David Wilkerson–“Getting To Know the Holy Spirit”–Medicine for the Weary and Discouraged Soul

I did not blog today, because I had such an amazing time with the Lord this morning. I read my One Year Bible and then spent an hour or more searching the commentaries and journaling what the Lord was laying on my heart. Then I spent the rest of my free time later, reading the news reports about the Boston Marathon bombing, the Ricin letter suspect, the severe storms in the middle of the country, and the fertilizer plant explosion. This has been such a traumatic week for our country.

On top of that, I really just needed to sit with Jesus today–and be cleansed anew, and filled afresh. This video was on my heart this morning, but I didn’t have time to watch it then, so I put it on in my children’s room as they went to bed. They were able to hear it, and I was blown away at how much it was exactly what I needed to hear.

It was the Holy Spirit Himself that told me to watch it. He knows so well how to minister to His children. I love Him.

I know that if you watch it, you will be so uplifted and encouraged.

God bless you.


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