Boston Marathon, Family Guy Conspiracy??? I Don’t Know The Truth. . . God Knows. God Will Judge. UPDATED

[I have updated this blog to add a few more compelling examples]

Did the Family Guy really include scenes depicting in some unrelated way, what happened yesterday? And what does that mean?

Boy, people are really upset about this video; they are acting as if it is insensitive to the victims. I was listening to talk radio last night and they were already saying the conspiracy folks are going to go nuts with this bombing. As if it is crazy to want a story to make sense, and a criminal to be brought to justice. What are the police doing right now, looking for a suspect, if we should not long for someone to be punished for brutally murdering and dismembering innocent Americans?

What do I think about this video? I don’t know. It is a strange coincidence. It is similar to the pre-9/11 programming. If you have never heard about this, you might like to watch this video called, “TV Show Predicts 9/11” or “9/11 Predicted in Movies and Television.” The truth is, if this video means that “people” knew about what was going to happen, and were almost bragging about it before hand, then that is sick. I honestly don’t think it is the government that would do this. [*Let me clarify–I don’t believe EVERYONE in the government would do this. But I do believe that there are some people who are in on it, as members of a secret group.] I will be honest. I believe in the Illuminati, and I see their fingerprints all over this video above. I could be wrong, and we need more information. But we won’t get the truth from the media.

And so what? What does this even matter? I think it matters because innocent people died.  If we were lied to about who did it, then the bad guys are getting away with terrorism.

I am not saying I know all the answers–who, what, when, where, or why. But I am saying that I am not surprised to hear two things that remind me of 9/11:

A disaster drill was planned for that day.

  • On 9/11 our government had planned a drill–practicing what to do if terrorists took control of our aircrafts and flew them into high profile buildings. In fact, when NORAD was contacted about the real attacks they thought they were just part of the drill. 
  • Yesterday our government had planned a drill–

    Bomb squad was running “controlled explosion” on the same day What’s not yet being reported by the mainstream media is that a “controlled explosion” was under way on the same day as the marathon explosion. As the Boston Globe tweeted today, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” Bloomberg news is now saying, “This is very likely a terrorist attack.” (Natural News)

There is some element of prediction in the media.

  • 9/11 was not predicted, but was a thematic element of certain shows before it happened. And this could all be coincidental, but it seems fishy to me. I don’t know what to think. 
  • If there is anything to all this, the video at the top of the page would certainly classify as having some foreknowledge of this event.

UPDATED– Now I had forgotten about this when I wrote this blog, mostly because I find  this event to have a lot in common with events surrounding 9/11–especially now that everyone is receiving letters and envelopes with deadly powders inside. BUT I also forgot to mention that the week BEFORE the Aurora shooting we also had a bit of prediction in a video by Little Wayne. For the record, I don’t listen to his music; I just saw this while doing my research on the incident last summer. Little Wayne produced a music video called “My Homies Still” which shows him singing in a movie theater filled with skeletons. BEFORE Aurora–a THEATER FILLED with about the same number of skeletons as people killed that night. WARNING–his music video has vulgar language. So you might want to mute the video when the Youtube user is not commenting. The commentary he provides is very interesting too, but if you just want to see the scene in the theater skip to 9 minutes into the video.

Another interesting prediction about Aurora, is that in the beginning scenes of the movie–which would have been seen minutes before the bloodbath. You see a city skyline, and a building with AURORA written in bold red letters.

The beginning of the Dark Knight Rising features a skyline with the name Aurora in red letters.

There is so much regarding the Aurora shooting I could write about it for months, but I won’t. I am just going to add one more thing, the promotional map of Gotham City, from the movie Dark Knight Rising. This map was sent out to fans, along with a T-shirt, before the movie came out. Well, this map shows Sandy Hook, and in red letters it says, Strike Zone.

The Gotham City map. It shows Sandy Hook, with “Strike Zone” written in red. Interesting right?

This can also be seen in the movie itself.

That is too much of a coincidence to me. But this is what they do.

So I find that interesting. I am not saying that this Boston Marathon Bombing is a conspiracy. Well, I don’t want to say that. There are bad people that do bad things. But, unfortunately we were not told the whole (true) story with 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Aurora.  So when I find a video from the Family Guy with such obvious symbols of what happened yesterday, I get upset. Here we go again. It is a sick world we live in. It is scary enough as it is, without having to worry about who is going to protect us from the bad guys when we don’t know who the real bad guys are.

I don’t know.

but . . .

My heart goes out to all those who are suffering right now, needless victims of evil men.

The Lord sees.

The Lord knows.

The Lord will judge.


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3 Responses to Boston Marathon, Family Guy Conspiracy??? I Don’t Know The Truth. . . God Knows. God Will Judge. UPDATED

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    the government has and will countinue to hurt it’s citizen.. Look it up.

    • Hi 1wanderingtruthseeker!

      I totally agree. I remember when I learned about all the secret medical tests still being performed on people without their knowledge, the CIA MKultra program, the CIA drug running. As well as our government lying to us so that we will go to war many times, and our soldiers dying for lies. I think that HAARP is causing violent storms, as well as a few of the devastating earthquakes including Haiti and Japan –just my opinion. I believe that they are lying to us about the chem trail programs. And my personal opinion is that the vaccines are being used in experimental ways. But I also think it is much bigger than just the U.S. Government. They are involved, but it is bigger. I think that there is a global power that is pulling strings in many countries to further their agenda. Which unfortunately includes, not just power–but global depopulation. The Illuminati–and they have had their hand picked people placed strategically in our government since the birth of our country.

      Unfortunately, the government has participated in hurting it’s citizens; it is a documented fact. And they continue to get away with it.

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