Christian Conspiracy Theorist– by Gonz Shimura

Do you ever get caught up in a bizarre conspiracy now and then? I admit, I do. Actually, I find that my initial skepticism is met with shock when I find unclassified government documents and evidence that certain conspiracies are actually just facts. For example, MKULTRA rocked my world; I couldn’t believe our government would do that.  I mean, we really have been raised to trust our government, and submit to authority or at least defer to mainstream propaganda. And when you find out that you’ve been lied to, it changes the way you look at everything. It changes the way you process media. You watch the news questioning the facts and noticing the spin. You catch them when they change the story, and try to influence public opinion. At least I do. I am a little bit more careful now, than I used to be. I am a lot less trusting now, than I once was. I am sober, vigilant–my enemy is prowling. Right? This brings me to my point. I am going to share a series of blog articles written by Gonz Shimura, about the CCT– the Christian Conspiracy Theorist.

I just recently saw Gonz Shimura speak at a Prophecy Conference in Southern California. I had watched his movie Age of Deceit on youtube a year and a half ago, or so. He is part of a group of amazing minds in Christianity, who are warning people about the schemes of the fallen one. Well, I just read this article on his blog and I wanted to share it with you. In a culture where anyone that has any skepticism of the mainstream story or anyone who holds any conspiratorial beliefs, is labeled a nutjob–it is nice to hear someone say that investigating things is actually a Biblical thing to do. Because even in the church, you get labelled. There is this idea floating around, that if you don’t ignore the conspiracies, you don’t trust God. I also appreciate that he listed actual conspiracies that were proven factual–because conspiracies really do happen. Finally, I loved how he demonstrated that the origin of all conspiracies is satanic–for Satan was a liar and and a murderer from the beginning.

This verse is my new favorite:

“I set watchmen over you, saying, ‘Pay attention to the sound of the trumpet!’ But they said, ‘We will not pay attention.’” ~Jeremiah 6:17

Take a look, and then click on the links below and enjoy

There are very few folks who would consider themselves both a Christian, and a conspiracy theorist. The niche is limited and has been largely seen as a taboo for the Christian community. But my conviction is that these like minded Christians are some of the most “on fire” believers that we can find. This is largely due to the fact that these brothers and sisters in Christ have a clear picture of who the enemy is, and how he operates. I want to explore in the a series of short articles what it means to be a Christian conspiracy theorist, the benefits, as well as the dangers. I hope for this to be a three part article that will address the following questions. They are:

1. Who cares if you know about conspiracies?
2. What difference does it make to being a Christian? Isn’t it saying you don’t trust God?
3. What does knowing about conspiracies have to do with “loving your neighbor”?
4. What are the pros and cons of being a Christian Conspiracy Theorist?

The Christian Conspiracy Theorist 01

The Christian Conspiracy Theorist 02

The Christian Conspiracy Theorist 03

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