Life Is Hectic–So We NEED This Message More Than Ever

~~I realize that this is not the best idea for a blog post. Embedding a fifty minute video of a preacher–when readers would much prefer to just read a 500 word snippet and be encouraged and move on to the many other pressing responsibilities of life. BUT, if you feel dry and you are not in the same place that you used to be with God PLEASE take the time to watch this video, instead of watching an hour of TV tonight. Sit down and stream it as dinner is cooking, or while the kids are bathing, or while you are folding the laundry. You will be blessed and you can pass it on to someone else who needs to hear this message (maybe even your pastor). Because like this video will remind us, there is a cost to the anointing. We need to come back to the place where we seek the Lord. I pray that someone will be just as blessed by this as I was. I don’t think I have heard anything this important to my walk or my church in over a year. God bless you.~~


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