The Whosoevers . . . Evangelists With Unsettling Occult Imagery


I am not sure if anyone of you are familiar with the Whosoevers? But they are popular in the church. They have even come to my church and our youth have been captivated. They have Whosoevers shirts, beenies, and hoodies. And I honestly believe that most of the people that support this ministry are genuine believers that desire to see the LOST find JESUS.

On one hand they are about how Jesus reaches everyone–hookers, druggies, sex addicts, homosexuals. That is so wonderful, and true.

On the other hand, some of them seem to not really “come out” of that culture, because they “use that culture to reach people in the world.” They seem to think that normal looking people can’t reach the lost for Christ, because the don’t look cool enough to be relevant. But God can use anybody. He can use a tattooed, long haired, ex-dirtbag. He can use a clean cut preppy person. He can use an old man in a suit. He can use a guy on the side of the road with a bullhorn and a sign. THE ONLY QUALIFICATION THEY NEED IS THE HOLY SPIRIT.  If they don’t have the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter how cool or impressive they are–no one will be changed.

A Whosoever Outreach. Preaching the Gospel to the lost. It indeed is a “come as you are” ministry.

It has been bothering me for a while, because the leader Ryan Ries, started the ministry when he first got saved. He even cussed in the pulpit and everyone laughed because he was so “raw” for Christ. Sharing the gospel, but so new that he still cussed. BUT, he has been saved now for almost 8 years, and he is still “raw” and he shares his testimony explicitly, he talks about “banging girls.” I feel uncomfortable when he talks like this, disrespected even.

I have tried for a while to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is sharing the gospel. Maybe he does it different? God can use him . . . right?

If anyone doesn’t like them, they are looked at as “old wineskins” — not in touch with the youth. I came out of the world and the occult–and you know what? I HATE IT. Now I don’t care how people dress, but I do think it is important that people are INWARDLY sanctified. And I am confused when believers don’t hate the culture of the world, even after all these years. The longer we walk with Christ, the more and more we change. It isn’t about how you look, it’s about holiness.

15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

I wanted to share this blog entry that I saw today. It bothered me to no end. Do you also see the satanic images in this artwork? Upside down crosses, all seeing eyes, images of Lucifer, demon wings, blasphemous statements about Christ.

Am I wrong? Too judgmental? I mean if you go to their events you will see some young tattooed ex-something or other talking about Jesus. But I see esoteric/occult symbols all over this. Please look at these pics and see if you see the enemy too!!!

I am posting these pictures here, giving credit to the Whosoevers blog and to the artist they credit, Franco Vescovi.


But I want to start with this image.


You see a typical Madona and Child. Except the Child is a skeleton, with a crown of thorns. The bottom says, “What you are I once was. What I am, you will become.” This is blasphemous in relation to our Lord Jesus Christ. Is it not? He did not become a sinner. And we will not become God.

Now look at this one, and remember. This is on a Christian blog!


So, let’s give this the benefit of the doubt. How can we redeem this and make it about Jesus? Uhm. The all seeing eye of Lucifer is highlighted, and the Serpents tongue is on the hand of the woman being tempted by forbidden fruit. But then, look and realize that this is an upside down cross. Do we see Jesus in this? NO.

It gets worse . .


Okay, so again we have the “Eye of Horus” as the center of the cross. Something on the top that I don’t recognize. And this Chicano looking man at the bottom, but he has been enlightened spiritually–not in a Christian way. This is total, blatant occult imagery.


Now we need to see a serpent with a skull inside of it. Because we need to make the cross look cool and worldly right?

And the one above was actually the first one shown in their blog entry and I didn’t really notice much about it. It wasn’t until I had seen the other ones, that I came back to this one and saw something that gave me the chills. So we have an hourglass filled with blood in the center. I assume that has some symbolic meaning. And next to the hourglass, on the left and right sides of the cross there are wings. Demon wings on the left and angel wings on the right. Is this an angel or a demon? Is this about Satan? The angel that became a demon? Now look at the face in the top of the cross. Most would assume that that is Jesus face, but look at how the cross frames one eye. The eye. I believe that this is the face of Lucifer. The eye of Lucifer.



I showed these pictures to my husband and he said that this was a Stations of the Cross art exhibit. And that not all of these artists were Christian.  So then, why did the Whosoevers put their logo on non-Christian blasphemous art?

Are they not familiar with occult imagery? No, they know it all. Look at this flyer.

So needless to say I am concerned. They seem to in this flyer use the symbols to show that all of these symbols are satanic and we need the Great I Am.

But is that it?

Based on the artwork above, I just don’t know . . .

Here is a T-Shirt that they sell on their website:


Notice the All Seeing Eye at the bottom of the shirt, with the quote “The Blind Shall See.” What shall they see? The eye of Lucifer? I know they will excuse this. Maybe they will say that this is a way to reach non-Christians. Or it is a way to look like the “world” and make Christianity cool. Or maybe they think that it is ironic to use satanic symbols, and relate them to the Bible–reclaiming the eye. I don’t know. They haven’t explained this.

But no matter what, I don’t think they should market the occult to attract the world to Jesus. No matter what, we shouldn’t wear the symbols of Lucifer.

I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt for a long time, ignoring red flags. In fact, today I went to their blog to see if I could see something good–some Jesus, some testimony, some evangelism. 

Tell me if I am wrong, but I have searched their blog for months now, and all I see is some Metal Mulisha videos, a Bob Marley video, some pictures of food, or bikes, skateboards, etc. I don’t see Jesus.

I am not writing this to put them on blast. I am and have been praying for them. They have tremendous influence and IF they love Jesus–He will get them on the right track. Will you pray for them with me?

And will you pray, that if this is of the enemy. That the Lord will expose that and put a stop to it. We are so close to the end, and we know that the enemy is a prowling lion seeking whom he can devour. He wants into the church. He finds his way in, even in the midst of people who have a heart to do the right thing. Sometimes, well meaning people don’t know better. Sometimes they don’t want to know. Sometimes they are full of empty excuses.

Also, pray for me. Because I feel like I need to take a public stand in my church. It will not go well. But I can’t sit back and say nothing, when I see a serpent creeping into the church.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

What do you think? I appreciate your feedback.

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266 Responses to The Whosoevers . . . Evangelists With Unsettling Occult Imagery

  1. Joe says:

    So is the issue with a rock band ‘s appearance? Their actions? Logos? Or is there an underlying issue with hard Rock/metal Christian bands in general? I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand what the focus of such disdain and critical opinions. Would you say that Christian hard rock/metal is evil/false/satanic? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • I don’t have a problem with music, or fashion, or the color black! I have a problem with sin. You can have secular music that isn’t sinful, and you can have so called “Christian” music that IS sinful. For example, Love and Death is Brian Head Welch’s “Christian” band, but go and watch the video for the song Flush. It has women in their bras licking red powder off each other’s breasts. It is pornographic lesbian erotica, and it is considered “Christian.” It is horrible. This event, that I mentioned in this article, that was PROMOTED by the Whosoevers features a cross that had the image of a vagina with two fingers entering it, surrounded by a crown of thorns–that is blasphemous pornography. That is what I have a problem with. When the stuff promoted by “Christians” as “art” is worse than most secular art. I have a problem with the Whosoever’s promoting the band Korn. I have a problem with them polluting the church with obscenity, pornography, and profanity. That’s all. It shouldn’t be controversial for me to take this stance.

  2. pam says:

    just heard ryan on kwave last nite..i am a grandmother my impression was he is a phony and brian head was on the program too . same opinion.

  3. Gumdrop says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS POST!!! The Whosoevers are a demonic nightmare! Any born again believer should have a problem with this false Christian band. Anyone who feels they need to disguise their faith in carnality to reach a certain cultural ‘theme’ or people group is deluded! God never commanded anyone to look like the world in order to save it – He said the opposite, “Be ye separate!” None of these band members qualify as role models, let alone ambassadors of God’s kingdom. No one acts like a drunk in order to reach a drunk; no one dresses like a prostitute in order to reach a prostitute! These guys are simply justifying their personal desire for carnality and lust of the flesh in the name of Jesus. If it acts like a duck and looks like a duck …

    Another thing … The fact that pastor Raul Ries is behind this shames and embarrasses the body of Christ. It is very obvious that many Calvary Chapel churches have fallen into and joined ranks with the emerging, seeker-friendly, culturally-correct false revival mentality. In reality, they merely are playing into the great end time delusion of religious oneness and peace, when Jesus prophesied that the very opposite would happen but many of the elect would be deceived.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude you have too much time on your hands!

  5. They aren’t even hiding it the occult and evil imagery it is bang in your face…non christians even know what those symbols mean! Why are christian people listening to them? I’ve never heard of them before? If I saw these symbols I would run miles from them?!

  6. Aurelia says:

    I was saved when I was 20 years old in the 80’s in the Calvary Chapel Movement. I was not lured or drawn by the “Christian” rock concerts or any other seemingly “relavent” means that churches use to get the world in the church. But I could have cared less about these things. I was lost and simply wanted to know God and I was desperate to know Him! I was being drawn by the Holy Spirit into the truth that would set me free! The written Word of God is true in every part of it and it tells us how we should live to be pleasing to Him and give Him glory. It also warns us over and over of how we are to crucify the flesh and hate the world and be discerning of false teachings/teachers. Some truth mixed with some lies does not equal the truth and will not have saving power. Appealing to man’s flesh will never lead him to righteousness. People need to understand that the very tattoos that are so popular and condoned by so many professing “Christians”, the pagan cults in 3rd world countries all know that they are considered to be portals where spirits enter the body! When these pagans are led to the Lord by missionaries, they are shocked to find out that many of the professing “Christians” in the USA are practicing tattooing! All that to say, I conclude that the church has been successful in drawing the world into the church because THE WORLD IS IN THE CHURCH! PS- When I was born again, the Lord gave me discernment as I read His Precious Word. I was able to tell what was of God and what was not. Sometimes we are deceived, but if we are truly His, and His Holy Spirit dwells within us, He ALWAYS leads us quickly back to THE TRUTH! We are to measure everything according to the written Word of God, the Bible. Yes, you are commanded in scripture to judge and avoid the unfruitful works of darkness! Listen to every red flag and check in your spirit! Satan is the father of ALL lies and is bringing strong dilusion! This is the day we should run from the things of the world and seek to know the Biblical Jesus! Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness! Be blessed! PSS- the biblical term for “cool” in the Word of God is LUKE WARM and we know what Jesus said He would do with those who are! FYI.

    • Paul says:

      Amen, spot on..

    • Paul says:

      Amen, spot on….

    • Eva says:

      So very true, what you said, that the world comes to the church easily now, as the world is so rampant in the church. I have been saddened greatly as have just learned that B.Welch has been invited to ”preach Jesus” on European stages (where I am from) by and evangelism/.missionary organization; and upon doing some research on him, I was so grieved that he is not going to bring the true Gospel to the young people there, not a true Jesus, and may hurt those young people even more in the long-run, while he professes to want to help him. …:( It is so good that people like You here care enough and take time to write those messages, and please – do continue, as it is so important to warn others, and speak what is right and wrong and what belongs to the Light and what to the Darkness….! I used to be into punk rock music, piercing, the ”freedom,” individualism, independence, and all this stuff long time ago, but now I that the only true life with God is through a continuous repentance, sanctification, seeking purity and simplicity of life,, based only on the proper studying of His Word………God Bless., Eva

  7. Anonymous says:

    Greeting to you. Thank you for writing this blog and really I had never heard of Whosoever before today. I am a 45 year old mother of three daughters. I came to Christ when I was 13. I got lost from Jesus and my faith. I have repented and I have come back to Christ in 2002-3. I spent years in the occult and practicing witch craft. You are very correct about what you think you are seeing and it’s not ok. And since when did the simple message of Christ Jesus’s love, mercy, and compassion need to be dressed up with symbols of the Occult and witch craft? This is disturbing. I will pray for you as you take a stand in your church. It is far too easy of our kids to get lured away at worst case and confused and curious at the best case. The best lies are actually 1/2 truths. It is very important that we all look for the truth and that is why I really rely upon spending time in the Bible studying God’s word. I never want to slip away or be fooled or lured or confused ever again.

  8. Bradley Blackford says:

    Its a punk rock life….it brings people to god in a differant way that wouldnt come other wise….love it..

  9. My opinions are still the same. 🙂

  10. Sarah says:

    You are absolutely right. Came across the whosoevers today just by accident in utube and had a weird vibe coming from them (my spiritual alarmclock I suppose ) and when I checked their stuff it all made sense – they are phony to the teeth and it’s very sad! To me their “bad” stuff looks more something that an immature kid would wear to look gansta. It’s more pathetic than horrible but nevertheless flirting with the devil will get you to a bad date…

  11. Sea Bee says:

    Wow!! The Who_So_ Ever’s! As an individual who has studied the New Age Movement and Demonology; I would have too agree with you regarding those images and their meanings.
    I too am a believer at Calvary, I have been since I was a teen in the 70’S. Please continuing praying for the greatly deceived people in this church. I can quote scriptures regarding the
    false teachings but this is beyond discussion of scriptures. Walter Martin would have said
    “look for the nearest exit and flee!” This is what the Bible passage meant “Who So Ever comes
    to the saving knowledge of Christ”, Jesus would except through His love for the lost.
    May The Lord continue His work of saving the lost and may this alone be the praise of His
    people. May the Lord Bless You And Keep You In His Word.

  12. Cristie says:

    I’m really familiar with The Whosoevers and overall in not offended by them. I too came out of the world, long before I came across the Whosoever. But after reading your blog I think you make some valid points. I guess for me I have to think about Paul’s admonition that we shouldn’t divide over non doctrinal things. I believe that Ryan R. is a man of God and has led many to true salvation. I think its imperative to pray for him and the other leaders of The Whosoevers. And prayer for your own heart and ask the Lord to reveal to you your common ground. I agree that some of the imagery is questionable. I used to have the mouth of a trucker or sailor and now I can’t stand to hear foul language. It makes me feel like I’m being slapped. For people that I have a close trusting relationship with I express my distaste for that and request respect that they refrain from using it. It causes me to stumble. They get it. And it sounds like The Whosoevers may cause you to stumble. As believers we should never do things that cause a brother to stumble. Maybe you could write a loving and gentle letter to Ryan Reid. Explain what you came out of and how you appreciate their message and ministry, but you’re concerned that it could be causing this effect on other believers. If done in love and gentleness, maybe just maybe the Holy Spirit will reveal a truth to them and they may begin to change some of those things in a way that still draws their audience but honors the Lord well at the same time. Do all things in love my friend.

  13. Brian says:

    I agree my brother.

  14. Redeemed by Love says:

    The Last Hiker 👑,
    I am missing your posts! I have been informed of things I did not know. Things that I needed to be aware of.
    I am praying for you. I dont know if you have been busy but keep being a light.Keep speaking the truth. As followers of Jesus Christ, in Him we have all power over all evil.
    Thank you so much for exposing false prophets. I used to listen to Hillsong but did not know the things going on. Same with Rick Warren. Purpose driven life was popular & good but the man is now in error.
    Just want you to know I miss you. God bless! 💝

  15. Michael Myers says:

    Thank you for standing for righteousness and truth. I never studied the occult or the New Age too much, but I can see satan’s hand in all of this End Time Deception going on right before our eyes. I feel for the kids that are being lured into this worldly mess and fear for my grandchildren…May our Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on my children, grandchildren, and those who are being deceived by this mess. Lord, please bring Your young people out of this mess! And Lord, please protect this warrior for Christ in his/her (I don’t know) church and in their life. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ,

  16. gib says:

    I agree that these symbols are not representative of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, as Christians, we are the light of the world. These products and symbols don’t shine the light of Jesus. When I heard of this band, I was surprised that Calvary Chapel “endorses” this type of thing by allowing the band to perform in their churches. It was a disappointment for me since I use to attend a Calvary Chapel. I no longer wish to be a part of a church that does not stand up to this kind of rhetoric. It does sadden me because many innocent people are being deceived to think this is acceptable.

  17. Daniel says:

    I’ve been following your comments & I find the posts monotonous. No disrespect though but are they the same posts just worded in a different way? And you always say you pray for them but you attack at the same time. Are your prayers authentic or are they just justifying your hatred? You seem to have good intentions but you dwell on their past & present without knowing these peoples future.
    Back in the day, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, rock music & most black music was of the devil. Times change but God’s grace & mercy doesn’t. Also, let God be God, he knows their hearts, your heart as well as mine. He is the judge of all & He doesn’t need you to call others out. If POD & the Whosoevers are so evil in your mind why are they reaching people you & cannot. I think you need to find someone else to pick on and get over your personal hatred. Let God deal with these people you find so horrible
    You give True Believers a bad name & you sound so righteously phony. I will truly pray for you & them.

  18. Fish4Man61 says:

    When a person just becomes saved, the Bible states that they should not be pastors or teachers right away.That was his 1st mistake or foundation. If the foundation is not right it will crumble.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agree with you brother …symbols rule the world we just need to pay attention to them …people watch call for uprising videos its all explained God bless you all

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