“WAKE UP!” — me screaming, then apologizing for some strange reason.

Okay, I am not a very confrontational person. I have to be honest. I am a chicken. A coward. I like it when people like me. When we all just get along. I prefer to go with the flow. I really appreciate it when some fearless leader spouts my own opinions unapologetically, and I can just stand behind them and nod my head. I like to post articles written by other people on  my Facebook, with a line like, “hmm . . . something to ponder about.” Just to deflect the argument that will inevitably come from stating my opinion in my own words. And then I get a tummy ache as I remember all the people that I had forgotten that I am friends with, who do or approve of, the very thing I just posted.

I can’t even drive in the fast lane when someone is tailgating me, without freaking out that they think I should go faster. If I am behind another car, and someone is tailgating–that is fine. I am not the leader. I hate leading.

My point is, I am timid to a fault.

My point is, that it really really bothers me when every once in a while I get fired up about something and I want to scream it from the rooftops. And I can’t.

So right now I want to scream to everyone I know, “WAKE UP!!!”

But I won’t, because I don’t share this blog with anyone that I know. So I will share this with anonymous WordPress readers. But this really isn’t directed TOWARD you (whoever you might be) but to the people in my life that I love and I want to talk to.

Anyways, when will the church WAKE UP?!!!

I was listening to Christian radio last week and I heard a radio interview on Focus on the Family with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett about their new television series, “The Bible.” They claimed to be Christian and said that the Lord has called them to make this series. She shared about how she would pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill her when she was on “Touched by an Angel.” I was a little surprised at the picture she was trying to create, but I let it go. Whatever. But one of their main points was that there are a lot of Christians in Hollywood and they are not ashamed to admit it.

But I began to notice the advertisements for the show. It really stuck out to me that every picture highlighted the date. Of course, they want people to know when to watch; I get that.  But I am kind of familiar with occult numbers and it bothered me that 33 13 were so obvious. Especially juxtaposed with the theme of the Bible. I let it go, because it very well could be just a coincidence. Right? Right. But I didn’t forget about it either. It was a small (tiny) little red flag.

So what happened next? I happened to see a blog by a woman I used to follow years ago. And she mentioned that Roma Downey has some New Age ties. I remembered my red flag and I followed up on her sources and did my own research. Because by now many members of my church were posting on Facebook about how “AMAZING” the show was. I don’t want to be a kill-joy! But it is true. Roma Downey deceived the church when she went on Focus on the Family. She came on Christian Radio and pretended to be a the same kind of Christian that we are. There is room for differences in the body of Christ, but New Age paganism falls outside the fence.

She was quoted in an article talking about how she listens to books on tape by Eckart Tolle. “I get my own selections [on the radio in the car] — books on tape by Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins…” She goes on to say, “My husband says I’m so self-realized I’m practically levitating.’” Really? Because I have never heard my pastor’s wife talk like that? If you are not familiar with Eckart Tolle, he is a New Age teacher who twists the Bible and adds it to his Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist philosophy. If you are familiar with him, and you like him–whatever. He is a false teacher when it comes to Christianity. Charlie Campbell has a list of his troubling statements.

Aside from her VERY questionable theological beliefs, she has gone to the University of Santa Monica to get a degree in “Spiritual Psychology.” When I first read that I thought, “so?” BUT when I looked it up, the University of Santa Monica is not just a school like Cal Poly or USC that people from all walks of life go to. When you click on their home page you will see that it specializes in New Age degrees.

When you go to the page entitled “What is Spiritual Psychology?” you will see that they are indeed promoting New Age ideas. Here is a quote, “Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of human evolution in consciousness.” It goes on to say, “Put another way, Spiritual Psychology is a technology that empowers students to convert their everyday life experiences into rungs on the ladder of Spiritual Evolution.” 

Spiritual Evolution.

Do you think that has ANYTHING to do with Jesus dying on the cross for your sins? So you could evolve spiritually? NOOOOO. It is blasphemy to the Christian which she claims to be. A Christian who happens to be so self-realized that she is levitating?!?!  Uhm levitating? That is a funny little joke Roma. Because IF you were self-realized, have you realized that you are dirt? You are a sinner? You can’t evolve spiritually, because if  you could Jesus wouldn’t have had to come die on the cross for your sins. Do you “realize” that the Bible is the BEST book on “Spiritual Psychology” there is??? And it won’t baby you, or flatter you–but it will give you the truth and give you HOPE that ONLY exists IN CHRIST JESUS!

So this New Age woman and her husband want to go on Focus on the Family and laugh and talk about the Holy Spirit and their love for the Bible, and this call that God placed on their lives to make a Hollywood movie of His favorite book.

Then they wanted all their Hollywood friends to promote the series on Twitter. For some reason John Edward from “Crossing Over” tweeted that he didn’t need to be a psychic to know that this series is going to be SPECTACULAR! And P-Diddy, Christian Aguilera, Jane Lynch, Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, Adam Levine, and Shakira just so happen to really love the Bible, right? Do they go to church too? Are they some of the Christians in Hollywood that you talked about in your interview? That is crazy.

And then when my friends are telling me, after watching it, that it was “SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.” And they did notice a few things that were different, but other than that it was really, really good. So to them it is okay that it is different from the Bible. A series called the Bible and it is DIFFERENT than the Bible. Okay . . .

YES, I agree that Hollywood is capable of making enjoyable movies and television series’. I am not claiming otherwise.

But I am not talking about whether or not it will be enjoyable, but whether or not it will be about the same God, the same Jesus, and the same Bible.

I was reading some comments on a thread last night and this well-discerning brother made some great points:

“As a Bible believing Christian who has read completely through the Scriptures more than 35 times, I saw maybe 1/2 hour’s worth of the program on the History channel. It is understandable that when the Bible does not supply the details of a story, the writers would use their imagination to ‘fill in the blanks’. But what is happening with this mini-series is that known truth in the details of Scripture is being contradicted by the writers. And this is what is presented as what the Bible says. It is a series of small details, but the story on the History channel is not the story found in the Bible. It’s different. Moses had a conversation with Pharoah before turning the water to blood, he didn’t hide out on the other side of the river. Pharoah did not just tell Moses ‘NO’ every time, he offered a set of three compromises (don’t go far, leave your families behind, leave your cattle behind), there was a separation between the Jews and Egyptians for many of the later plagues, so that when there was darkness in the whole land, the Jews had light in their dwellings. Ex. 10:23 The 600,000 men plus women and children (a group that numbered close to 2 million) left the land of Egypt and were led by a pillar of cloud in the day and a pillar of fire at night. When the Egyptians initially saw the Israelites, they did not immediately give chase, because God moved the pillar between the two groups to give time and protection for His people Ex.14:19-20. Moses stretched forth his rod over the sea to open and close it, but not in the movie. The 600 chariots would have included Pharoah as Ex. 14:28 states that not one of them escaped.

Seriously, folks, I’m not trying to nit-pic, but here are eight Bible facts that were not just omitted by the movie but were CHANGED by the movie. There are a lot of people who are just glad the the Bible is being presented to the public. My contention is that a different Bible is being presented.”

That is pretty serious. Those are some very startling concerns. Primarily because it leads people who are not familiar with the true story to form an unbiblical foundation in their minds of what the Bible is about. What is also startling is that there are Christians who SHOULD have noticed those differences but didn’t, or they just didn’t care.

But I am going to dare to take this a step further. I believe this series will alter the gospel message. I have already seen clips of Jesus giving the Great Commission, which is changed from “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

— To “Change the World!”

That is most certainly not the Great Commission. That may be part of their false gospel, spiritual evolution concept. But that is taking the CORE of the Bible and making it into a social and political movement.

It isn’t just watered down. It isn’t just that they didn’t have time for Jesus to speak the real truth of the gospel. It is absolutely that they want to CHANGE the WORLD’s idea of what Jesus came for.

And another thing? Why is the Jesus they picked so “hot?”

The Bible says plainly that the Messiah would be plain, not good looking. “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Isaiah 53:2. Look at these people in the picture. He is made into a Hebrew Bieber.  A celebrity. Our Lord did not come to find superficial worship and tempt women into lust. He was normal looking. You couldn’t look at His group and know which one was Jesus. His beauty came from who He was. But that is not good enough for Hollywood. Because they DO worship celebrity and beauty, so THEIR Jesus has to be super cute.

The Jesus of Hollywood’s Bible is not my Jesus.

And I am not really upset about that. I expect that. Let the world make their own gods, their own idols, and their own images to worship–the world always has.

What gets under my skin is the church. What bothers me is the fact that Focus on the Family promoted this series and gave spotlight to two false teachers in an interview. What bothers me is that if I could verify in 15 minutes that these people are New Agers–they could have and SHOULD have. What also bothers me is that many of my friends don’t get it. They don’t see that there are reasons we don’t have non-Christians teach Bible studies in church, and there are also reasons we shouldn’t drool all over ourselves when we see Hollywood interested in the best book ever written. I have friends that have already paid over sixty dollars to pre-order the DVD’s before they even SEE the whole thing—“So we can teach our children.”

If people want to watch it, let them go for it.

But the church should NOT promote something that is not Biblically sound.

Yesterday I wrote about the curse of the fig tree. Sometimes we see trees with a lot of leaves but not a lot of fruit. I dare to say that this series, cannot produce REAL spiritual fruit for anyone, because Jesus said, “Without ME you can do nothing [of eternal value].” Which literally means that a person who is not indwelt with the Spirit of the living God, cannot do anything to produce any spiritual blessing. The World can’t minister in the Spirit. They don’t have that anointing, that Christ passes onto His believers.

Some are saying, “Well, non-Christians will watch it and they can become Christians! God can use this!”

BUT the GOSPEL is not presented in it.

How can someone receive the Lord without a clear presentation of the Gospel?

You are not automatically born again if you think “hot” Jesus’ message to “change the world” resonates with something inside of you.

Ray Comfort summed it up on his Facebook yesterday:

“It’s been brought to my attention, by a reliable source who conducted thorough research, that there are a number of unbiblical and very questionable things in “The Bible” television series–about the deity of Christ, the character of God, and the reality of sin (among other things). In light of this recent revelation, I cannot endorse this series. If you choose to watch it, I would urge you to do so with a discerning heart, testing all things.”

Note that is from a man whose only pursuit in life is to see people find Jesus Christ. Don’t you think if it had any evangelical merit, Ray Comfort would know it? I mean this guy still goes to the beach on the weekends (at least twice a month) and stands on a box and publicly proclaims the words of salvation. He cares about reaching the lost. But he also cares about the truth.



If people want to know about God, Jesus and the Bible. There are plenty of other amazing materials they can get their hands on–the best of which would be an actual Bible.

If this offends you, I apologize for my abrasiveness, but I stand by the fact that The Word of God is flawless and Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation.

You Are Welcome to Read My Next Blog On This Topic:

“The Bible” Series on The History Channel–Turning the Word of God into Hebrew Myth (Humanism/Paganism)


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26 Responses to “WAKE UP!” — me screaming, then apologizing for some strange reason.

  1. Todd says:

    Maybe it is time for the church to wake-up from ego-driven fundamentalist Christianity and start preaching what Jesus really taught-Love

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  3. davemosher says:

    A great article – thank you so much for your research! I’ve added your blog to a list of similar articles at the bottom of this blog, the first in my series of blogs about Downey: “Like Oprah, New Agers Roma Downey and hubby Mark Burnett now falsely claiming they’re Christians – why?” Here is the link: http://davemosher.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/touched-by-an-angel-roma-downeys-new-age-ish-little-angels-series-for-preschoolers-claims-to-be-christian/ (I’ve haven’t figured out how to revise the name of the link to match my new title). Anyway, we can all work together to warn as many people as possible about New Age “Christians” Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Oprah Winfrey, etc. God bless you! – Dave

  4. davemosher says:

    Greetings again! In your blog you wrote, “For some reason John Edward from “Crossing Over” tweeted that he didn’t need to be a psychic to know that this series is going to be SPECTACULAR!” Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. It seems Edward has been a close friend of Downey since at least 2000, and more importantly, still is a close friend of hers. This, even though she and hubby Mark Burnett are today claiming to be born again Christians: http://davemosher.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/roma-downeys-comments-and-connections-with-psychic-medium-john-edward-show-she-is-not-a-christian-as-she-claims-but-a-new-ager/

  5. davemosher says:

    Sorry, a correction to my previous comment: 2002, not 2000.

  6. Good review: My first visit to this blog. I tried learn who you are, but I could not find that information, could you supply that please: Are you a pastor, teacher, or…. THanks

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  8. Elaine says:

    Thank you. I was wondering about the date and the possible occult significance since Downey is a new ager. I heard her on a christian radio show. My christian radio station, however, is no longer really Christian anymore as they are promoting spiritual formation and other things now. But Downey was saying how Jesus is her savior. And I thought how can you proclaim Jesus as your savior and be devoted to Eckhart Tolle? I see a lot of duplicity these days as the gospel gets more and more watered down in the church and new age practices are introduced and embraced.

    I have numerous new age friends/co-workers. They have told me that I can keep my faith in Jesus Christ, just add the channeling, crystals, etc. My new age friends will post things about Jesus forgives their sins, and other things about Jesus Christ, but they are new agers first. And you cannot serve two masters. But they will tell you that you can.

    It’s a sobering reminder of how dark the days are when things like The Bible series are held in such high regard, instead of the Bible.

    • YES! It is such a troubling time for us as Christians, because they have no problem “identifying” with Jesus Christ. But they are false teachers.

      2 Peter 2:1-3 “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does[a] not slumber.”

  9. Bethany B. says:

    With the new Son of God movie coming out and while googling whether Mark Burnett or Roma Downey are truly (or claim to be) born again Christians, I ran across your blog. You feel much the same way I do (meaning similar personality types – discerning, yet hard to put it right out there for all to see, lol). You brought up excellent points, which I intend to keep on my reading list to refer back to. Just the few excerpts I’d read before the Bible Series came out made it pretty clear to me we were still dealing with a typical “Hollywood” view of the Bible and that would be hard for me to stomach. I feel terribly sad at how weak and gullible the Body of Christ seems to have become. When I try to state my misgivings about the movie coming out soon, or the previous Bible Series, I usually get a lot of blank stares with no reply. Are we Christians so wanting to be accepted by mainstream Hollywood now that we just don’t care anymore about Biblical accuracy, nor making sure the point of why Jesus really came and died, the gospel itself, is somehow presented? Very troubling!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I also don’t like being a leader and am a little timid.But I think God loves those who are passionate for the truth like you!I think he is using you!I wish you could show this to your offline Christian fellowship,or other people in your life.Because you say it so clearly and with good insight.

  11. Beverly says:

    Isn’t it sad that Christians – even the well known ones – are willing and excited to endorse and promote movies and books about Jesus Christ, but don’t know the Jesus of the Bible because they won’t read it? It is like trying to get somewhere without a map or GPS, but putting stock in the signs along the road that name the town and miles to it! The WAY to Jesus Christ and salvation and eternal life is all in the Bible, but if/when never read, the lost remain lost – (no matter how many miles they drive) or how many movies about Jesus they see! Christians who encourage people to attend this movie, should really be encouraging them to read the Bible and its truth…”And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk about them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” ~ Deuteronomy 6:6-9 If the church knew the Bible, this movie and others like it, wouldn’t be seen as a tool for evangelism, but a tool for false teachers/teaching! And if Christians were to read the Bible…more, the emphasis would be on repentance of sin and receiving Christ as Savior, which seems to be a lost/forgotten message among many in the church. Thanks for the articles and emphasizing the importance of staying true to God’s Word.

  12. Stephen Denny says:

    Roma Downey who played in touched by an Angel co-starred with Della Reese who is an ordained minister in the new age Unity church of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, a church of Universalism in Kansas City MO. and mentored Roma Downey Dah !

  13. Judy Goold says:

    Wow! I am totally perturbed about this revelation of Roma and Mark Burnett. And The Jim Bakker Show promoted this movie so strongly after their appearance on the show. Thousands of Christians bought early tickets for the movie. I’m so sad they didn’t check closer on their backgrounds. Or maybe they did. I’m so sad right now. I wanted my 91 year old father to see it and the rest of my family. Now what? Not just for me but for all these Christians that are going. But if they know the word they will know the errors. I’m sure that people that don’t really know Jesus, might find more interest in the Bible and search themselves. God can still use this movie for His glory. But still so sad.

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  15. cometotaiwan says:

    good review.
    but who are you?
    to accept your evaluation, which may be/likely
    accurate, without knowing who you are , is sort of like accepting whatever someone else says, just because…. It just keeps repeating the same process of gullibility.
    Thank you for responding.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Have you contacted Focus on the Family with your research? I wonder what they’d say now?

    • No, I haven’t. I honestly think it wouldn’t matter. They worked with her to produce the film and the TV Series, so they have a vested interest in the success. 😦

      I was just sitting here, troubled over all this. I was reading some more about Eckart Tolle and the brochure from the University of Santa Monica, it is just sooooo unbiblical. It saddens me so much.

      It would be one thing if she would come out and RENOUNCE this past connection with the New Age and the occult. To say, “I used to be a New Ager, I went to a psychic, etc. But now I found that Jesus is the ONLY WAY and He forgave my sins. And now I want to share that these other paths are deceptive and demonic.” But she won’t.

      Maybe I will send this, and other articles on this topic to them. I can’t imagine they don’t know by now.

  17. christine says:

    You may not share this blog with people you know but I have shared it on facebook. Thank you for writing it. I completely agree with the article. The Holy Spirit warned me that something was wrong with first movie they put out so I am glad I did not see it, although most people I know did. Will not be seeing Son of God. Will not support something like this or the people behind it.

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  20. Alyssa says:

    I have seen some of you asking who she is, because you say that if there is no title to give her, then you would be gullible to believe what she is saying. There is a simple answer for this, stated in the Bible. You can know by their fruits. You can tell if she is stating truths by what the Bible says. So a title is not necessary to make her more believable. In fact, be careful with that because even a pastor can be a false prophet. A title doesn’t change that. : )

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