOW seeing this! Haha. We love our fans and we will love Jesus.” It is good to see that they acknowledge loving Jesus, but it is sad to see them laugh off the criticism. Do they not see how they look?

Some of their visitors comment on their Facebook page using serious profanity, and I have yet to see anyone encourage them to watch their language. I realize that not every fan is a Christian, but I also don’t see any witnessing or sharing of the gospel to those people either.

I found this Vlog where the lead singer discusses his voice and his vision for the new album. He said that he wanted the album to bring hope, but he doesn’t mention the Lord one time. I noticed that he is sitting in a room with horned skulls hanging on the wall behind him. And there is a scene where they are playing a show and everyone is throwing the devil horns, including a gentleman on stage. It just rubs me wrong.

So, these young men play in clubs with non-Christian bands. But they also play in churches. I don’t know where their walk is. I don’t know how much Christ they want to present in their music; some bands are Christians in a band, but not a “Christian band.”

But I really think that we need to pray. May the Lord do a deeper work in their lives. So that they can be a stronger and bolder witness. May they be set apart and holy. May they commit themselves to the Word of God, and sharing the Gospel. May they have nothing to do with the things of darkness, but may they hate those things.

I know that they thought is was ridiculous, that a man would make a Youtube video calling their Christianity into question. But I would be so hurt if someone questioned my holiness; I would consider my ways! I don’t want anything to corrupt my witness of Christ. I think instead of being defensive and sarcastic–they need to understand that the images they are choosing are leading people to question their walks with Christ.

I know they will probably be upset if they happen to run across this blog. That is not my intention. But my hope is that if they love the Lord, they will receive our concern with prayer and consideration–before just writing it off as “judgmental.” My heart and my prayer is that they would be right on, on fire, and used by God for His glory.

The Lord Jesus tells us, “You will know them by their fruit.”

It is NOT WRONG to inspect fruit before we eat of it.

We are not the Farmer,

but we should not be eating fruit if it has worms in it.

So after everything you have seen . . . would you want this band in your pulpit?

***My message to the band would be to please consider your image and reputation among the brethren. He must increase. You must decrease. (John 3:30). He must increase.  Your reputation must be to grow as ministers of Christ, stewards of the mysteries of God.  (1 Cor. 4:1). Don’t just dismiss this. Tremble before God and ask for His guidance in this. 

You may also want to read Brian “Head” Welch and the Plank in My Eye


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30 Responses to The “God of Nothing” (M.C.M.B)–Christian Music [?], The Whosoevers, and Confusion

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  2. No One says:

    Wow, that’s so scary. Still praying for you.

  3. Elaine says:

    It’s so surreal that Christian bands are trying to look so demonic and this is acceptable. They want us to associate Jesus Christ with all these satanic images? Interesting. They are not even masquerading as servants of righteousness, they’re coming at you as zombies and demons. Brian Welch’s Love and Death has a band member who dresses as a demon/zombie. Welch has pictures of himself in a similar robe and hood and candles all around like a black mass or something. He is giving the water sign with his hands, too. I had a young person tell me that these images are not evil. The people are flawed like we are all flawed, but nothing evil here. It’s amazing that people will tell you, in spite of these images and the horrible lyrics, that they ‘glorify Jesus’. Another band that has played at Calvary Chapel is Silent Nine. Their lyrics do not talk about Jesus. And they use a lot of the occult hand signs and symbols, too. I wonder if this is part of the great delusion the Bible talks about. Part of preparing people to accept the anti-christ?

    • You are so right when you say that they are not even attempting to appear as ministers of righteousness! It is funny that you brought up Brian Welch. I was just thinking about him the other night. He rejoined Korn and began touring with them this week. It really boggles my mind. So now all these Christian Whosoevers are going to go to see Korn in concert, because Brian is back!!! It is terrible.

      • Elaine says:

        A friend of mine pointed out that maybe this was the plan all along. A way to get more kids to follow the god of this world.

    • But here is my question, what is it to look a certain way?
      Does not God look at a man’s heart, but men look on the outside?
      Things may appear demonic based on what the occult has chosen to use as symbols, but does what they choose for their symbols make those things strictly theirs?
      If satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, does that make light demonic or evil because he has chosen it as a representative?
      Or what about a bronze snake? Wouldn’t that now be considered ‘demonic’?
      What if some of these things are just artistic expressions? I feel art in many cases can be completely misunderstood by the viewer if the concept is not known. Perhaps there is a concept or message trying to be pointed out by using ‘dark’ imagery that isn’t actually vile.
      And is not our righteousness gifted from Jesus?
      Lastly, lyrics… consider this- Melissa and Jonathan David Helser have an album, On the Shores, that is essentially worship, but no where do they use the name Jesus or the word God, but yet the songs are of praise and worship…

      • Tyler, you make some really good points. You are right; our righteousness is a gift from God. And our salvation has nothing to do with our looks. And evil can even holy. My point was, though that we need to be careful how much we try to look demonic. If I had an enemy, say Hitler, would I go around with a little black mustache and a swastika? NO! I would hate the swastika right? I wouldn’t wear it to look edgy and attract Nazi’s to my cause. I don’t know. I just think that we need to be really careful and discerning. If I see a band wearing the all seeing eye, and the light of Lucifer, and casting a druid circle with torches, etc. I would say to myself, “Where is Christ in this?” It is important.

  4. XFEARXGODX says:

    Before I became a follower of god I was in to really dark music but things have change now I love christian hardcore music thats all I listin to n I have a very strong relationship with god now n mcmb was one of thoughs bands that helped me get away from what I was in to but their new song god of nothing is very confuseing .

  5. Nick A. says:

    I’ve been a fan of this band for years. I think it shows very limited critical thinking to chastise this band because you have a narrow outlook of what faith should be. Some kids don’t think much of christianity…especially in the heavy music genres. Jesus didn’t care if you were a prostitute or a drunk…he still hung out with you and tried to make you a better person. Just because their video is scary, and the lyrics take more thought than that of kari jobe…doesnt mean that it’s not christian. Its MORE ungodly of you to cast judgement on someone’s faith without consulting them first hand than it ever could be to represent the disgusting nature of a “satan” in a music video. They’re trying to illustrate that evil has no power because our souls have already been bought and payed for. Get of your high horses people. This is why christianity is shrinking faster than any other religion. INTOLERANCE!

    • Yeah, well I did consider exactly what you are saying. It is a possibility. And yet, I still think that this type of ministry is very questionable. I am still very bothered by the imagery and the absence of true gospel loving messages from this group. I don’t care if they are like Kare Jobe or not (in fact she hangs out at Bethel Redding, and they are pretty cuckoo).

      Finally, I think one of the biggest threats to Christianity is this idea that tolerance is the greatest command. It isn’t. God does not tolerate sin, he died for it, he hates it, he calls us to repent from it, and he disciplines us when we fall into it. We are also told, as Christians to expose it. Tolerance is not the golden rule.

      If we start preaching it, we will give up all our salt and light. The good news isn’t apathy, it is the hope of the cross. But apathetic people don’t feel they need the cross, because they aren’t really “that bad” and sin isn’t really that “big a deal,” right?

      Well thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you putting your thoughts into words.

    • Barbara says:

      This grieves me so much. I see this used a lot by those who love the world. They say Jesus hung out with sinners. But if you read the Bible you find out that the people Jesus hung out with turned from their sin. They followed Jesus’ teaching and obeyed him. Jesus said many times in the Bible those who obey him really love him. Being dark and scary is not obeying Jesus. We are called to be holy and godly people. Not scary, dark and evil. 😦 We don’t live good lives on our own power, either. He gives us the will and strength to obey him. We show the fruit of the spirit.
      The fruit of the spirit is not evilness and darkness. That is what we come out of!
      There’s nothing in the Bible where Jesus says to be a better person. Jesus said you must be born again – not a better person. My heart breaks for people being fed these lies and being led to another christ that cannot save.
      When you submit to Jesus Christ he changes you and the evil you once loved – you do not love it any more.
      Jesus and his disciples did not tolerate false teaching. They did not tolerate sin. They called out the false teachers – out of love for others. We cannot tolerate false teaching – it leads you away from Jesus Christ. Praying for you Nick.

  6. bree says:

    Keep it coming! I can’t believe how blatant the enemy has become, and how blind some are! But he is running out of time, he knows his card will be punched! Thank you Jesus!

  7. Caleb says:

    It really seems like they are a non-Christian band with a dark image, but not evil. I mean, Megadeth has Christian members and occasional Christian lyrical themes but they are definitely not a Christian band.
    It’s not uncommon for secular bands to affiliate with Christianity or have Christian members. Even the vocalist for Slayer is Catholic.

    • hahaha!!! “Even the vocalist for Slayer is Catholic”

      Oh my gosh. Have you ever listened to the lyrics in Slayers songs? They are so crazy satanic. They even mock and ridicule Jesus. I would know this because I used to listen to them non-stop and even go to their concerts. I have most of their lyrics still in my memory after 20 years.

      He may call himself Catholic, but he does not love Jesus at all.

      These are just excuses to let people do what they want and still make money off the Christian community.

  8. Barry says:

    Just wondering another person that I know who is involved with the Whosoevers is Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus what are you thoughts on their organization?

  9. dxtrgsprd says:

    I am friends with Matt(Lead singer of MCMB) and had many dealings with many “Christian” Bands(I was a music promoter), (Hardcore to Worship) The majority of all christian labeled bands are not as mature in their faith or just have the label on there as a way to appeal to a different realm of kids. Most of them DO NOT live a christian lifestyle, BUT there are a small few that do. I am a Pastor, Matt (Lead singer of MCMB) text me to pray for him and his band while they are on tour. I had many conversations with him and members of his band. I would consider them a true Christian Band. They go into dark places, perform with many unchristian bands and kids, then spend the time AFTER talking to the kids about Jesus. We are called to bring the gospel to the world NOT to create elusive Christian clubs. I urge you to not look at the method of their ministry but to look at the message. You can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t tell a Christian by looking at them. I know many of “Christian” worship leaders who aren’t saved but they look the part, I know some who wanted alcohol and hookers after leading worship, but man did they look the part and man did they sing about Jesus right before going out on the town.

    • You are absolutely right that many worship leaders may look wonderful externally, and be rotten inwardly. It is horrible.

      Can you explain to me, why as the pastor of this band you think it is okay for them to use such demonic and occult imagery?

      If they are right on with God, don’t you think you should counsel them to get rid of the satanic images?

      Do you really believe it is necessary to look this satanic, in order to preach the gospel to the world?

      I guess I am glad to hear that they have a heart to receive prayer, I just wish there were people in their lives willing to guide them into maturity and wisdom.

      I will continue to pray for them. But I still cannot support a Christianity that tattoos upon its abdomen the “all seeing eye” of Lucifer, and proudly displays it in promotional material.

      It makes me sad.

  10. anon says:

    The Church in the U.S. has done such a remarkable job so far, I mean look around, what’s wrong? So lets continue to show up for church on Sundays, maybe throw in some Wednesdays and let’s associate with those that are like-minded and shake our heads at those that don’t look like us. Do you think anyone that the Whosovers are trying to reach to would ever consider walking into any of your churches, and if not why?
    I saw an interview with Brian Head Welch on Pat Robertson’s show 2-3 years ago, normally I would never stop at to watch a guy in a suit and tie, but seeing Brian made me pause. I ended up watching the entire interview. It wasn’t the defining moment that changed my life but it was one. If he could give up his life and find freedom from his burdens, why can’t I?
    The church has turned its back on generations of Americans because they were rock and rollers, hippies, grunge, skaters, now the gay community is also being rejected. Make no mistake, I believe there is sin associated with all of this, some of it is completely based on the lie of Satan. However the success rate so far of doing things the way they have always been done in the church doesn’t seem to be that great. So maybe instead of trying to analyze what all of this means, and judging the hearts of people none of you know personally, you should pray. Pray that one person like me might happen upon one interview or book or story and begin a walk with God that leads to a ministry that isn’t completely defined yet.
    And ask yourself who you are modeling your life after in the story of Jesus, the religious leaders and the adulterous woman…because from someone surfing the net looking for something not related to any of this, you sound more like the religious leaders that couldn’t pick up a stone because they too were sinners.

    • You are right about the church doing a horrible job. There are some awful churches out there. And you are right about the fact that outreach needs to be done. Absolutely. I am not sitting here with a rock in my hand trying to throw it at non-believers. Not at all.

      You told me to ask myself who I am modeling my life after Jesus or a Pharisee.

      As if, me saying that Christians should be separate and holy means I am a Pharisee. As if Jesus DIDN’T say to the adulterous woman, “Go and sin no more.”

      Your logic is a bit flawed in that it is assuming that if the church is wrong sometimes, the the alternative is right. Well there were conflicting religious ideas in Jesus day too. Just because the Pharisees were wrong in their hearts doesn’t mean that the Samaritans were right! Jesus told the Samaritans, “you worship what you don’t know.” They had compromised with the world. They had blended Jewish theology with paganism. That wasn’t correct either. And yet Jesus still loved them, ministered to them, corrected their theology, and commended their kindness and sense of right and wrong in the story of the Good Samaritan.

      My point is. Just because one is wrong, doesn’t automatically make the other right. It doens’t mean that there aren’t good people that Jesus loves involved in the situation either. And yet I trust God to lead His people closer to holiness, and closer to truth.

      My whole point is holiness.

      But we are not supposed to compromise, or blend Christianity with the pagan symbols and images.

      Come out. Be separate.

      No, I do not think I am a pharisee. I too have been let down by what calls itself traditional church at times. It does need some fixing. And God could fix it, but most churches aren’t interested in that.

      I actually see this blog as a type of John the Baptist. Just a weirdo, wandering in a dessert, calling out to anyone who will hear–“Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand. When He comes He will baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

      I am burdened to speak out against false teaching, sin and hypocrisy. I am compelled to prepare myself and others to seek the Lord. He is coming soon.

      That is not a pharisee. That is what the prophets did in the Bible.

      Calling out false teaching, sin and hypocrisy is Biblical.

  11. Darren P says:

    Wow, hiker you are really balanced in your replies. I can tell you that you are doing the right thing here by illustrating the very real problem these bands present. No two ways about it, MCMB have some very Satanic imagery. You said you came from an occult background as did I. We both know the spirits are very real and have most likely never stopped their work on our lives. And it would be mistake to think they stopped their work on these men when they became Christians. The enemy does not like to lose any soul but he especially hates it when a former soldier defects. The temptations after I got saved were myriad. You cannot go back to the old haunts either and that includes music. I will give a quick example. I thought I could listen to a few old songs for nostalgia sakes. I was listening to a favorite Jane’s Addiction song when lyrics I swear I never heard before defaming the lord calling him either rotten or erotic and laying with his Maries. It so grieved my heart I immediately turned it off. Like a drug addict, one CANNOT go around those old things and not be corrupted, period! The enemy is always watching and waiting.

  12. Darren P says:

    Not to mention, their logo looks like a sigilized rune variation to me.

  13. Brad Shaw says:

    @The Last Hiker – I just wanted to thank you for your words. I’ve been struggling with the issues discussed on this blog and beyond. I felt betrayed by the church, and even turned my back on God for a little over a year. I am a drummer, and love music, and have been (in the past) attracted to churches, bands, shows, etc. that incorporate a strong musical presence, focused on doing things right in the eyes of men (“excellence”) versus just worshiping God. I saw too often (sometimes behind the scenes) just how much the church is attempting to blend the world with the Gospel message. Lights, fog, loud music, sexy clothes, etc – not much different from my old life, so it made me feel comfortable. Heck, now I know why- it was all from and of satan.

    There is a difference between calling out hippocrates, false prophets and teachers, and helping to bring back people who are heading down the wrong path versus being an exclusive, snobby, holier than though kind of people. There is a huge difference. I saw this a couple years ago with the health and wealth movement, and I called out people who were preaching it, and separated myself from it totally, and what freedom that brought! Now, it is really time for me to crucify my old self (and that includes my obsession with rock music or any genre of music that is not focused on God). This is a call to holiness.

    And, to quote the poster above you: ” the success rate so far of doing things the way they have always been done in the church doesn’t seem to be that great”. This is another area that has really bothered me. We are much too focused on the “success rate” – We are a defiled people, and people cannot save people, only GOD can. We should not be peddling the Gospel to anyone who will listen, or tricking them into false conversions with emotional music, lights, and an inspirational message. We should most definitely preach the Gospel, and evangelize. But I believe- now more than ever – this evangelism is more about actions than words. I do not believe the church is doing an effective job, but you know what? God will save whom He will save, regardless. The church should not be lukewarm, and we should focus on building disciples, and we shouldn’t necessarily be “dead”. However, the path is narrow, and I don’t think we should go so far as to imitate the world in a vein attempt to “get people saved” who wouldn’t have ordinarily heard the message because the messenger had on a suit and tie instead of tattoos and an electric guitar. If God intends on a person being saved, irresistible grace will come from God, and that person will be saved. God will ensure that. This is not to say that someone who looks “different” should not be saved or cannot evangelize. This is not to say that a pastor shouldn’t wear holey jeans and have tattoos (or any Christian). But to be a follower of Christ is to crucify your old self and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to separate oneself from worldly things. We cannot do this on our own.

  14. Walru575 says:

    This is a very interesting post, as for the first part of the song with the “dear” stuff and whatnot, I don’t know what they are referring to. But the rest of the song talks of how we were bathed in Christ’s blood (we were bathed in blood that was not our own). When they say “god of nothing”, they are referring to Satan because he tried to overcome God and become God himself. This is why in the lyrics that MCMB created themselves the word “god” isn’t capitalized, they aren’t referring to God himself but to an inexistent god. Then they sing ” O death, where is thy sting?” and ” O grave, where is thy victory?”. As a follower of God we aren’t supposed to fear death for our sins have been cleansed. As for the part where they speak of Lucifer’s and how he risked his splendor, in the Bible it says that Lucifer was Gods most beautiful angels and when he rebelled he did risk everything, I don’t know why they say “I wonder what really happened that day?” Maybe they are unsure of how Satan went against God to start the rebellion. Also, they way you evaluate this band and their music, you sound extremely biased, like you had decided what you thought of them from the beginning. The Bible says to not judge others based on their sins, for all have failed and fallen short of the glory of God. Take this into consideration, don’t read it as biased as you were for the band research. Thank you.

  15. Desy says:

    Just a short note to remember Phillippians 1:15-18: “Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but thinking to afflict me in my imprisonment. What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.” (ESV)

    I won’t elaborate on my opinion of the band or the imagery that they use. God can bring good out of evil (I think that is evident in the way he redeems people like myself). However, I don’t know the band personally, but it sounds like they might need a bit more sharpening (iron on iron, you know?) and support and guidance. A big danger I suppose, would be to idolise them as rock stars. That would be a temptation for them and a sin for those who do it, I reckon. Prayer is good. The media is tricky, I reckon. Jesus knows what’s going on in people’s hearts, which is just as well, since he’s the dude who is in charge of judgment. The rest of us ought to be very careful about straying into judging others. It is good that you don’t come across as judging the band, and your alertness about them is commendable. It is good that you have brought this up. Don’t fear them, for sure. Think about the good things, you know?

    By the way, I just stumbled on your blog today. Thanks for writing it! I hope the Lord Jesus will defend you and comfort you and provide for you and make you strong. Amen. And that he will do this for you and for those who read your posts (including me!) Amen.

  16. Kurt says:

    Real eye opener, If Jesus Christ is not Glorified then any music , band , or ministry stands for something else
    Thanks for sharing

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